Can Black Tourmaline go in water? (2 things to be aware of)

The water cleansing tool remains one the most popular and easiest energy cleansing method that is popularly used by crystals lovers.

However, we should always keep in perspective that this tool is not suitable for all crystals, and even though it is compatible with certain crystals, water cleansing should be used with extra precaution.

Black Tourmaline is for instance one of the crystals that we will be talking about.

Can Black Tourmaline go in water? Yes, and this is because it is a relatively hard crystal that scores around 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, so we can confidently presume that it is safe to cleanse Black Tourmaline with water. Still, prolonged contact with water especially water that contains salt can be quite damaging. 

Can Black Tourmaline go in water

If you own a Black Tourmaline stone (or do you feel eager to buy one in the future) this blog post is definitely made specifically for you.

Are you interested in other easy energy cleansing tools that are equally efficient? Find easy and safer water cleansing tools later in the post.

Black Tourmaline can go in the water, here is why

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate purifying stone that helps you cleanse your energy field from negative thoughts and liberates mental/emotional blockages.

It cleanses your aura to support you towards achieving a peaceful state of tranquility and a rooted feeling of profound security.

Being an active negative energy absorbent tool, it is extremely crucial to deeply cleanse your Black Tourmaline from the received negative energies to make sure that your stone is completely liberated from the stored inharmonious and unwanted vibrations.

Black Tourmaline is one of the extended range of crystals that can be put in the water in order to achieve efficient energy cleansing results and to regain all the healing properties of this black stone.

A high hardness score

Black Tourmaline is considered a hard stone and that is because it has around 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale.

high hardness score

As a very known general rule, all stones that score 5 or higher on the Moh’s scale of hardness can be put in water.

So, it is totally allowed to put your Black Tourmaline in the water to cleanse it from the absorbed negative and unwanted energies.

Black Tourmaline and water work harmoniously together

The water element and Black Tourmaline work in such a harmonious way.

Black Tourmaline and water

When you submerge Black Tourmaline in water, both of their energies meet peacefully to create a serene and potent energy flow.

This energy flow generates simultaneously distinguished two phases that are key to keep your crystal fully sufficient, it cleanses and at the same restores the healing powers of your Black Tourmaline crystal.

Plus, water is perceived as a healing element that works on refreshing your body and relaxing your mind. Working with the energy of water assist you to calm your emotions and quiet your anxious mind.

So, the use of Black Tourmaline and water together is the perfect combination to guard your energy against overwhelming thoughts especially during the time when you feel sensitive and tense.

Things to be aware of while cleansing Black Tourmaline with water

Even though it is totally safe to put Black Tourmaline in the water, we should remain cautious while cleansing this stone through the water element.

Avoid putting the stone in water for long hours

The first thing to be aware of is putting Black Tourmaline in water for long hours can be quite damaging.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is characterized by having a brittle nature, which means that even though it is considered a hard stone, this will not stop it from being very liable, it can break and crack easily.

So, an extended period in the water can negatively alter Black Tourmaline crystal structure by making it easily breakable afterward.

To cleanse your Black Tourmaline crystal safely, submerge your crystal in a water bowl for an hour or two and then remove it immediately, then pat gently the excess of the remaining water thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

Do not use Saltwater

The second thing to be aware of is the kind of water that you are using in cleansing your Black Tourmaline stone.

Do not use Saltwater

Saltwater, spring water, and mineralized water can be quite harmful.

All these types of water contain Sodium (salt) which can cause irreversible damage to your black stone.

The damages can manifest by making the stone look fragile and any sudden strong contact with a hard surface may break the stone into small pieces.

Plus rainwater is also charged with specific electrolytes such as Sodium that can harm Black Tourmaline. So, avoid cleansing Black Tourmaline with rainwater by putting it outside, or by placing it in an area where it is in direct contact with rainwater.

Other helpful ways to cleanse Black Tourmaline

You can try the following water cleansing alternatives to cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline harmlessly and effectively.

Sun rays

Black Tourmaline can be cleansed and recharged in the sun.

The energizing sun rays work on loading this powerful black stone with a powerful burst of energy.

One thing to consider is that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may alter the stone’s surface, an hour of sunbathing is enough.

Quartz geode

Quartz geode generates potent cleansing attributes that work on cleansing Black Tourmaline from inharmonious retained vibrations.

This cleansing tool works so well if you own smaller tumbled Black Tourmaline stones.

Place your Black Tourmaline stone inside a Quartz geode for 24hrs to let your crystals soak all the purifying and highly vibrational properties of the Quartz stone.


Sage is such a powerful cleansing tool that will purify Black Tourmaline from all the stored negative energies.

It is such a healing and harmless tool that will not only free the stone from the absorbed vibrations but will simultaneously cleanse your aura and lift up your spirit.

You can envision that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, positivity, and harmony.

Visualize that the negative energies stored by your black crystal are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air.

Let the smoke surround Black Tourmaline for about 30 seconds.

Don’t forget that before starting the sage cleansing ritual, open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.


Purifying Black Tourmaline is a key measure to liberate the stone from the absorbed negative energies, and to reset it back to its natural raw healing powers of protection, grounding, and purification.

You can use water energy to cleanse and charge your Black Tourmaline crystal, however, avoid using saltwater, or rainwater, and don’t forget to not leave it immersed in water for long hours.

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