How To Charge Citrine? 4 Helpful Ways

Crystals play a significant role in absorbing negative energies and simultaneously diffusing the positive ones.

Poor maintenance by using these lively materials continuously while not charging them regularly will, unfortunately, lessen their healing powers.

Citrine is a bright yellow crystal that emits high vibrational energies of happiness, optimism, confidence, and joy.

Hence, charging this crystal frequently is going to assist you to receive all the positive healing properties of Citrine in a continuous and effective way.

How To Charge Citrine

To charge Citrine and to reload all its uplifting vibrations once again, you can put it on your windowsill to absorb the energizing rays of the sun. Moonlight and crystals geodes are also two gentle but effective ways to charge Citrine. Tuning in to your intentions is also a great way to program your crystal to receive your aims and to emit positive vibes. 

Keep on reading to discover how can you charge your Citrine crystal effectively so you are able to profit from its joyous and mood-lifting powers.

Here are the 4 ways to charge Citrine effectively

1. Sunlight

This reloading method is the most used for the simplicity of its implementation.


To recharge the stone, just put it in the sun to replenish its revitalizing energy.

You can charge Citrine with the energizing energy of the Sun, however, you should absolutely keep an eye on the period of the Sun exposure. 30 minutes or less is enough time to charge your crystal with sunlight and that is because lengthy exposure to the UV rays can weaken and fade the natural yellow colors of Citrine.

For safer recharging, expose your Citrine crystal to the gentle morning sun, because during this period of the day the sun rays are not as harsh and invasive as they will be during the middle of the day.

2. Full moonlight

If you want to be extra cautious while charging Citrine, the moonlight recharging technique is considered a risk-free alternative (unlike the Sunlight method).

Full moonlight

Lunar light is a reflection of the sun’s rays, therefore it is a softer and less aggressive charging energy stream.

To do this, put your Citrine stone directly under the moonlight, don’t put it behind glass or window, because you want the gentle recharging moonlight to reach directly your stone.

The ideal is to charge the stone overnight during the Full Moon.

It is during this exact period that the moon reflects the sunlight the most.

If you attempt to recharge during other phases of the moon, the light will not be refreshing enough and not as potent as the light emitted by the full moon, and you may also have to repeat this operation several times.

So, mark in your calendar the exact date of the full moon (you can find the date with a simple search on google by typing “full moon calendar” and the current month in the search bar) to be able to profit from this magical opportunity to charge your Citrine crystal.

3. Big Amethyst or Quartz geode

This method is among the most effective charging methods but requires the possession of an amethyst or quartz geode.

Big Amethyst

Amethyst is recognized for its great cleansing powers, it works on purifying energy fields from negative and unharmonious frequencies which set other crystals back to their original, fresh, and raw healing powers.

As for quartz, it is appreciated for its ability as an energy amplifier which plays a significant role in reloading the healing vibrations of other crystals such as Citrine.

This technique is very easy and straightforward to implement.

Simply place the Citrine stone on the geode to absorb the negative and inharmonious energies held by this yellow crystal.

It is interesting to mention that the reloading process is even faster when the shape of the geode is reconstructed with the two mineral pieces (an Amethyst and Quartz mixture).

So, we can safely and confidently say that all stones are likely to be recharged via this option, as it is totally a damage-free charging technique.

4. Intentions

Reviving Citrine with your intentions is a powerful charging technique that you can combine with other reloading ways that I just mentioned above.


So, here is a simple intention sitting ritual that you can use to charge Citrine using your intentions:

Hold the stone in your hand.

Take few slow and deep breaths.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath and your intentions/visualization by drawing a mental picture or movie of the things that you absolutely desire to manifest (on a tangible or emotional level).

Citrine is the ultimate crystal of manifestation, good fortune, abundance, happiness, and prosperity, therefore, you can also charge your Citrine crystal by repeating your own affirmations to amplify the manifestation powers of this stone and to attract the things that you aspire.

Example of affirmation that you can repeat:

  • I am confident.
  • I am successful.
  • I am abundant.
  • My life is filled with the energy of abundance and happiness.
  • I embrace my confidence, strength, and self-worth.
  • I am willing to move forward with courage and to create a flourishing, abundant, and happy life.
For effective charging, it is best to not just rely on intentions to make your Citrine crystal regain its healing powers once again.

Combining this method with other tools (sunlight, moonlight, or crystals geodes) is the best and most beneficial way to be sure that you recharged your stone efficiently.

Other important frequently asked questions about this topic

How to charge Citrine ring?

You can charge a Citrine ring by placing it on a Quartz or an Amethyst geode or on Selenite wand. This technique is so simple yet so effective. If you wear your Citrine ring on a daily basis or frequently then this technique is the most optimal.

Citrine ring

After you come back home wearing your Citrine ring for the whole day, simple remove your ring and put it on a Quartz geode (or Amethyst, Selenite) and let it absorb the clarifying and purifying energies of this crystal geode for the whole night.

This technique is preferable because it does not require to wait for the exact day of the full moon or the sunlight especially when you don’t have time and you tend to wear your Citrine ring during the day.

How to charge Citrine cluster?

The Citrine crystal cluster type emits a powerful and amplified kind of energy that is quite potent and concentrated. So, the best charging technique to opt for is the sunlight.

Citrine cluster

Charging a Citrine cluster via the sun energy matches perfectly the nature of its unique shape, because it is considered a powerful energy amplifier and the right crystal form to place in your home to fill your space with happy, harmonious, and balancing energies.

To do so, if you are placing a Citrine cluster in your home, make sure to remind yourself to charge it once a week, by taking your stone and placing it on your windowsill for a few hours to receive the energizing rays of the morning sun.

So, charging a Citrine cluster via the sun will generate such a dynamic energy stream that revives powerfully the high vibrations of this crystal and makes it radiate one again its joyful and harmonizing attributes.

How to charge Citrine point?

A Citrine point is a specific crystal form that activate and expand furthermore the healing powers of Citrine that target mental powers such as creativity and amplify the healing aspects of Citrine such as emotional balance.

Citrine point

So, the most adequate way that matches the nature of Citrine point is the gentle yet the powerful energy of the Full moon.

Charging a Citrine point in the Full moon works on reviving the deep balancing power of this crystal by helping you release energy blockages, let go of fears and doubts and feel more protected against negativity.

So, during a full moon night, make sure to place your Citrine point in a place where it is directly receiving the charging light of the full moon for the whole night.

After that, you can meditate with your crystal point to embody all the fantastic fresh liberating and emotional balancing powers of your Citrine crystal.

How do you energize Citrine?

You can energize Citrine by simply taking care of it. Meaning that from time to time make sure that you are cleaning it by simply washing your stone under a fresh stream of water and by putting it outside to receive the reviving energy of the morning sunlight for a few hours.

Do you charge Citrine in the sun?

Yes, you can charge Citrine in the sun. The sun rays is a powerful way to revive once again all the healing attributes of Citrine, however you have to be aware that long exposure to the sun and in a repetitive way may fade the natural yellow color of your stone.

So to charge Citrine stone safely via the sun, make sure to limit the sun charging period (2 hours maximum), to charge your citrine stone via the morning sun because the sunlight during this period is more gentle, and you can also place your stone behind a glass just to be extra careful that sun rays won’t damage the splendid yellow color of your citrine.

How do you activate and cleanse Citrine?

To activate Citrine, you need to first cleanse it and purify its energy field especially when you are using it for the first time or it is been a while since you used it.

To activate and cleanse Citrine, first place your stone in a bowl of fresh water for a few hours, after that remove your stone , dry it throughly, and then you can ignite a sage stick and let the smoke generated surround your stone for a few minutes.

This purification technique will work on liberating your stone from the attached inharmonious and negative energies, while purifying its energy field and also refreshing its healing powers which make it fully ready to be used once again in the most fulfilling way possible.


Just like when crystals aid us to feel better, we need also to care for them mutually and maintain an effective charging routine, to keep them in good condition, and to be also able to receive their healing powers in the most optimum way.

So we can clearly say that charging crystals is a highly necessary step that replenishes and fully reloads the healing emitted energies of these lively nature gifts.

Citrine is one of many crystals that require regular energy reloading.

Here are 4 ways that you can choose from to charge Citrine: Put it in the sunlight for few minutes, let it absorb the gentle charging energy of the full moon for the entire night, place it on a crystal geode, plus combining one of these charging methods with setting intentions and repeating affirmations.

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