Brecciated Jasper Meaning And Properties

In this post, you are going to explore Brecciated Jasper’s meaning, metaphysical properties, helpful benefits, and how you can use it to profit from its profound nurturing powers.

Brecciated Jasper stone

Brecciated Jasper is the ultimate stone of strength and vitality. This red glassy stone reflects the grounding rooted energy of Mother Earth and brings to your energy field a deep sense of mental clarity and wondrous nurturing benefits.

Brecciated Jasper supplies you with a potent dose of mental clarity and sharp focus. It is an excellent grounding stone that helps you feel more stabilized and clarifies your auric field. It aligns you with the energies of creativity, strength, and ultimate vitality. 

There is indeed extra capturing information to discover about this eye capturing red stone.

What is Brecciated Jasper?

Brecciated Jasper is a red stone amidst a mix of other colors such as brown and gray hues with an opaque lustrous finish. The red hues and the dark bands in the Brecciated Jasper reflect the hematite compound in this stone. 

What is Brecciated Jasper

This red stone is characterized by a unique looking pattern that represents deep-colored veined or waves/streams like patterns that either red, deep brown, white, yellow, cream, grey, or a mixture of all.

Every piece of Brecciated Jasper is truly unique, every single piece carries its one of kind patterns, just like a distinctive and personalized piece of art!

Plus, Jasper is a relatively hard stone and ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Where is Brecciated Jasper Found?

Brecciated Jasper is very common and can be found all over the world, yet it has such a variety that each site is unique. It can be found in the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Mexico, and Russia.

Where is Brecciated Jasper found

How is Brecciated Jasper Formed?

Brecciated Jasper is formed when the Earth unites sharp-angled fragments of stone together. The term “Breccia” reflects the forming circumstance of this kind of jasper. This word is a geology term used to identify rocks that are made of pieces joined together into a fine-grained matrix.  

Brecciated Jasper VS Red Jasper

Brecciated Jasper and Red Jasper may seem identical at the first sight, however, they are actually two different kinds of Jasper stones.

Brecciated Jasper VS Red Jasper

The main difference that set these two stones apart is the Brecciated Jasper contains fragments of Hematite which is a ferric oxide mineral that was added to this stone when it was forming.

In this case, we can say that Brecciated Jasper is the result of Red Jasper and Hematite blending together.

Another key difference to highlight is that Red Jasper and Brecciated Jasper radiate diverse and distinguished healing properties.

Red Jasper symbolizes life force and transmits courage and personal independence to its wearer, on the other hand, Brecciated Jasper with its hematite composite works on dispelling and reflecting away any type of negativity from your life.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning

Brecciated Jasper is a stone that boosts your strength and brings vitality to every aspect of your life. This red stone provides mental clarity and high focus to its carrier while increasing the feelings of serenity and wholeness. Plus, it is a good grounding stone that makes you feel relaxed and balanced. 

Brecciated Jasper Chakra

Brecciated Jasper is associated with both the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra.

Brecciated Jasper chakra

As specified previously, Brecciated Jasper is strongly linked with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. This stone helps you to heal and balance your Root Chakra which will guide you to tap into a soothing energy field of profound inner safety.

It assists you to feel grounded and fully in control of your life, so you can find balance and build a steady healthy foundation to welcome all the good things in your life.

The Sacral Chakra is the energy center that gives birth to everything related to emotions, desires, and passions. Brecciated Jasper aids you to balance your sacral chakra to feel fully empowered, alive, and highly motivated to manifest the things that make you feel genuinely happy.

Brecciated Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Brecciated Jasper is a powerful grounding stone that provides you with mental clarity and high focus. The energy emitted by this red crystal aids you to reinforce the feeling of emotional stability and protects you from negative energy. It is also an uplifting stone that boosts your vitality and willpower. 

Find below detailed information about the healing properties of this fascinating kind of Jasper so you can dive deeper into its powerful restorative energies.

Puissant Grounding Stone

Brecciated Jasper is a powerful grounding stone.

Brecciated Jasper

The energy transmitted by this red opaque crystal helps you feel calmer and more relaxed during hectic times.

It aids you to gain wisdom and efficiently while dealing with challenging life phases. Moreover, it assists you to surpass the sensation of being overwhelmed.

It guides you to tap into a brand new and fresh energy space of mental clarity and emotional stability.

Plus, the potent clarifying vibrations of this stone promote strong and sharp focus so you can tackle your tasks and projects with a sharp alerted mind and peaceful highly relaxed spirit.

Energy Stream of Vitality, Strength, and Courage

Brecciated Jasper carries a bright uplifting energy dose of shining vitality, strong willpower, and unlimited courage.

This stone guides you to navigate life with a brand new vision.

It encourages you to boost your creative powers and be brave enough to showcase your wonderful capacities and unique talents.

Brecciated Jasper holds a powerful high vibrational power that guides you to manage your skills with high efficiency.

It makes you feel fully empowered and full of energy and vitality so you are wholly able to create the kind of life that you desire.

Brecciated Jasper Benefits

Brecciated Jasper promotes vitality and wholesome wellbeing. It supplies its wearer with courage, mental purity, and willpower to overcome life challenges. Moreover, it helps you to increase your willpower and strength to achieve your ultimate goals and aspirations. 

Keep reading ahead, to explore the rejuvenating powers emitted by this red glossy stone.

Wellness and Healing

Brecciated Jasper is particularly beneficial for the organs. Liver, bladder, kidney, or lung problems, the energies of Jasper work to strengthen the body from within.

This red stone may also relieve headaches, fever, and joint pain.

Brecciated Jasper Wellness and Healing

It is a stone that also brings more vitality, stimulates internal blood flow, and regulates hormones.

This red crystal is also known for its healing capacities that promote healing and regaining physical strength after a sickness.

Being an excellent vitality stone, this red crystal delivers detoxifying properties that work on eliminating toxins from the body.

Emotional Healing

This stone brings to its wearer a powerful energy stream of willpower, emotional strength, and mental purity to overcome testing times.

It helps you regain confidence in yourself and fuels your willpower with courage and determination to surpass hard life circumstances with ease.

This bright red stone supplement every aspect of your life with a fresh and beaming high vibrational dose of life force energy, joy, positivity, and bravery.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning And Properties

Success and Prosperity

This red stone enhances your creative abilities to come up with brand new ideas and promising visions that could be your leading path towards success and flourishing accomplishments.

It supplies you with a potent amount of strength, firm willpower to extend your own horizons, and to be a powerful visionary.

Moreover, it enhances your discipline and perseverance to make your dreams and goals a living reality.

Success and Prosperity

Brecciated Jasper Uses

You can pair the empowering benefits of Brecciated Jasper with the power of affirmations to strengthen your belief system and your willpower. Using this red opaque jasper while meditating is a healing method to feel balanced and cleansed from negative vibrations. 


Affirmations are a great way to enhance the powerful benefits of Brecciated Jasper stone.

Positive words of affirmation assist you to maintain a high vibrational state so you can attract the things you want to fulfill.

The more you feel happy and uplifted, the more you match the frequency of the things that you want to manifest, and as a result, you became perfectly aligned to realize your intentions and envisioned goals.

Affirmations for Brecciated Jasper will help you gain more mental clarity, be focused, full of vitality, and highly protected from negative energy.

You can hold a Brecciated Jasper tumbled stone in your hand, and repeat the following affirmations with resolute faith.

  • I am protected.
  • My life is full of vitality and good energy.
  • My mind is clear and my focus is sharp.
  • I am serene and peaceful.
  • I am wholly connected with the grounding energy of Earth.
  • I feel relaxed.
  • My mind, body, and soul are wholeheartedly balanced.


Brecciated Jasper is an excellent stone for meditation.

Brecciated Jasper Meditation

You can use this grounding gemstone while meditating to balance your energy field and to feel more relaxed.

First, choose a quiet place where you feel at peace.

Sit comfortably, choose a sitting position that you feel most comfortable in, just make sure you are stable and you can stay easily in this position for a while.

Initiate your meditation ritual by closing your eyes and taking a few deep slow breaths.

Try to focus only on your breathing, try to observe the air filling your lungs and that is moving and traveling in all your body.

Hold a Brecciated Jasper in your hand, sense and welcome its energy.

Visualize a bright stream of light is entering your body and cleansing your whole auric field from negative energy.

Feel that all the emotions and thoughts that once left you feeling sad or distressed are vanishing, evaporating, and once for all leaving every single cell of your being.

Envision a bright warm beam of light is filling your soul with glowing vitality, firm strength, and steady willpower.

Once you are ready to close your meditation session, take final few deep breaths, open up your eyes, smile, thank yourself for showing up, for your courage, and for your great effort to better yourself.

Wearing It a Jewelry

Wearing this red glossy jasper as a piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to be in permanent contact with the healing and balancing features of this stone.

Brecciated Jasper Jewelry

As stated previously, this stone transmits to its wearer a strong protecting energy from negative thoughts and vibrations and helps you maintain a happy, balanced and vital state of being.

You can also put a Brecciated stone on your desk to maintain a bright stream of new creative ideas and conceive promising concepts, and let’s not forget its amazing power to bring back mental clarity, willpower, and focus which are critical elements to achieve a fabulous success.

How to Cleanse Brecciated Jasper?

You can easily clean Brecciated Jasper stone with a soft cloth to restore its shine and bring out its stunning reflections.

To always benefit from the healing properties of this stunning red opaque mineral, you can recharge it in sunlight for an hour or two.

But it is possible to recharge it in lunar light, which is softer purifying, or on a cluster of quartz for a few hours. Your stone will thus reacquire all its natural and powerful energies.

Can Brecciated Jasper Go in the Water?

When cleansing your Brecciated Jasper stone, it is recommended to avoid getting this stone in contact with water, as it contains hematite which an iron compound.

In the Water

Brecciated Jasper – Key Facts, Benefits, and Healing Properties to Remember

Key Facts

  • Color: a red stone with a mix of other colors such as brown and gray hues.
  • Chakra: Root chakra, Sacral chakra.
  • Place: United States, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Mexico, and Russia.
  • Re-charge: Sunlight, lunar light, a cluster of Quartz.

Brecciated Jasper Healing Properties

  • Mental clarity.
  • Focus.
  • Vitality.
  • Protection against negative energies.
  • Courage and strong willpower.
  • Determination to overcome life challenges.
  • Decreases significantly the feeling of overwhelm.
  • Balance, calmness, relaxation, and strong grounding energy.

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Final Thoughts About Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper is an excellent stone to achieve mental clarity and focus.

This stone will help you regain a clear and serene headspace to navigate life with happiness.

This red crystal will supplement you with a high emotional and mental strength to overcome challenging times with strength, ease, and tranquility.

The hematite compound in the stone is a potent element to shed away negative thoughts and to eliminate the low type of vibrations that makes you feel anxious and emotionally drained.

This red glossy stone delivers a potent encouraging power that effectively raises your vibrations and supplements you with strong willpower to go after your goal with determination and high perseverance.

This stone is deeply bound with the grounded nurturing energy of Earth which will make you feel profoundly balanced, stabilized, and in perfect harmony with yourself and your surrounding.

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