Can You Put Citrine in Water? 9 Crucial Dos and Don’ts to Be Aware Of

To get the best out of your crystals’ healing properties, it is important to cleanse them regularly.


Water is the best and most convenient method to clean your skin.

Can Citrine go in water or salt water? To prevent irreversible damage to your Citrine crystals, there are many ways you can clean them with water. Learn more to know how you may safely clean or cleanse your citrine stone.

What You Can DO


DO wash, using warm, soapy water

It is essential to clean crystals to remove any negative ballast. As Citrine can get wet, warm and soapy warm water are safe and efficient ways to clean crystals. However, it is important not to infuse the water using chemicals that could harm the stone.


DO make use of an ultrasonic cleaning

The Citrine stone can also be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners. This machine is commonly used to clean Citrine stones, as well surgical and dental instruments and lenses. It uses high intensity and high frequency sound waves through liquid solvents to remove adhered foreign contaminants.

However, you might not want to dye or treat your Citrine stone with fracture filling. Instead, try an alternative method.


DO hold it beneath the faucet’s flowing water

Water is believed to be able to dissolve any negative energy contained in the stone, and reestablish its positive healing energies. Citrine, which is a member of the quartz family and known for being hard crystals, can be submerged in water.

To cleanse and purify Citrine stone, it is possible to wash it with running water for about a minute and then dry it using a soft cloth. You can also place it in a bowl to let it rest for around 12 hours.

Alternativly, you can use natural water sources like streams and rivers to clean the contaminants. Or you can soak them in rainwater.


DO use moon water to steep it

Your Citrine stone may be recharged and cleaned with moonwater in a secure and efficient manner. According to certain reports, moonlight not only physically cleanses crystals but also boosts their therapeutic abilities and dispels negative energy.

Moon water is just water that has been given time to absorb the vibrations of the moon. The greatest time to make moon water or execute moon bathing rituals is during a full moon, when the moon’s energy is at its strongest.

Water can be kept in a bowl or a glass container. The bowl can then be set up on the patio, by a window, or somewhere else where moonlight might shine. Before you set it outside, make sure to pause and establish an intention.

You have a choice between covering it to keep it clean and leaving it uncovered. Make sure to place the Citrine stone before the sun shines on it since heat might harm the stone.


DO include it in your bathroom routine

Citrine is also readily submerged in water for a bath. You may add Citrine to your therapeutic bathing regimen to feel energised and joyful. Any bad energy may be released, and your solar plexus energy can be boosted, with the help of a crystal-infused bath. Your craziest ambitions will become a reality with its aid.

citrine bathroom

Citrine may be used in the bathtub but should not be exposed to strong soaps or other things that can harm it. To strengthen a chakra, you can place the stone there or anywhere else on your body.

By using essential oils with cleansing effects, like rosemary, lavender, frankincense, or juniper, you may improve your bathing experience and make it more delightful.

Make sure your water is not too hot or cold to prevent damaging your stone. The stone may also be positioned in the tub’s corner, where it will provide elegance and peace to the area.



DON’T soak in seawater

Saltwater soaks are a proven and popular way to cleanse and purify crystals. But, saltwater soaks should not be used on crystals that have a porous or brittle surface or are contaminated with trace metals. They could cause disintegration, corrosion, or even dissolve.

Citrine shouldn’t be soaked for too long in saltwater. This can cause dulling of the stone and weaken the clusters. Dry salt can also be used but you must rinse it off to eliminate any salt grains.

DON’T combine various Citrine stones in a pitcher of water for washing

Citrine is regarded as a potent gemstone that dispels evil karma and produces wealth on both the material and spiritual planes of existence.

Although several Citrine stones may be cleaned in a single water basin, this method is not thought to be very efficient due to the limited volume of water needed to remove the huge energy charge the stones have accumulated.

A tip is to never reuse the same water cleansing bowl after using it for Citrine stones or any other crystals. This water could carry unwanted and harmful energy, which could be transferred to the next crystal.

DON’T mix with strong chemicals

Avoid harsh chemicals as they can damage Citrine’s physical appearance and impair its healing abilities. Bleach, ammonia and acetone are some of the chemicals that Citrine should not be mixed under any circumstance. It is also important to avoid mixing Citrine with hydrofluoric acid and ammonium fluoride.


DON’T use vapor steam

Citrine, as mentioned, can be sensitive to changes in temperature. Therefore, it is best to not heat it up and to use a steamer to clean it. Even though steam cleaning can be very effective in getting rid of oil and grease, Citrine may lose its sheen and luster when it comes into contact with high temperatures.


DON’T lay your stone in the path of the sun

Also, avoid putting the bowl of water directly in sunlight while cleaning your crystal. The sun’s energy can be more effective in bringing energy and vitality to crystals, but prolonged sunlight could cause Citrine stone vibrancy to wane.

citrine sunshine

Is Water Infused with Citrine Crystals Safe to Drink?

To stay motivated throughout the day, you can sip citrine-infused water from a glass or stainless steel bottle. Additionally, it will remove any undesirable energy.

Use springwater for the greatest results. Put it in a transparent water bottle and let it rest overnight in the broad moonlight.

You’ll be more likely to stay upbeat, passionate, and committed to pursuing happiness in life if you drink from a citrine crystal-infused water bottle.

How to Make an Elixir of Citrine

By placing the Citrine stone straight in a bowl of water, you may produce an elixir.

Overnight is best for infusing the mixture in water. This is a simple method of introducing crystal energy to the water.

This water can be placed in an insulated container in order to tune into the vibrations of crystals.

Because it doesn’t dissolve with any other dangerous minerals, pure citrine is often safe for charging the water.

Like all gems, your Citrine can be imperfect. Making crystal elixirs is best accomplished via the “indirect approach.” The constituents of the water are not further exposed by doing this.

  1. To remove all negative energies, clean the Citrine crystal.
  2. Charge your crystal to regain its capacity for healing.
  3. Put the Citrine in a tight-fitting glass vase.
  4. Submerge the jar in a larger dish.
  5. Put water in the bigger bowl.
  6. Covering the elixir with water and letting it infuse will keep it clean.
  7. If no preservative has been added to prevent germs, drink the crystal water right away.

Additionally, you may discover crystal elixir bottles with a distinct compartment for your crystals. These bottles facilitate indirect techniques.

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Additional Risk-Free Methods to Clean Your Citrine


Submerging in salt flakes

To use salt safely, you can place some Himalayan granules in an empty bowl. Next, place your crystal of Citrine on it for 10-20 minutes. Finally, rinse the crystal with normal water.


Herbal Smudging

Frankincense, cedar, sandalwood, Sage, or Palo Santo smoke can be utilized to gently expel the crystal of any collected negative energy.


Crystal-based Cleaning

To cleanse your Citrine stone, utilize high vibrational stones like Clear Quartz, Selenite, or Smoky Quartz.



Sound vibrations assist in clearing out unfavorable energy from a stone’s molecular structure. Use drums, tuning forks, crystal singing balls, or any other sound energy source to accomplish this. Your objective should be only purifying.

A Quick Introduction to the Mohs Scale

The Mohs Hardness Scale uses a scale from 1 to 10 to determine the hardness (or strength) of minerals. The toughest number is ten. A stone is less likely to dissolve in water the harder it is.

It is not safe to swim in the water if crystals fall below six on Mohs Hardness Scale.

Citrine is rated seven in the Mohs Hardness scale. This makes it safe for water cleaning.

You should note that while a quick splash will likely not damage soft crystals but prolonged immersion in water could lead to permanent damage. You should consider other methods of cleansing to eliminate negative energies such as smudging.

Additional Factors That May Impact Water Safety

Although the hard crystals won’t dissolve or break down in the water, they are nonetheless safe to use in water.

More minerals can be found in certain crystals. Even if the basic mineral is water-safe, they can rust or emit hazardous materials into the water.

  • Magnetite (and hematite) are two examples: These crystals can rust in water since they are made from iron ores
  • Citrine may contain very small levels of iron, but not enough to cause obvious discolouration

Note: Elixirs can be made using crystals. Be mindful of potential additions. If harmful substances get into the water, your elixir might not be safe.


So, can Citrine go in the water? Now you know that Citrine stone, which has a solid 7 on Mohs Hardness scale is considered water-safe, is in the end. You must still consider the chemicals in the water you use and any other elements it comes in contact with. Citrine is a powerful crystal with a lot of healing, transformational and spiritually-expanding properties. However, you need to ensure you are properly handling it in order for you to reap its full potential.

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