Best Crystals For Growth, Change and Transformation

Change is inevitable. Actually, change and growth are such a precious opportunity to discover ourselves and reveal great transformational powers within our souls.

When you strive toward personal and spiritual growth, then every single aspect of your life changes for the better.

Crystals for growth are such a powerful tool that can make your growth journey and your change/transition path easier and smoother.

Best Crystals For Growth

In this post, you are going to discover amazing crystals for growth and change that are going to help you, inspire you, and give you the courage to grow, change and transform into the kind of person you always wanted to be.

Find also, great tips and techniques to use on a daily basis to maximize the benefits of these crystals.

How can crystals for growth support and help you with growth?

Crystals are the earth’s magnificent gift that carries great support and wonderful assistance in times of change, discomfort, uncertainty, and growth.

A great support tool

Crystals for growth can be such a great support tool.

Crystals For Growth

In fact, using crystals in times of change and growth gives you inspiration, help, and assistance which can make you feel emotionally and mentally strong and at ease.

For instance, working on a new project, getting out of your comfort zone, or deciding that this is the time to grow and expand your knowledge to start living the life of your dreams.

In these crucial moments of your life, you may need a comforting and encouraging type of energy support to keep you moving forward and achieving the growth you desire.

A vessel of strength

The crystals of growth that I am going to share with you, carry strong and robust energy.

These strong vibrations are critical for growth and transformation.

We may all definitely notice that in times of change and transformation, we indeed feel a little bit uncomfortable and uncertain.

It is totally normal, my friend.

Crystals for growth and change come to supply your belief system with strength, unwavering courage, enduration, and a sharp determination.

Healing and let go of the past

Not only crystals for growth are a great source of support and strength, but they can also be a soothing healing tool to set you free from past wounds, detach from the past, and all its uneasy feelings and uncomfortable memories.


We are humans, we have feelings and bitter thoughts that visit us from time to time, especially in times when we want to grow and move past negative situations and thinking patterns.

Crystals for growth provide you with full healing energy that soothes your feelings and eases your thoughts.

So, you can now start your growth journey with success and on a healthy, nourished, and strong foundation.

Trust me, nothing can stop you from establishing a wonderful path of growth and great transformative change.

Now, it is time for us to discover the crystals that you can use for growth and change!

Crystals for growth



Chakra: Third eye chakra.

Color: Multicolor – gray, white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue- It has an iridescent aspect, the colors keep changing and shining according to different angles and sources of lighting.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal for growth.

It gives you inner-strength to go after your dreams.

Labradorite energy pushes you to be more connected and in-tune with your higher-self, strengthen your intuition, and enhances your mental clarity.

This crystal provides you a strong energy shield to envision your growth path and guides you with confidence to your divine purpose.

Plus, labradorite is known for its strong power that protects you from negative energies that could slow down or drift you away from your growth path.



Chakra: Third eye chakra and crown chakra.

Color: Purple.

Amethyst is the perfect crystal for spiritual growth and alignment with your higher self and divine purpose.

Looking at the purple hues of the amethyst is an instant soothing remedy for the mind and the soul.

This beautiful crystal for growth comes to clear your energy field from negativity and annoyances that could disturb your growth path.

During your growth journey, you absolutely need to relax your mind and soul and add peacefulness into every aspect of your life.

Amethyst comes to supply you with enough soothing and relaxing energy so you can create establish mental clarity and shift the negative thinking patterns.



Chakra: Sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra.

Color: Pure white, or milky white marble appearance with threaded gray, black, or brown veins.

You need absolutely calm and tranquility in times of change, so choosing howlite is the perfect fit!

Howlite is the ideal calming stone to assist you during your personal growth journey.

The path of growth and change can come with its own difficulties and challenges which can make you feel uncomfortable or you will start over-thinking and over-analyzing your decisions.

So howlite crystal is the perfect choice in these types of situations.

This beautiful white stone radiates the energy of mental clarity and gives you a restful sleep (you can put it under your pillow).

Howlite stone can also alleviate hypersensitivity and depression, promotes good judgment, and strengthens the character, so all of these elements are going to add more strength and joy to your growth path.



Chakra: Crown chakra.

Color: a variety of colors – white, silver, brown, yellow, green, pink, or a rainbow of colors.

Emotional balance is important for growth and change.

Moonstone crystal will provide you with enough emotional balance to carry on with ease and tranquility.

Moonstone is one of the most stabilizing crystals for growth.

This crystal carries the diving feminine energy to feel peaceful and in a highly relaxed state to generate important thoughts with clarity and purity.

This magical and dreamy-looking crystal radiates the energy of an inner-piece, which will make you feel peaceful and also makes all of your actions come from a place of calm, inner-harmony, and alignment with your higher-self.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Chakra: Crown chakra.

Color: clear, transparent white.

Clear quartz is known as the most beneficial crystal of spiritual growth.

This translucent beauty radiates a pure energy of love and positivity.

Clear quartz is the classical and your go-to crystal to carry around and have near you in pretty much every important time of your life.

The beauty of quartz resides in its ability to be charged and programmed with your chosen intentions.

Its clear, transparent, and neutral color and state allow it to be the perfect crystal to carry your intentions, and all the goals you want to achieve during your growth mission.



Chakra: Root chakra.

Color: Red.

Garnet is THE grounding crystal.

The energy of this crystal will support you with the necessary supply of help, strength, security, and strong grounding feeling, to assist you in your journey of growth and change.

This deep dark red colored crystal helps you fight and let go of any source of anxiety, fear, or stress.

The perfect match for the root (base) chakra, garnet is the ideal crystal for growth, and for navigating new time event with strong confidence, steady assurance, and unshakeable determination.



Chakra: Throat chakra.

Color: Bluish-green color.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful crystal where the colors blue and green are mixed in such an artistic and magical way.

This crystal is one of the most important crystals for growth because it is THE crystal of communication and expression.

The energy transmitted by the chrysocolla crystal fades effortlessly all types of negative energy or stressful tensions.

It helps you be more in tune with your inner wisdom, be more serene, and express your thoughts with such ease, clarity, and innate confidence.

During your growth journey, you are required to express your talents, and your powers, and let your beautiful inner-self glow and shine, so chrysocolla comes to help you facilitate this part of your journey in the most serene and beautiful way.

How to use crystals for growth ? – Tips to boost your growth with crystals


Meditation is one of the most beneficial ways to use your crystals and get all the amazing soothing and healing energies that the crystals for growth can give you.

  • First of all, choose a quiet and calm place, where you can feel extremely comfortable and peaceful.
  • Be at ease, it is so important to feel calm during your meditation session.
  • Then, take a few deep breaths.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly and harmoniously.
  • Sit with your spine long, and take your favorite crystal for growth that I suggested previously.


Side note: It is so important to choose the crystal (or crystals) that you feel most connected to. You have to build a close nurturing connection with the crystals that you feel most drawn to.

  • Place your crystals in the palm of your hands.
  • Close your eyes and start breathing and focus on your breath solely.
  • Tune in and focus on the energy of flourishing growth, glowing change, and beautiful life-changing transformations, and keep focusing on your breathing.
  • Once you finish your meditation session, take a few other deep breaths, open your eyes, smile, and start living and creating the best day that you can ever live.


Affirmations are a wonderful technique that can strengthen your belief system.

Words are so powerful because they carry energy that can alter our emotions, thoughts, and therefore our daily actions.

Affirmations are simple yet great sentences that can change your life for the better, by making me you more confident and happy.

Affirmations and crystals for growth go hand in hand.

Affirmations paired with crystals can give an extra boost to go after your journey of growth and change with power, calmness, and complete trust.

They both strengthen and amplify the energy of courage, determination, and inner peace.

You can use the following affirmations when holding or carrying crystals for growth.

  • Everything that is happening in my life is preparing me to be stronger, peaceful, and happier.
  • I am mental, emotional, and physically strong.
  • Every single day I grow and I change to be the best version of myself.
  • I am aligned with energies that help me heal my soul, and let go of the past.


Journaling is an effective therapeutic tool.


Paired with crystals, it can be such a valuable healing way to use growth crystals.

Choose a calm place, far from any type of distractions.

Grab your journal, sit comfortably, place your crystals for growth near to you, let them be your guide into expressing everything related to your growth journey.

Write it all out.

Let journaling and crystals be your method for writing everything that bothers you or mentally disturbing you to pave your way towards growth and transformation.

When you will finish your journaling session, you are going to definitely feel a sense of relief and letting go.

Let them be closer to you/Carry them around

It is as simple as it sounds.

Last but definitely not least, this is a simple but effective way to use your crystals for growth and change.

You can simply carry your crystals in a secure pocket, in your purse, in your backpack.

Just make sure you are protecting and putting them in a safe place to avoid any damage.

Another beautiful way is to wear your crystal as bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

crystals for growth 2

Not only you will benefit from its powerful energy, but you will definitely look beautiful!

Final thoughts about crystals for growth

Crystals for growth can assist you and give you more confidence, assurance, and extra guidance during your growth journey.

They can supply you with enough growth, strength, power, healing, and effective communication skills to create the best growth and transformation experience.

Using crystals for growth can effectively shed any type of energy that could make you feel uncertain, worried, or discouraged.

Working on yourself daily, learning, having faith, believing in yourself unconditionally, and using the energy of the magnificent crystals for growth can be the best recipe to create a loving, nurturing, and happy life.

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