Can You Carry Crystals In Your Pocket? And How To Do It?

The amazing thing about crystals is that they are available in distinct shapes and crafted into various creations, which allows us to use them in many various ways.

Apart from wearing crystals jewelry in form of bracelets, rings, earrings, or necklaces, there is an easier way which is simply carrying them with you.

Carrying crystals in your pocket is a good idea to keep being surrounded by the healing energies of your picked crystals whenever you are. 2 or 3 tumbled crystals in your pocket, selected according to your intention are all you need to raise your vibration for the day!

crystals in your pocket

Every time I carry crystals with me, I notice a light, beautiful and positive shift in my day.

I am going to share with you the practical tips that I learned from carrying crystals in my pocket for years now and how you can do it in a functional way to protect your crystals, feel comfortable, and benefit from the healing vibrations of your stones.

Can you carry crystals in your pocket?

Carrying crystals in your pocket is one of many ways to receive the healing properties of your stones. Plus, crystals are fairly hard elements that won’t be damaged by placing them in your pocket you just need to pay attention to not drop them from a high altitude or on a hard surface.

It is totally fine to carry crystals in your pocket. In fact, if you are not a fan of wearing crystals jewelry like rings or bracelets then this way could be the perfect solution to have crystals around you.

It is so easy to carry crystals in your pocket, you just have to pick your favorite tumbled stone, then put it in a secure pocket, and then voila.

Yet, you should be aware of some important things before carrying crystals with you, especially in your pocket.

The pocket area is fairly small, so be mindful to choose the right crystal size that will fit in this space.

It is best to carry your crystals in a slightly large and deep pocket, to be sure that they won’t move around or lose them if you bend over or do too many movements.

How to carry crystals in your pocket?

To protect your crystals and to feel also comfortable while carrying them with you in your pocket, the next tips are important to know.

I learned from experience some important lessons that will hopefully allow you to do it comfortably while keeping welcoming the amazing vibrations of your selected stones.

Here are the 3 main recommendations on how to carry crystals in your pocket:

  • Number: 2 or 3 crystals maximum.
  • Protection: put them first in a small pouch.
  • Intention: focus on what you want to feel.
  • Shape: polished crystals are the best type to carry with you.

Choose two or three crystals

If we take into consideration daily activities, and movements, plus how pocket sizes are generally small, carrying too many crystals at once can be quite uncomfortable.

In my opinion, 2 or 3 crystals of your choice are enough to carry with you, so you can be at ease and at the same time benefit from the positive vibrations of your stones in the best way possible.

Protect your stones before carrying them in your pocket

This step is necessary.

Placing crystals directly in your pocket without any protection can put them at risk.

Small polished crystals can be quite slippery and can jump up from your pocket in case you bend over.

Personally, I accidentally broke one of my favorite Tiger eye stones. I was carrying it in my pocket, I forget it there for a while, and one day when I was folding my pants, at my surprise it was suddenly dropped on the floor, and it broke in half. (take a look at the picture below :/ )


It was such a sad moment because it was one of my absolute favorite crystals.

After that, I learned that I must first put my crystals in a small pouch, and then I can place them in my pocket, just not risk breaking another one once again.

The pouch is so important.

It gives crystals extra protection so you are able to keep them intact, especially the ones that are low in hardness and easily breakable such as Selenite, Fluorite, and Calcite.

But as you can see in my real case, my Tiger eye stone was damaged even though it is considered a strong stone.

So just to be extra sure, apply this important protective technique to all of your crystals with no exception.

Choose your intention

I think it is important to focus on your intuition and the goal you desire to reach before carrying crystals in your pocket.

Crystals are alive elements that respond to our energy, you can charge them by directing your positive and good feelings towards them and visualize how your day will be spent.

When carrying crystals with you, you can repeat uplifting vibrations for the day ahead, in this way you are boosting your self-confidence as well as raising the amazing healing powers of your carried stones, by making them work for you in the best way possible.

Here are some quick and positive affirmations to remember while carrying crystals with you:

  • I can do this;
  • Today is a beautiful day;
  • I am happy, content, and energized;
  • I am ready to spend the best day ever;
  • I am surrounded by peace and happiness;
  • I am grateful.
  • I welcome beautiful blessings to my life.

Tumbled-shaped crystals are the best to carry in your pocket

Small polished crystals are the most convenient shape to choose when carrying them in your pocket.

Raw crystals are just so beautiful and represent the magic of our nature in such a splendid way, yet carrying them with you is not exactly the best choice to opt for.

Carrying unpolished/raw stones can firstly create a slight discomfort, the little sharp edges may prick you when moving around, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Amethyst stone

For example, I would prefer not to carry this pointy raw shape of Amethyst in my pocket. I rather choose a polished one as it can be way comfortable to carry around

However, tumbled crystals are meticulously polished and very smooth to touch and carry around.

Plus raw crystals can be slightly heavier than polished crystals.

In my experience, I always find raw crystals have a little more weight than polished ones.

What crystals should you have in your pocket?

Well, the choice is completely yours to make!

Protect your stones

Each crystal serves a distinct healing purpose.

You can carry Amethyst in your pocket to feel a sense of clarity in your day. If you want to feel energized and boost your sense of creativity, then Carnelian and Citrine are the perfect pair. Plus Red Jasper and Tourmaline are the ideal crystal pocket for protection, stability, and courage.


If you desire to cleanse the energy around you and feel light, protected, and calm.

Then carrying Amethyst helps you to reach a composed mindset to think clearly while blocking negative energies that could disturb your inner peace so you can move forward without self-limiting thoughts and unnecessary doubts.

My Amethyst

I personally carry with me a little Amethyst stone that I attached to my keys, then I place my keys either in my pocket or in my bag If I was carrying one. This way my little peaceful Amethsy is always with me


I carry Carnelian in my pocket whenever I need an extra boost of energy. I always feel motivated and awake when carrying this bright orange stone with me.

My Carnelian


Sodalite is for willpower and endurance.

Carrying this stone in your pocket enables you to feel less stressed and mentally stronger especially if your day is particularly busy.

Plus, the sodalite stone increases mental clearness so you can come up with better ideas that facilitate your current projects while encouraging you to express yourself with confidence and ease.


Citrine is the ideal stone for joy, creativity, and attracting abundance.


Carrying this happy yellow stone allows you to lift up your spirit and approach your day with a sense of positivity.

Plus it is the perfect stone to choose when you are working on a creative project. Citrine boosts your creative powers and helps you to come up with better and brighter ideas.

Red Jasper

Placing Red Jasper in your pocket helps you to feel more grounded and balanced.

My Red Jasper

This is the best stone to choose wherever you are needing time for concentration. It guides you to stay focused and patient.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is ideal to protect your energy field from negativity.

Keeping this crystal in your pocket allows you to purify and let go of toxic vibrations that hinder you from feeling calm and in a normal happy state of being.

This stone wraps you with a protective shield that makes you feel secure and assists you to alleviate stressfully draining sensations from your mind while relieving tensions locked in your body.

Final thoughts

Carrying crystals in your pocket is one of many practical ways to use crystals. Their close proximity to your body allows you to be connected with their vibrations. To feel your best while before carrying crystals in your pocket make sure to pick 2 or 3 polished crystals and then put them in a pouch.

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