Aventurine vs Jade: 4 Main Differences

Aventurine and Jade are some of the most stunning green stones that belong to the dazzling realm of stones.

Both of these crystals display eye-catching green hues that can not simply be unrecognized.

Their close visual and color resemblance may sometimes create for you a slight confusion that translates in getting difficult to separate between the two of them.

So, if you find it challenging to draw a clear distinction between Aventurine VS Jade or you just want to discover the essential highlights that separate these two green crystals then this blog post is specifically made for you.

Aventurine vs Jade

The major key point that separates Jade VS Aventure is their visual aspect. Jade exhibits an opaque green color however Aventurine is distinguished by a lustrous finish, this stone displays shiny little particles which we can not find if we look at the surface of Jade stone. 

So keep on reading to explore the 4 main points that will guide you to differentiate between Aventurine VS Jade and to also discover specific pieces of information that make each stone truly unique.

Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone:

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Green Jade Stone:

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Aventurine VS Jade: 4 differences to pinpoint

Visual Appearance

The visual attributes are one of the most telling indicators that will guide to draw a distinct separation between Aventurine and Jade.

If you closely contemplate the outer appearance of each one you are going to definitely notice a contrast.

Aventurine vs Jade stones

Firstly, let’s talk about the Jade stone finish.

Jade is recognized by an opaque, non-glittery aspect.

It displays a matte green hue with no shiny particles.

Plus, you may find in some Jade specimens irregular white lines that are distributed all over the stone which give it a marble-like appearance.

Now, let’s move into Aventurine and see what it holds for us.

When you put a Jade stone and an Aventurine stone side by side you will surely notice that Aventurine has a glossy finish.

This stone houses an unlimited amount of tiny glittery particles that intensify when you direct the stone toward a source of light.

We call this common observation “Aventurescence” which refers to an optical effect that describes the small metallic sparkling reflection seen in Aventurine stones.

Color Palette

Even though Aventurine and Jade show a similar color which is green, yet this specific shade is exhibited differently in each stone.

If we observe and pay close attention to the color palette of each, we going to conclude that the color intensity is not the same.

I notice in the majority of Jade stone that the green color is more intense, rich, and darkened.

Plus, other stones showcase a clearer color but is remain pale and non-vibrant.

Color palette

The green color palette of Jade crystals varies between Moss, forest, olive, and sage green hues.

Yet, if we look closely at the green color displayed by Aventurine the shades vary if we compare them with the ones of Jade.

Aventurine presents a more vibrant green color that is more lively and brighter than the Jade one.

The green color patterns of Aventurine crystals vary between seafoam, fern, and mint green hues.

Mineral Composition

If we dig deeper into the characteristics of each stone, we are going to find out that Aventurine and Jade are way different in terms of mineral composition.

Each stone has its own unique attributes.

The aventurine stone belongs to the quartz family.

Unlike jade which contains bands of color, Aventurine is marked by its inclusions.

These inclusions are responsible for the stone’s shining effect, known as the Aventurine effect.

The most common inclusions are muscovite or fuchsite inclusions which are responsible for the green color that we see in the most common type of Aventurine.

On the other hand, the mineral composition of Jade is more complex.

We have to be aware that Jade stone exists and comes in 2 types:

First, there is Jade Nephrite.

The jade nephrite stone is composed of nephrite belonging to the amphiboles which consists of magnesium and calcium silicate. This type is found quite easily.

The Jade Jadeite type on the other hand is composed as the name also suggests of jadeite which consists of aluminum and sodium silicate.

This exact kind is recognized as a more precious stone and much rarer to find than Jade Nephrite.

So, we can conclude that Jadeite and nephrite both belong to the large family of silicates.

Healing Powers

Now, let’s discuss the metaphysical attributes and the healing powers that make each stone truly unique and powerful in its own way.

Aventurine: abundance, success, clarity

Aventurine is viewed as the stone of abundance, prosperity, and manifesting.

This stone lifts up your spirit and opens your heart to receive an abundance of positive, hopeful, and happy sensations.

It heals and soothes sad emotions and encourages you to break free from negative thoughts patterns which open up your eyes to recognize your life blessings and also attract and manifest your ultimate desires.

Jade: courage, new possibilities, harmony

The healing energies emitted by Jade guide you to reach a delightful level of mind, body, and soul harmony.

This stone radiates soothing vibrations that calm your mind and heal your wounded heart so you can open a bright gate that will enable you to welcome new promising possibilities.

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Aventurine and Jade have one shared characteristic which is their comparable color likeness, however, if we dive deeper into the characteristics of each we’ll discover that they remain two separate crystals with various attributes.

Find below 4 main elements that draw a clear distinction between Aventurine and Jade.


  • Visual aspect: glossy finish with shimmery tiny particles.
  • Color: light, bright green hues.
  • Mineral composition: belongs to the Quartz family.
  • Healing powers: abundance, manifestation, luck.


  • Visual aspect: matte appearance with no inclusions.
  • Color: rich and darker green shades.
  • Mineral composition: belongs to the silicates group.
  • Healing powers: healing, courage, harmony.

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