Celestite VS Blue Calcite: what is the difference?

Putting Celestite and Blue Calcite side by side can be quite puzzling. The apparent similarities between these two crystals may push us to think that they are the same kind of crystals, which is surely not true.

Plus, another crucial thing to be informed of is when you go shopping for these crystals, you may stumble upon Celestite crystals that are presented as Blue Calcite and vise versa.

Celestite VS Blue Calcite

The first thing to know is that Celestite and Blue Calcite have different mineral compositions, Celestite belongs to the Baryte crystal group and Blue Calcite is part of the wide family of Calcite crystals. Weight-wise, Celestite is heavier than Blue Calcite. Shape-wise, Celestite is rarely shaped into large crystals or tumbled stones, contrary to Blue Calcite that can be found in palm stones, tumbles, and spheres. 

If you find yourself that you can not draw a clear distinction between Celestite and Blue Calcite, then this article is specifically curated for you.

I was in your place, where I find it quite challenging to separate these two stones from each other, especially, because they exhibit quite the same calm and pale Blue hues.

So, find in this post, 5 key differences that are going to help you make the separation between Celestite VS Blue Calcite.

Celestite VS Blue Calcite: 5 differences to be aware of

1. Distinct composition

Being knowledgeable of the mineral composition of crystals is an important way to have an idea regarding the fundamental distinctions between different types of crystal specimens.

Distinct composition

The first thing to be aware of is that Celestite and Blue Calcite belong to different crystals families.

Celestite is part of the Sulfate mineral, its chemical formula consists of Strontium Sulfate (SrSO4).

Plus Celestite belongs to the baryte group that consists of different crystals such as baryte, anglesite, and anhydrite.

On the other hand, Blue Calcite is a part of Carbonate minerals and it is composed of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

2. Different weight

This point is probably one of the most telling signs to help you distinct between Celestite VS Blue Calcite.

Different weight

When holding the two stones, you will definitely notice that there is a distinct weight differentiation.

To experiment with that, try to pick the two stones, each one in one hand, you will sense that Celestite is heavier than Blue Calcite.

It is actually proved that Celestite is a lot heavier compared to Blue Calcite, and that is because of a crystal density factor.

If we compare two spheres, we will find that Blue Calcite would weigh 1.45 times less than the same exact shape of Celestite.

3. Pay attention to the shape of the crystals

Contemplating closely the shape of each crystal can help you differentiate between Celestite VS Blue Calcite.


In the crystal market, you will notice that Blue Calcite is available in a wide variety of shapes, for instance, palm stones, tumbled stones, tower crystals, and spheres.

Unlike Celestite, it is quite rare to find Celestite crystals that are molded in the shapes of the crystals that we just mentioned earlier.

You can find in the market, Celestite crystals in geode shapes, or in a sphere but in a form of a geode that is shaped in the form of a sphere.

4. Targeting different chakras

If we study deeply the energies released by Celestite and Blue Calcite, we are going to notice that these stones target similar chakras.


However, one of these two crystals is energetically bound to another chakra which can make a big distinction between the energies of Celestite and Blue Calcite.

These two blue crystals are aligned to the throat chakra which makes them excellent tools to heal and balance this energy balance, by allowing you to feel peaceful and in a wholesome state of being to express yourself confidently and freely.

Plus, Celestite and Blue Calcite are also linked to the third eye chakra.

The energy released by these two crystals empowers you to clear your mind, feel more enlightened, focused, and steady, and assists to develop a higher insight to navigate your life with higher awareness.

However, we notice that Celestite targets a different chakra than Blue Calcite which is the crown chakra.

So, Celestite is associated with the crown energy point. This connection assists you to feel more aligned with your soul purpose and opens up your mind to be wiser, serene, and connected with higher guidance.

5. Separate and unique healing properties

The other important thing that separates Celestite VS Blue Calcite is their healing properties.

So, choosing between Celestite and Blue Calcite will highly depend on your intentions and the healing energies that you want to experience.

Celestite: Purity, Balance, Quietude

If you want to supplement your life with peaceful energies then Celestite is the perfect crystal choice for you.

The energy emitted by Celestite guides you to establish a healthier balance in your daily life which aids you greatly to sense a comforting feeling of mental and emotional purity and serene quietude.

Blue Calcite: Good communication and Calmness

Blue Calcite is strongly tied to the throat chakra and the ability to have good and adequate communication skills.

This stone calms your mind, soothes your soul, and empowers you to feel confident so you can create a healthy and uplifting environment where you are able to be positive, at ease, and capable of generating a fruitful dialogue with the people around you.

Final Thoughts

Celestite VS Blue Calcite

Celestite and Blue Calcite display related visual aspects which is a soothing pale ocean blue color, this factor may create a little bit of confusion which may push us to mix between these two stones.

However, both Celestite and Blue Calcite are indeed two separate crystals with distinctive characteristics.


  • Mineral Composition: Sulfate mineral composed of Strontium Sulfate (SrSO4).
  • Weight: Heavier than Blue Calcite.
  • Shape: Geode or sphere in the form of geode.
  • Chakra: Throat chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra.
  • Healing properties: Balance, soothing, tranquility.
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Blue Calcite

  • Mineral Composition: Carbonate mineral consists of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).
  • Weight: Lighter than Celestite.
  • Shape: Palm stones, tumbled stones, tower crystals, and spheres.
  • Chakra: Throat chakra, third eye chakra.
  • Healing properties: Good communication, emotional balance, calmness.
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