5 Dark Red Gemstones that will Capture Your Attention

The dark red color reflects strength, willpower, courage, and grounding.

This stunning deep color is not only eye-catching and highly admirable but it also symbolize everything related to determination and high power such as passion, action, and fiery confidence.

So, if you specifically admire this formidable color and you also love crystals and their striking aspects, then this blog post is uniquely curated for you!

Find in this article, 5 different dark red gemstones to enrich your crystal knowledge and to also discover the powerful healing properties that they are transmitting.

5 dark red gemstones

5 Dark Red Gemstones to Explore

1. Ruby

Ruby is a specific variety of the mineral corundum.

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The colored kinds of corundums are generally called Sapphire.

Yet, the only red variety has its own name which is Ruby.

This red gem is composed of aluminum and silica, it is the presence of chromium that gives it its intense color.

This dark red gemstone showcases vibrant dark red hues.

The effect of the energy transmitted by Ruby on the mind is quite remarkable.

Consequently, Ruby gives back passion and enthusiasm.

The vibrations of this dark red gem guide you to restore a vital life balance so you can find your inner joy once again.

Wearing a Ruby ring for instance also helps regulate hyperactivity and channel a sharp concentration so you be more productive and more focused on your daily tasks.

Furthermore, Ruby is highly connected with the spirit of creativity and innovation.

The highly empowering frequencies released by this gem work on waking up the dormant parts of your brain and stimulating your unique creative powers so you can give birth to exciting innovative ideas.

This stone frees your mind from imaginary barriers and aids you to dive deeper into your magical side that it was naturally gifted to you which assists you to develop a reassuring sense of wisdom and serenity.

Plus, Symbol of passions and love, this stone enhances the feelings of affection and kindness towards others but also oneself.

It also brings significant strength as it develops self-confidence, perseverance, and revives within you the sense of leadership so you can lead yourself and others towards success and satisfying outcomes.

2. Red Spinel

Spinel is an oxide of aluminum and magnesium, the traces of chromes are what give this gem its deep red shades.

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This gem exhibits a unique dark red hue that varies from a deep red to a vibrant and saturated pink hue.

Red Spinel is viewed as a potent purification energy medium.

This gemstone assists in cleansing your entire thinking system from the kind of thoughts that makes you feel hopeless, pessimistic, and drained.

The energy transmitted by these dark red gemstones is closely related to physical vitality, it helps you enhance your energy levels by making you feel energetic and physically motivated to actually go and do the things that will contribute to your wellness and inner happiness.

Red Spinel assists you to re-equilibrate your whole energy levels by letting go of the influences that make you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

It brings you a firm mental awareness that you should actually invest in things that make you truly passionate and highly enthusiastic.

3. Rubellite or Red Tourmaline

Rubellite is the name given to the Tourmaline crystals that are distinguished by a dark red color.

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So, we can say that Rubellite is the red variety of the Tourmaline.

This gemstone showcases profound hues that vary between dark red and misty vivid purple or pinkish hues.

Rubellite emits such a high vibrational of unconditional love.

This remarkable dark red gemstone promotes the delightful feelings of self-love and self-appreciation.

Connecting with its energy remind you to first take a moment and look at how far you have come and to actually give genuine appreciation to who you are as a precious individual.

This crystal is deeply connected to the feminine side of the Yin energy, so receiving the vibrations of this nourishing gem helps you heal this part of your energy field so you can become more intuitive, creative, and receptive to the good energy around you.

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4. Garnet

Garnet is perhaps the darkest red gemstone on this list.

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This crystal belongs to the group of silicate minerals.

Garnet shows very intense dark red hues similar to the color we notice in red pomegranate fruit.

This gemstone is considered a very vital and energizing stone.

Garnet stone provides joy, strength, and the primordial vital power to live and to execute major life events with success and efficiency.

It is a very empowering crystal that emits courageous and reassuring heartfelt energies.

It boosts your mind power to continue working with such a drive and confidence and not give up on the first few challenges that may come up your way.

The powerful vibration of this dark gem restores and anchors within you the empowering sensations of unwavering persistence and firm devotion to your goals.

5. Red Coral

Red Coral is the name attributed to a genus of marine corals.

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This specimen is naturally found in the deep sea, composed of calcium carbonate along with magnesia and other organic substance.

Plus, it is characterized by a vivid red hue and a unique eye-catching branch-like appearance.

Red Coral is deeply connected to the root chakra.

Connecting with its energy allows you to enhance willpower and stabilize your energy levels so you can reach a peaceful level of inner balance, harmony, and grounding.

This unique marine creature brings you a reassuring sensation of inner strength, high courage, and advanced determination, it boosts your motivation so you can stick to your goals and actually achieve them.

It awakens within you this fiery ambition to keep working on your accomplishing your deepest desires while protecting your energy field from discouraging thoughts and toxic influences.

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Dark red gemstones not only exhibit a lustrous deep shade of red that is undoubtedly admirable but they also have one essential thing in common which is their power to transmit a potent energy stream of willpower, inner strength, and high drive. 

So, here are 5 of the most astonishing dark red gemstones to keep in mind:

  1. Ruby
  2. Red Spinel
  3. Rubellite or Red Tourmaline
  4. Garnet
  5. Red Coral

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