7 must-have grounding crystals for empaths

If you feel a great sense of empathy and you get to feel all the energies (good or bad) around you then you are an empath.

A person who acquires this distinct attribute succeeds in recognizing another individual emotions just by looking at the person’s face.

Plus an empath feels more and receives a high amount of different energies.

If you are an empath then you sense that your intuition tends to predict future events, sometimes closeness can make you feel overwhelmed, you feel uneasy in crowded places, you literally sense other people’s emotions like you are experiencing these same exact emotions…

All of these special attributes could make you feel drained, exhausted, and uncomfortable if you tend to let yourself be fully immersed and not take the time to ground yourself and create a vital shield that protects your precious energy.

Grounding crystals can really be so helpful for empaths.

grounding crystals for empaths

The energies emitted by these specific crystals help you protect your energy by creating an invisible shield around your aura which guards you against the people and situations that make you feel drained, plus they assist you to raise your vibrations and nurture your own happiness. 

1. Smoky Quartz: rebalance your energy

Smoky Quartz liberates calming energy that guides you to relieve any stress and anxiety that you may absorb from other people’s energy fields.

Smoky Quartz

Connecting with the energy of this crystal assists you to feel more grounded, stable, and balanced which helps you reequilibrate your energy and let go of any uncomfortable sensation that made you feel out of balance.

2. Rose Quartz: nurture your soul with unconditional love

As an empath person, being fully invested in others tricky situations may also influence your wellbeing and attract unhappy sensations into your life even though you are not responsible for these uneasy feelings.

Rose Quartz

Without giving love to yourself and reminding yourself constantly that you are not attached to the problems that your friend is conveying to you, you may find yourself feeling down and troubled for no reason!

Connecting to the energy of Rose Quartz will help you soothe and calm your whole being.

The vibrations released by this beautiful pink stone reassure you and nurture you with a warm feeling of comfort while dispelling negative vibrations all around you and replacing them with loving and caring ones.

3. Bloodstone: feel strong and grounded

Bloodstone is a powerful grounding stone.


This crystal heightens your intuition to be aware of the energies around you.

It awakens your mind and spirit to not invest in situations that will decrease your happiness and drain your energy as an empath.

Bloodstone stone protecting energy encircles you with a guarding shield that blocks negative emotions such as worry, sorrow, fear, and anxiety from entering your space and ruining your mood.

It gives you the strength to separate between your own emotions and the emotions of others by fully recognizing the difference, so you sympathize with others without carrying the heavy negative weight of their feelings.

4. Fluorite: happy harmonious energies

The energy radiated by this colorful stone works on cleansing your aura and absorbing negative energy that you may receive unintentionally as an empath.


Fluorite brings back to you a happy balance and delightful harmony.

Connecting to its energy makes you feel lighter, pure, and brings back to you a feeling of ease and comfort.

5. Red Jasper: retrieve your inner power

Red Jasper is the stone of courage, strength, and inner stability.

Red Jasper stone

This red stone brings you emotional and physical strength to overcome the challenging moments that you may encounter as an empath.

It boosts vitality and willpower to move from difficult situations and surmount heavy feelings by bringing you courage and balance to reestablish stability in your life.

6. Ametrine: serenity and clarity to control your emotions

Ametrine is such a soothing crystal, it combines the healing properties of both Amethyst and Citrine.


This crystal guides you to achieve a high level of awareness while soothing your mind, soul, and body.

It is considered a powerful healing crystal because it assists you to take control of your life, pay attention to your feelings, and take care of your mental state and wellbeing.

Ametrine nourishes your life with a serene balance which ultimately clears your mind from all the noisy thoughts absorbed from your surroundings and aligns with the energy of peace, happiness, and harmony.

7. Malachite: heal your heart chakra

Malachite brings you emotional balance which is a key factor in empath wellbeing.


This crystal is associated with the heart chakra. This energy point is the source of unconditional love, joy, harmony, and emotions.

Not paying attention to your sentiments eventually results in blocking this energy center in your body which makes you feel emotionally exhausted, prioritizing others’ needs over your own, losing your personal boundaries, feeling withdrawn…

All of these symptoms may, unfortunately, affect you as an empath if you don’t pay attention to your emotional health.

The energy of Malachite guides you to practice self-love and pursue the things that bring you genuine happiness.

It guides you to break free from unwanted cords that keep you stuck, unfocused and helps you surmount all the absorbed negative thinking patterns.

It encourages you to take accountability only for your own thoughts and feelings and distance yourself from anything that could negatively impact your feelings or your thinking.

How to use the grounding crystals for empaths?


We always have to remind ourselves that what we think, say, or feel become eventually our reality.

Combining crystals with affirmations can be indeed so powerful to program your mind so you can protect your energy and emotions.

You can choose your favorite crystal(s) that I mentioned above, hold it in your hand, take a few deep breaths, and repeat the following affirmation while charging them with the feeling of hope, balance, and inner calmness.

  1. I am protecting my energy.
  2. Taking care of my well-being is my first priority.
  3. I am strong.
  4. I only welcome happy and wholesome energies to my life.
  5. I am learning to set boundaries to protect myself.

Wear your crystals

Wearing your crystals as bracelets or necklaces is such an effective way to be always in contact with their healing powers especially if you are in contact with other people.

Don’t forget to give your crystals quick energy cleanse and charge them regularly so you can always receive the benefits of your stones in the most effective and healing way possible.


You can combine the power of Meditation with crystals.

The first thing to do is to pick a crystal (or multiple ones) that you feel most drawn to, the one you sense that it will fulfill your needs and intentions.

Then choose a quiet place where you feel the most peaceful.

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Then hold your crystals and imagine a bright light coming to you and forming a big white circle around you.

Visualize that this circle is wrapping your whole body and filling you with positive, bright, and comforting sensations.

Imagine that this light is absorbing all of your worries, doubts, and negativity.

Then repeat the following affirmations (you can also say the affirmations that I just mentioned above) with a happy heart ” I am divinely protected” “I welcome positivity, happiness, hope, delight, and peace into my life”.

You can also combine your crystal meditation ritual with an empath-guided meditation video to deepen the emotional healing process, ground your energy and appease your feelings.

Final thoughts

Grounding crystals for empaths are one of the most useful energy tools to dispel negative energies absorbed from others, balance agitated and emotions, nurture the soul with loving, soothing, and healing energies.

Here 7 crystals for empaths to feel grounded, balanced, and protected.

  1. Smoky Quartz
  2. Rose Quartz
  3. Bloodstone
  4. Fluorite
  5. Red Jasper
  6. Ametrine
  7. Malachite

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