Green goldstone: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

As I mentioned earlier, in this post you are going to discover all the wonderful powers of green goldstone, and why you should use this beautiful shiny green crystal to improve yourself and your life.

Green goldstone is the perfect crystal that you need when you want to bring more abundance, emotional healing, excitement, and protection to your everyday life. It is strongly connected to the heart chakra which makes it deeply bound to emotions, feelings, love, compassion, transformation, and change.

This crystal is a pretty rare type of goldstone crystals, the most popular and common one is the golden goldstone.

green goldstone meaning

So, let’s discover together the healing properties of this crystal, and how it can heal, balance, and regulate our emotions and thinking patterns in a healthy beautiful way.

Green goldstone meaning

First of all, we need to know that goldstone crystal is a man-made crystal.

It is said that this crystal was first made and invented by the Miotti family in Venice, Italy in the 1600s.

Green goldstone is man-made glass which is quartz sand infused with chromium oxides particles that give the goldstone a beautifully reflective and glittering appearance.  

You can find goldstone in other fascinating colors such as brown, reddish-brown, blue, and purple. 

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Green goldstone healing properties – reasons WHY you should use green goldstone

The energy transmitted by green goldstone generate a great emotional healing power, plus it helps you gain more calm and cultivate a peaceful mindset during all life situations and events. Plus, this crystal radiates a strong energy that protects you from negative vibes.

Let’s dive deep and discover the amazing healing properties of this magical green glittery crystal.

A great emotional healing power

As I mentioned previously, green goldstone is connected to the heart chakra, which makes it one of the most ideal crystals to heal your emotions.

healing power

It can get you out from any despair, heartbreaks, and hopeless situations that don’t serve you anymore.

It encourages you to surpass these emotionally challenging conditions, be more immune and stronger, and look at these kinds of situations as a valuable learning experience.

Calm mindset during all life situations

A calm mindset is another important reason why you should use green goldstone crystal.

Mind clarity is the biggest and most important factor that can lead to an effective and successful decision-making process.

Let me explain to you how:

The amazing energy of this crystal inspires you to have a calmer mind in order to make decisions that will help you move forward and achieve your intents.

In other words, this crystal helps you to control your feelings in a healthy way to make rational and wise decisions and not be influenced by unbalanced emotional-based choices.

Protection from bad and negative types of energy

Green goldstone is a strong protection crystal.

strong protection

It is said that the green goldstone crystal can reflect away negative energy.

It is also a strong shifter of any unwanted type of energy that could make you feel uncomfortable, bothered, or disturbed.

Strong will power and courageous spirit to attract abundance and luck

Green goldstone can transmit a strong will power and courageous energy to its wearer.

The energy of this crystal can make you feel encouraged and so motivated to go after your dreams and be focused to achieve all the tasks leading you to your ultimate purpose in life.

Plus, we all know by now that the goldstone crystal was originally created and designed by humans, so this wonderful gem radiates strong energy of innovation and uniqueness.

So, you can use this particular energy to be able to give birth to new revolutionary and innovative ideas that can lead to exciting and successful projects, which can attract abundance and financial prosperity to your life.

Green goldstone benefits and powers-HOW will green goldstone help you?

Green goldstone has amazing powers. It helps you clear you mind and be calmer. Plus, it is the ideal stone for positivity and joy. It can also boost your courage and willpower to go after your goals and dreams.

Still curious? Let’s discover together, the healing benefits and powers of this crystal in details

Mental and emotional benefits of green goldstone

Clear thinking and a calm mind

Green goldstone can make you feel much calmer, especially mentally calmer.

emotional benefits

We all need this type of soothing energy when we find ourselves in a situation that really requires a calm and clear mind, for example, preparing for an exam, brainstorming for projects and new ideas, or while making a BIG decision.

Brings a positive attitude

It is an overall positive crystal.

The energy transmitted by green goldstone brings to your life a feeling of positivity and joy.

This crystal balances out your energy field which makes you feel in total harmony with yourself.

Emotional healing

Green goldstone is a heart chakra crystal which makes it a powerful tool to heal all thing related to your heart and emotions.

The emotional healing properties of green goldstone can soothe and heal the uneasy feelings and emotions caused by heartbreak, sad memories, or just generally uncomfortable feelings that we can get from time to time.

Boost courage and ambition to manifest abundance

Green goldstone is a strong empowering crystal.

strong empowering

Tuning in and aligning yourself with its energy, you will definitely feel a strong sense of courage, ambition, and a strong drive to go after your dreams with such a powerful determination.

And this is the ideal recipe to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life because you strongly decided to achieve your goals and be aligned with your divine purpose.

Physical benefits of green goldstone

Pain and inflammation healing

The copper particles contained in goldstone makes it very useful for physical healing, especially for pain and inflammation.

Feeling a lit bit uncomfortable in your joints area?

Goldstone can help you out.

This crystal can soothe and ease the conditions of the joints.

How to use green goldstone?

There are a LOT of ways and techniques to use green goldstone.

You can use green goldstone crystal while doing your daily meditation session. You can also benefits from its powerful energy to start journaling and expressing all things you want to manifest. Affirmations and carrying/wearing this crystal is also a fantastic way to use this dazzling green beauty.

So, let’s discover all of these exciting tools together

Meditation/Deep breathing session

You can use your green goldstone while doing your daily meditation session.


The following steps are a simple crystal meditation ritual to tune in to the energy of this crystal:

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Make sure you are feeling fully comfortable, avoid wearing tight clothes or heaving jewelry.
  • Observe your sitting position, make sure your spine is long.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Hold your green goldstone crystal in your hand, feel its vibration.
  • Focus on your breathing, breath slowly and calmly -no rush here-, and focus on the now.
  • Every time you feel that you lose your focus, don’t feel bad or discouraged -it is totally normal-, bring yourself to the now moment quietly and peacefully.
  • Focus on your heart center -heart chakra- and feel the soothing energy of green goldstone is now healing your emotional field. By consciously releasing any heaviness, worries, despair, or uneasy feelings.
  • Don’t forget to always return back to your breathing.
  • Always breathe slowly and calmly, and bring back your attention and intention to the NOW.


Journaling is such a therapeutic technique to bring out all of your emotions to the surface, and clean your mind and soul of any negative thinking patterns.


You can use green goldstone while journaling to manifest emotional healing, clear thinking, boost your courage, and ambition.

Work with this beautiful glittering crystal intuitively, and let it be your lead into expressing in a writing form all the thoughts and the feelings that could make you feel uncomfortable or emotionally unbalanced/worried.

Express also all the big goals that you want to achieve.

Be courageous, let the energy of this innovative crystal inspire you to embody an adventurous spirit to express all your dreams and visions.

So that you are aligned to the best actions, people, and situations to attain your goals and to make your dreams a living reality.

After you finish writing, close your journal, and visualize that the uneasy and the uncomfortable emotions are going away and dissolving in thin air.

Take a few deep breaths, and continue living and creating your best life.

Green Goldstone Affirmations

Affirmations are another powerful tool to strengthen and amplify the energy of the green goldstone crystal.


Paired with the energy of this glittering crystal, you can for sure create a great flow of emotional healing and sustainable positivity.

You can hold this crystal in your hand and repeat these following affirmations that go hand in hand with the energy transmitted by this dazzling green crystal.

Green Goldstone Affirmations

  • I am emotionally balanced.
  • I welcome positivity, calmness, and peacefulness into my life.
  • My calm and my clear mind helps me to make the best decisions.
  • I am protected.
  • Every day I grow to be the best version of myself and to create a better and flourishing life.
  • I am courageous.
  • I am ambitious.
  • I face the challenging situations in my life with confidence, strength, and a positive attitude.
  • My daily habits help me to create a nourishing, significant, effective, and happy everyday life.
  • I am healed emotionally, mentally, and physically.
  • I am abundant, prosperous, and wealthy.


You can also use green goldstone as a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, in a bracelet, or as a beautiful ring.

green goldstone jewelry

Not only it has fantastic healing properties, but it will definitely add more charm and beauty to your everyday look.

Plus, you are going to be in continuous contact with its powerful benefits.

How to charge green goldstone?

It is always a great idea to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly to make sure that you are in tune with their great benefits and healing vibrations.

To charge green goldstone, you can use a simple yet effective purifying tool which is lukewarm water . Smudging is also a great effective tool to recharge and cleanse your green goldstone and give a new fresh flow of healing energy .

Let’s explore additional important about each tool in the following points.


To charge this crystal you can first cleanse it using lukewarm water.

Check out the next talking point ” How to take care of green goldstone?” to know the simple and easy process to cleanse and at the same time charge your crystal.


Smudging is another way to cleanse and charge your green goldstone.

It will fully clean and charge the crystal and makes it in the most optimum state to re-use it and benefit from its healing and soothing energy. You can use either sage or palo santo to cleanse your crystal.

How to take care of green goldstone?

These types of crystals are made up of fine glass, so it should be handled and cleaned up delicately to avoid any sorts of damage.

To wipe up any dirt, you can use a cotton ball to clean the surface of your green goldstone crystal (bracelets, a raw stone, or any type of jewelry).

For a deep clean, you can rinse your crystal with clean water by sliding the green goldstone gently into a bowl of lukewarm water without any detergent or by wiping with a damp cotton cloth. 

After that dry the crystal using paper towels or soft tissue.

Other important related question related to the Green Goldstone topic

What does Green Goldstone symbolize?

Green Goldstone symbolize the energy of emotional healing, compassion, inner transformation and abundance. The vibrations transmitted by this stone awaken and open up your soulIs to heal and release inner blockages to navigate life with ease and to feel and be better.

Is Green Goldstone real?

Green Goldstone is not a real stone, meaning that it is not found naturally in the Earth. This stone is made of colored Silica glass with metallic crystals inclusions. So the process of the creation of this crystal is entirely synthetic meaning that we can not find this stone naturally within Earth’s crust.

What is Goldstone good for?

Goldstone is associated to the energy of ambition, change, vitality, and enthusiasm. This fascinating glittery stone nourishes your mind, body, and soul with a revitalizing energy to live your life with a positive attitude and an optimistic spirit.

Is Goldstone real gold?

Even though there is the “gold” world in the name of this stone, plus its shinny appearance reflect a golden aspect , Goldstone does not have the gold element in its composition, so Goldstone is not real gold. What in fact give this stone its significant glittery appearance are the mica inclusions.

Green Goldstone chakra

Green Goldstone is linked to the heart chakra. The energy radiated by this stone equilibrates and heals the heart center to feel balanced, to sense the nurturing energy of unconditional love all around you, to accept yourself as you are and stop identifying with past negative thoughts.

Can Green Goldstone go in water?

Green Goldstone scores between 5.5 and 6 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, so we can say that it can go in water safely, plus the composition of this stone which is Silica glass allows this stone to be cleansed and get in contact with water without any worry of getting damaged.

Is Green Goldstone manmade?

Green Goldstone is a manmade crystal that was originally crafted in Venice Italy and consists of the mixture of Silica glass with Chromium oxide that gives the stone this unique glittery green appearance.

How is Green Goldstone made?

This stone is made of colored glass that contains a highly abundant amount of reflective and glittery inclusions that are specified with a shiny silvery radiance.  Green goldstone is made of quartz sand infused with chromium oxides particles that give the goldstone a beautifully reflective green appearance.

Can Green Goldstone go in the sun?

Green Goldstone can go in the sun. A limited sunlight exposed won’t damage or fade the green shades of this stone, you can use this period to charge your stone and revive its empowering energy. However, make sure to monitor the time (2 hours maximum).

Can Green Goldstone go in salt?

Burying crystals in salt is an effective way to purify their energy field, yet, It is best to not let your Goldstone get in contact with salt and that is because of its composition. Green Goldstone is basically glass and condensed salt crystals can be harsh and pointy which may leave some invisible and visible scratches on the stone’s surface.

Green goldstone: Key facts and healing properties to remember


  • Color: green, glittering appearance
  • Chakra: Heart chakra
  • Origine: Man-made glass which is quartz sand infused with chromium oxides particles.

Healing properties and powers:

  • Emotional healing.
  • Clear headspace.
  • Cultivate a calm mindset.
  • Positivity.
  • The appropriate mindset for an effective decision-making process.
  • Protection against negative and unwanted types of energy.
  • Boost courage and ambition to manifest abundance.
  • Improve your innovative and creative side.

green goldstone

Final thoughts about green goldstone

Green goldstone is a wonderful crystal that radiates emotional healing and at the same time a strong empowering energy.

If you need to heal your emotions and let go of any type of feelings that makes you feel sad, heartbroken, or simply uncomfortable, then this green shimmery crystal is the perfect choice to make.

It is a heart chakra stone so it is a potent emotional healing and soothing crystal that shift your energy field from any draining, toxic, and sad situations or interactions.

Also, you want to keep this crystal near to you to boost your ambition, courage, and will power.

Plus, this crystal is going to be your biggest motive force to go after your dreams and actually be aligned to the right actions and circumstances to materialize all the things you are dreaming of.

It is going to shed a light on your innovative and creative side to come up with bright ideas and solutions to create a better life quality.

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