8 Amazing Colored Stones for Jewelry

Jewelry that is ornamented by colored stones not only appear enchanting and makes you look radiant and beautiful but it also helps you radiate positive energy and feel genuinely good and at ease.

So, colored stones for jewelry not only beautify your look but also aid you to be permanently and continually in touch with the healing properties transmitted by these colored stones.

So, if you are looking for colored crystals for your jewelry, find below a list of 8 stunning colorful stones that are just perfect for rings, necklaces, or earrings.

This versatile list of stones selection permits you to choose the most adequate one that you particularly prefer and also guides you to pick the precise stones that you find yourself energetically drawn to.

So, let discover together these delightful colored stones for jewelry!

Colored Stones for Jewelry

8 fantastic colored stones that are perfect for jewelry


Peridot is a delightful pale green crystal.

Peridot Jewelry

When it is crafted in a ring or necklace, this stunning stone showcases an enchanting transparent green color with a delicate shine.

The color intensity of Peridot varies from one stone to another.

You may find in some jewelry Peridot with very light green and in other jewels, the stone exhibits a more intense and dark green shade.

Plus, wearing Peridot jewelry assists you to radiate such a bright aura of happiness, harmony, and abundance.

This capturing green gem enlightens your whole system with a sensatio

n of delight and a refreshing feeling of renewal.

It puts you on a distinguished energy level of beaming vitality, abundance, and joy.


Citrine is such a stunning colorful stone to wear as jewelry.

Citrine jewelry

This radiant stone showcases a gleaming yellow color with a warm luster.

Wearing a Citrine ring, necklace, or earnings is such a wonderful way to brighten your whole look.

Apart from its charming appearance, this yellow crystal emits such uplifting energies.

Wearing it regularly helps you feel happier, full of joy, optimistic, and hopeful.

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones that guides you to change your whole life perspective, it empowers you to see your journey as a precious opportunity to thrive and manifest great things.

Its encouraging vibrations assist you to attract what you desire and sustain a vital level of contentment and bliss.


Moonstone is such a charming stone to opt for as a jewelry option.

Moonstone jewelry

This colorful glowy crystal reflects a mesmerizing inner glow of different shades such as blue, pink, and sometimes violet hues.

Wearing it for example as a ring, assist you to regulate and balance your emotions.

If you feel easily irritated and out of balance, this stone is your best choice.

A piece of Moonstone-based jewelry is one of the best ways to radiate all around you tranquilizing vibrations that guide you to feel calm, peaceful, and emotionally balanced.


This gem reflects such soothing and calming light blue hues.

Aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine jewelry showcases, even more, the beauty of this stunning gem.

So, opting for this colored stone jewelry piece not only add to your overall look a delicate serene touch but also helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and guides you as well to embody a potent spirit of determination.

So, if you are facing certain situations that require a high level of peace of mind as well as courage, wearing an Aquamarine encourages you to feel courageous, brave, and centered while sustaining a peaceful mindset.


Labradorite is one of the most stunning glowing crystals that are widely used as a stone for jewelry.

Labradorite jewelry

Choosing this stone as a piece of jewelry is a fantastic way to beautify your look and add more charm to your presence.

Labradorite exhibits colorful eye-catching hues that vary between blue, green, yellow, pink, and violet.

Some Labradorite shows all or the majority of these shade in a single piece of jewelry, which is quite fantastic.

This gleaming stone is considered as the stone of change and transformation.

It is the best stone to choose if you want to calm an overthinking mind and direct all of your attention towards bettering yourself, enhancing confidence, and strengthening your whole being.

It is such a fantastic crystal that guides you to discover your own powerful and unmatched qualities while opening your mind to be more creative and ready to claim and manifest the exact thing that contributes to your happiness and fulfillment.


Opal is a stone that is full of luminous specks and colors.

Opal jewelry

The most astonishing thing about Opal jewelry is that depending on each angle from where you are contemplating your opal ring, you will see each time a different color and various glowy inclusions.

It is just like a part of cosmic or aurora lights that is bottled in a single piece of jewel.

Apart from its stunning look, this beaming colored stone radiates uplifting frequencies that encourage you to attract beautiful sensations into your life.

It guides you to feel loved, balanced, and full of hope while aiding to let go of old negative thinking patterns and uncomfortable memories that hold you back from feeling genuinely joyful once again.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an intense blue-colored naturally embellished with golden specks, this royal blue stone that is popularly used for jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli jewelry

Using this stone as a ring or necklace not only adds an elegant and sophisticated look to your appearance but also assists you to be more focused and clear-minded.

The healing properties of this crystal work greatly in helping you acquire a strong memory as well as encouraging you to express yourself with confidence and high efficiency.

It is also regarded as a wisdom gem. Lapis Lazuli aids you to be mindful and wise in order to manage important decisions with competence.


Amethyst looks exquisite as a colored stone for jewelry.

Amethyst jewelry

This beautiful gem presents a stunning purple lavender shade that is adorned with a vitreous luster.

Wearing Amethyst based jewelry is such a refreshing way to purify your energy field from negative energies.

This purple gem works on clearing up your mind from cluttering thoughts that make you feel unfocused and in a repetitive cycle of overthinking.

Plus, it emits such a refreshing sensation that soothes and calms your emotions and helps you feel much peaceful and comfortable.

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Final thoughts

Colored stones for jewelry are a dazzling way to embellish your look and to also supplement your energy field with uplifting sensations of serenity, calmness, happiness, and delight.

So, here are 8 beautiful and refreshing colored stones for jewelry that you can choose from to look more radiant and to also feel your best!

  1. Peridot
  2. Citrine
  3. Moonstone
  4. Aquamarine
  5. Labradorite
  6. Opal
  7. Lapis Lazuli
  8. Amethyst

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