7 crystals for creative writing (boost your creativity!)

Creative writing is the art of tuning into our imagination and activating the creative powers that we have within ourselves so we can construct great stories.

This type of writing is a precious opportunity to escape from the academic writing and all of its technicalities and be open to going outside the settled bounds of writing.

If you are a creative writer then you must rely on your imaginative powers to express your thoughts, views, and visualization in your own uniquely innovative way.

Yet, you may be sometimes stuck in a hindering circle that may blur all of your imaginative resources, the great thing to know is that crystals are one of the many tools that can revive your creative sparkle.

creative writing

Crystals for creative writing are powerful healing energy transmitters that will fuel your mind with empowering and creative energies to open up your mind to new ideas, make you gain more mental clarity, and calm your spirit to feel more focused during your writing. 

So, in this post, you are going to discover the 7 best crystals that are ideal for creative writing.

7 crystals for creative writing

1. Jasper: mental power and good memory

Jasper transmits the energy of strength and good memory.


This crystal is just great in allowing you to strengthen your mental power and endurance to come up with new ideas and feel more concentrated during your writing.

Jasper permits you to feel more present during the creative process of writing and also mentally powerful which assists you greatly in carrying on with your writing without feeling quickly drained.

So, if you want to increase your mental power, have a good memory, and feel energized during your creative writing session, Jasper is the ideal stone to choose.

2. Carnelian: confident and courageous spirit

Carnelian radiates the energy of confidence and power.

Carnelian stone

Creative writing requires a bright sense of courage, inner power, and bravery to come up with new, unique, and catching plots.

Connecting with the energy radiated by Carnelian guides you to nourish your ability to be more courageous and confident to shine through your words, as well as boosts your imaginative powers to enhance your writing process and supplement it with more charm and excitement.

3. Labradorite: enhance your imaginative powers

It is evident that creative writing is strongly associated with imagination.


Without nourishing the imagination aspect, the writing progress becomes dull and draining.

Labradorite works on elevating your mental power and activating your unique creative abilities so you are fully capable to give birth to new bright ideas, that will make your story more fascinating and full of wonder.

4. Lapis Lazuli: creative expression

For an engaging storyline, a creative writer must bring to life an abundant amount of events, characters, sceneries, sentiments…

Lapis Lazuli

The energy radiated by Lapis Lazuli works on supplementing you with a serene yet potent mental flow of ideas and unblocks the energy points in your body that stop you from expressing yourself freely, easily, and creativity.

Lapis Lazuli is strongly attached to the throat chakra.

This royal blue gem balances and heals this fundamental energy point so you can express yourself through words with great expertise and freedom.

5. Blue Lace Agate: calm your mind for optimum creativity

A calm mind and tranquil spirit are a must element to succeed in your creative writing process.

Blue Lace Agate

Without this crucial element, you will give space to doubt and distraction to enter your energy field which can delay the creative process and create negative blockages.

Blue Lace Agate is the ultimate stone of calmness and tranquility.

The energy transmitted by this pale blue gem is key to nourishing your mind, body, and soul with calming vibrations which alleviate any stress and eliminate the self-limiting thoughts.

6. Clear Quartz: advanced mental clarity

This transparent powerful crystal is the key element to attain an advanced level of mental clarity and high focus that you will definitely require for an effective creative writing process.

Clear Quartz

The energy of Clear Quartz brings your whole being to a refined level of zen and clarity so you can activate your powerful creative abilities that will surely enhance your writing.

7. Orange Quartz: unlocks your innate and unique creative powers

Orange Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals of creativity.

Orange Quartz stone

This bright gem illuminates your mind and enlightens your spirit to activate an abundant flow of creativity.

It fills you with joyful energies which raises your vibrations and makes you feel in touch with a brand new realm of unique ideas and outstanding visions.

How to use crystals for creative writing?

Place them on your desk

This is such a simple but effective way to use crystals for creative writing.

Fill your writing space with positive and powerful energies that assist you to enhance your creativity and boost your mental power.

To do so, you can put these crystals (choose the ones that speak to you the most according to your feelings, intentions, and the results that you strive to achieve) on your writing desk.


Keeping theses crystals in continual contact with your body by wearing them as crystals bracelets, is also an effective way to get in touch with their healing properties.

You can wear for example a carnelian bracelet on your left wrist to feel more confident and boost your creative powers during your writing session.

You can also wear a blue lace agate on your left wrist to calm your mind, body, and soul and fill your space with peace, calmness, and clarity to create the perfect productive writing environment.


Meditation is one of the most useful ways to use your crystals and welcome the amazing soothing, empowering, and healing energies that the crystals for creative writing can transmit to you.

So, before initiating your writing session, you can dedicate 5 to 10 minutes to meditate with your chosen crystals to set your mind to delightful vibrations and fill your energy field with empowering and positive energies.

  1. First of all, choose a quiet and peaceful place, where you can feel deeply relaxed and peaceful.
  2. Be at ease, it is so important to feel tranquil during your meditation session.
  3. Then, take a few deep breaths.
  4. Inhale and exhale slowly and harmoniously.
  5. Sit with your spine long and take your favorite crystal for creative writing that I indicated earlier.
  6. Place your crystal on the palm of your hands.
  7. Close your eyes and start breathing and focus on your breath solely.
  8. Tune in and focus on the energy of creativity, mental power, freedom, empowerment. Imagine a bright light is filling your mind with ease, clarity, serenity, and purity.
  9. Once you finish your meditation session, take a few other deep breaths, open your eyes, smile, thank yourself for showing up, and start your creative writing process with high energy.
Side note: You can combine this crystal meditation with a guided meditation video for greater results so you can tap into more happiness and delightful mental purity.

Final thoughts

Crystals for creative writing are the ideal energy tool that guides you to tap into a higher state of mental clarity and confident self-expression. 

These specific crystals unlock your own creative powers by alleviating mental blockages and raising your vibrations to unleash the unique and bright mental powers which allow you to achieve great creative writing outcomes.

So, here are the 7 ideal and effective crystals that will assist you during your creative writing progression.

  1. Jasper
  2. Carnelian
  3. Labradorite
  4. Lapis Lazuli
  5. Blue Lace Agate
  6. Clear Quartz
  7. Orange Quartz


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