Blue Fluorite: How It Can Enhance Your Life

Are you looking for information about the Blue Fluorite stone and its meaning, benefits, healing qualities and uses? This article is the ultimate guide to understanding all there is to know about this beautiful gemstone. With its striking blue and purple hues, the Blue Fluorite has a lot of unique features that make it special. From its mystical powers to its many uses, this article will provide you with an in-depth look at this fascinating gemstone.

Blue Fluorite

Here, you’ll learn all about its unique properties and how they can benefit you. You’ll also discover how to use it for healing and the best way to incorporate it into your life. So, if you want to find out more about Blue Fluorite, read on!

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What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is a highly sought-after crystal due to its beauty, qualities that promote healing, and mystical powers. This mineral has been used for centuries in many civilizations including Ancient Egypt, China and Rome. Known as the most colorful mineral in the world, fluorspar or fluorite is made out of calcium and fluoride. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, yellow, purple and white. It can also be found with more than one color within the same stone. Blue fluorite is believed to have strong spiritual energy that can help cleanse the soul and increase intuition.

Blue Fluorite has long been used for its metaphysical properties such as mental clarity, spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. It is also thought to aid communication on both physical and nonphysical levels by connecting one’s higher self with their physical body.

Physical Makeup

CaF2, Calcium Fluoride

Variety Of


Common Locations

China, United Kingdom




Isometric; 4/m bar 3 2/m


Cleavage is perfect in 4 directions forming octahedrons

Specific Gravity


Index of Refraction




What is Blue Fluorite Crystal Meaning?

The significance of this gemstone is connected to the ethereal blue tint of the mineral. It is ideal for individuals who desire to reach higher chakras without losing contact with the physical world since the stone has the power to keep the wearer joyful while yet providing a sense of grounding and centering to the person who is wearing it.

What Are the Benefits of Blue Fluorite?

The blue crystal is a unique and beautiful mineral with many beneficial uses. It has been used for centuries as an ornamental stone, and more recently, its physical and metaphysical properties have been studied and appreciated. In this article I will explore the various benefits of this gem, from its use as a healing stone to its ability to improve focus and concentration.

The following is information of some of the more common and well-known applications for Blue Fluorite that you may include into your daily life.

Blue Fluorite As Material for Jewelry

Pendants are a fantastic alternative if you need the energies of Blue Fluorite while you are on the go. This is because pendants may be worn near to the heart and neck, which keeps the stone safe from any harsh surfaces that might potentially harm it.

Girl with Blue Fluorite Jewelry

If you happen to want to put up with gemstones, you can look into other options, such as:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Hairpins
  • Anklets
  • Brooches

You should make sure that these pieces are reasonably durable for you.

Blue Fluorite Jewelry

Ice-cold pastels may give any outfit an ethereal air, while deep navy blues can add a hint of mystery and refinement. The many distinct shades of blue this stone provides make it a versatile fashion item as well.

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Use it at Home and Office

Because of the sense of calm and concentration that it bestows, blue fluorite is an excellent choice to keep on hand in any professional environment. If you find that you are easily distracted or interrupted during the day, keeping a piece of blue crystal on your desk may be able to assist you in remaining focused on the work at hand and achieving previously unachievable levels of productivity.

This stone is beneficial to have about the house because it helps bring order out of chaos. Because it helps alleviate tension, anxiety, and bad thoughts, it is the ideal stone to keep on hand if you want to create a more serene living environment for yourself and your family.

There exists another reason it’s good for little ones, as it is capable of relaxing and even calming fussy babies. Additionally, in moments of restlessness, it’s possible that you may enjoy putting a piece of Blue Fluorite under your pillow for added comfort.

Blue Onyx

This crystal will definitely capture your attention from the first time you look at it.


Blue Fluorite is a stone that may help ease you into a more peaceful level of awareness and make it easier to still the chattering of the mind and enter a state of profound meditation, both of which can be challenging to do.

Blue Fluorite meditation

It will be much simpler for you to concentrate on your breathing and it will be much easier for your higher self to speak with you as a result of the energies of this crystal helping to quiet the mental chatter and clearing away any unwanted distractions.

Holding or wearing blue fluorite while meditation makes it simpler to concentrate, which in turn gives your verbal affirmations greater strength to penetrate your subconscious mind and establish a foothold there.

What Is the Blue Fluorite Properties?

Professionals in the helping professions strongly endorse the use of this gemstone. Additionally, anyone working in the educational or medical fields might benefit from it. The owner’s emotions are easier to keep in check while using this blue crystal. If your state of mind is steady and unruffled, other people’s emotions will be able to reach you. It is helpful for persons who have jobs that need them to have great mental fortitude.

What are the Blue Fluorite healing properties? Read on to learn more and not miss the main.

Chakra Associations

Throat, Third Eye

Subtle Bodies


Zodiac Sign

Caprocorn, Pisces

Positions On Body


Emotional Influence

Uplifting, Invigorating, Calming

Spiritual Gifts

Visualizations, Creativity, Communication With Angels

Diseases Treated

Cellular Degradation, esp Bones & Teeth, Throat & Eye Related

Psychological Influence


Physical Body

Molecular Level, Brain, Nervous System, Eyes, Throat

Blue Fluorite Spiritual Healing

Fluorite is known for its unique range of colors, which strongly influence our state of mind and enable us to concentrate our energies in a positive direction.

It helps us figure out what to do next with regard to a given circumstance, taking into account all of the various factors, and then determine how we can best use our abilities and resources to promote the greatest good. Fluorite gives us a strong sense of individuality and lets us establish self-discipline.

It helps us create principles that guide our behavior and give us the foundation of stability, while we play out our everyday lives and stay dynamic and active. Fluorite Blue, in particular, brings out the soul, and helps us to store inspiration and sometimes recollect it, afterwards, when we return to our usual flow of life.

Blue Fluorite can bring about spiritual awakenings. In addition to being associated with the Capricorn and Pisces astrological signs, the crystal resonates with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. It is associated to the element of Wind and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 7.

Blue Fluorite Emotional Healing

Fluorite is known to have a calming influence on one’s emotions. It does this by pushing us to “think” our way through our feelings, rather than just being blindly immersed in them, which enables us to navigate through states of confusion and disorganization. Fluorite inspires us to be brave in the face of uncertainty by helping us to be grounded in the here and now while simultaneously encouraging us to put our best foot forward in terms of planning for the future. Fluorite is a good stone for maintaining harmony and steadiness in one’s relationships. The energy of Blue Fluorite is very calming, and it enables us to communicate more precisely and clearly, as well as to listen without preconceptions.

Blue Fluorite on the table

Mental Crystal Healing

Fluorite is a kind of stone that has the ability to disperse disorder and eliminate prejudice. It frees up our minds and our creative processes, and it assists us in letting go of restricting thought patterns and ways of behaving that we have developed through the years. Because of its organizing powers, fluorite is a fantastic tool for academics, as it makes it simple to cross-reference previously acquired knowledge and quickly assimilate new information. One of the most beneficial stones for developing discernment and gaining an awareness of how our energy may be put to the most beneficial use is fluorite. All of these healthy mental qualities and energy are amplified by the presence of Blue Fluorite.

Fluorite Physical Healing

When we wish to enhance the manner in which we exhibit ourselves to the world, Blue Fluorite is a stone that is advised to us. The energy of blue crystal inspires us to walk tall, grin broadly, and let others see the brilliance in our eyes and the beauty of our smile. Blue Fluorite encourages us to quit magnifying in our own minds the imperfections that we perceive to exist in our physical selves. It serves as a playful reminder that the blemish on our nose always seems to be much larger in the mirror than it really is, while the rest of the world hardly sees it and doesn’t give a hoot about our blemish at all. Blue Fluorite instills in us the confidence to conduct oneself in a private manner and the optimism necessary to maintain a healthy body image. Fluorite, in general, is a wonderful talisman for any issue that may be related with the teeth, nails, or joints. When we are suffering from an irritation in our eyes, ears, nose, or sinuses, blue crystal, in particular, is a fantastic talisman to have with us.

Color Healing Energy

The color blue is associated with bringing up feelings of calm and serenity. It improves our ability to communicate with one another, it fosters trust and peace, and it inspires us to conduct our lives with integrity.

Blue Fluorite, like other blue stones, is all about being honest and expressing ourselves. This crystal will lead us to a state of calm and inner peace, whether that means being more accepting of our present situation or releasing old habits and ways of thinking that are no longer beneficial to us.

Blue Fluorite gemstone

Fluorite Chakra Healing

It is connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra respectively. You may look beyond the physical plane and into the light of the universe when you have developed your third eye chakra. It makes it possible for you to receive heavenly direction and insight, both of which will help you throughout your path here on earth. Additionally, the throat chakra enables you to talk with confidence and composure, allowing you to fully express yourself.

When combined with Aquamarine, it will dispel mental haze and open the door for you to genuinely feel a sense of calm and pleasure that comes from your whole being. When you are giving a public presentation or attempting to convey yourself to all of the parties in question in a kind and eloquent way, these crystals for throat chakras will serve you well and help you do so in a manner that is compassionate and eloquent.

How to Combine Blue Fluorite Crystals?

Because of its subdued vibrations, Blue Fluorite is an excellent crystal to use in conjunction with other stones.

Blue Fluorite mix

Depending on the circumstances, we choose to focus our attention on either of the two chakras to which this stone is most sensitive.

To boost its capacity to foster open and honest conversation while working with the Throat Chakra try pairing Blue Fluorite with other stones:

  • Blue Chalcedony
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Aquamarine
  • Azurite

In order to get oneself ready for some intense Third Eye chakra treatment I advocate combining Blue Fluorite with:

  • Sapphire
  • Amethyst
  • Dumortierite
  • Black Obsidian


Talismans and Amulets

A crystal that is used to enhance and brighten, Blue Fluorite. Enhancers have perfect cubic symmetry and internal harmony inside their crystal lattice structures on the inside. Their interior structure, which represents a “building block,” assists in focusing our efforts so that we may improve our lives and build on the achievements we’ve already had. They focus our attention and energy on the changes that we want to make, as well as the thinking patterns that will lead to the behaviors that are necessary to make those changes happen.

Halides are elements, commonly found in crystal form, that are defined by their special ability to transform their surroundings. They are renowned for their ability to restore the beauty of valued objects and to improve morale in environments with stagnating morale through repetition or neglect. Brighteners are great for conceiving change, polishing up skills or abilities, or revitalizing a flagging outlook. They’re often utilized for a specific purpose, or as an alternative to a talisman for anyone wishing to attract more joy to their day-to-day lives.

Blue Fluorite Talismans

Feng Shui

The energy of serenity, peaceful power, and cleansing is used by Blue Fluorite, which is associated with the element of water. It is representative of possibilities that have not yet been accomplished. It is malleable, shapeless, and yet forceful all at the same time. The capacity to regenerate and restart one’s life is associated with the Water element. It is the energy that maintains the continuity of life’s cycles. You may improve the atmosphere of any room you devote to meditation, contemplation, or prayer by including blue crystals into the design. In Feng Shui, the North sector of a room or house, which corresponds to the Career and Life Path sector, is usually connected with the vitality of water.

What About Zodiac?

Fluorite, which is associated with individuals who were born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and is considered to be their birthstone, is here to offer a sense of order to the chaos that exists in the world. Disorganization may be difficult for Capricorns, who would much rather stick to their plans and have a tidy environment.

Capricorn and fluorite are a match made in heaven since fluorite is one of the greatest stones for honing mental concentration and enhancing one’s ability to organize one’s thoughts and activities. Capricorns may use fluorite to persuade themselves out of being in that state of mind when their thoughts are racing too much. It’s no surprise that those born under the sign of the Capricorn might feel overwhelmed at times; their thoughts move at a rate of one thousand miles per hour. Fluorite, thank goodness, is a mental calmer, allowing you the space and opportunity to take some nice, deep breaths and relax.

Blue Fluorite zodiac

Another indication that seems to be captivated by the restorative powers of fluorite is the fish. Pisces are known for being emphatic, mystical, and maybe a little bit emotional. They also have a strong desire to go with the flow, which is a clear indication of their water-based energy. Fluorite, in especially Purple Fluorite with its propensity for these eye openings and inviting in a sprinkling of legendary enchantment, is a stone that is a good fit for that pleasant flow.

The Proper Way to Wash Your Fluorite Crystals

Since crystals are such powerful energy collectors and healers, they all, at some point or another, will need some kind of cleaning in order to maintain their full potential.

Imagine that each of your crystals is a vacuum cleaner; when it has sucked up all of that energy, it will sometimes need to be emptied and recharged so that it may continue to serve as an extraordinary instrument.

Even though crystals do not need to be cleaned after every usage, or even after every week or month, spending a little amount of time to cleanse and recharge your stone once every few months will do wonders for the stone. Fluorite is a rather soft stone, and doing this over an extended period of time may create an imprint that is difficult to remove.

While many stones and crystals can quickly adjust to being washed with soap and water, this might leave an impression on fluorite.

Fluorite may be kept clean and charged at the same time by placing it in a gentle slant of moonlight or sunshine and allowing the rays of nature to do the job. This is one of the best and simplest methods to maintain your Fluorite.

Blue Fluorite Washing

Quick FAQ

Is Blue Fluorite rare?
Collectors are always on the lookout for Blue Fluorite since it is so uncommon. Additionally, the dazzling yellow color is rather uncommon. The most common are green fluorite, purple, blue, yellow or colorless. The most uncommon forms of fluorite are those that are colorless, black, or pink.
Is Blue Fluorite natural?
Yes, Blue Fluorite is a natural crystal that may be found in the earth. Fluorite may be found in a variety of hues, although the blue kind is by far the most common.
If you're not cautious, shady merchants can attempt to pass off this crystal as glass because of its striking resemblance to the transparent mineral. Before you hand over any cash, you should absolutely investigate the crystal merchants in your area.
What is Fluorite is used for?
The stone known as fluorite is revered for its purifying effects on the soul and its capacity to change negative energy into good energy. As a result, fluorite improves our mental acuity and helps us experience more inner calm. The name "fluorite" originates from the Latin word flux, which may be translated as "to flow" or "to flow interchangeably."
Can I wear Blue Fluorite every day?
Fluorite rings should be worn only on special occasions, although fluorite earrings and necklaces should be worn on a daily basis. If you take good care of this shiny stone, it will provide you joy for many years to come.


Those individuals who feel as if they may benefit from an additional helping of clarity in their lives would benefit greatly from acquiring fluorite as a gemstone. Making a decision may be challenging, and the mind can quickly get confused when confronted with tangled webs and a wide variety of options. Maintaining a consistent connection with our more profound emotions and discerning what it is that we actually desire from the heart is a challenge that we face on a daily basis. Blue Fluorite is aware of this, and it is able to tap into it by cleaning out our chakras and doing a thorough cleaning of our auras.

This stone will truly wipe away all of the mental and emotional cobwebs from your heart and your mind. You can easily choose the stone that speaks to you depending on the chakra you need assistance with since fluorite comes in such a wide variety of colors. This is one of the nicest things about fluorite because it enables you to choose the stone that is most beneficial to you.

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