How To Charge Labradorite? 4 Simple Techniques

Labradorite is one of the most unique and dazzling crystals. This particular stone showcases beaming hues that vary between shades of blue, green, yellow, purple, and grey.  Every corner of this stone is truly unique and reflects a magical glow that definitely catches everybody’s attention.

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The Labradorite crystal emits the energies of strength, manifestation, and high protection.

Connecting with the energy of this stone permits you to feel protected and surrounded by a bright energy stream that encourages you to stimulate your innate intuition and heightens your awareness to navigate life with determination, inner trust, and success.

Accordingly, we have to keep in mind that charging Labradorite is a big necessity and a very important procedure that enables us to strengthen and reactivate the healing powers of this radiant stone.

So, to charge Labradorite and restore its energies after repetitive usage, first, you can direct it towards the energy of sunlight or moonlight for a limited period of time. Second, the fume generated by sage is also a great technique to charge this stone. Lastly, placing Labradorite on a bed of an Amethyst cluster is also considered an efficient charging tool.


4 Effective Ways to Charge Labradorite and Revive Its Power

1. Sunlight

The energy of the sun supplements Labradorite with high doses of purity which allow it to regain its healing powers in the most dynamic way possible.

Charge Labradorite

Plus, this method is particularly useful when you desire to charge your Labradorite stone in a short period of time and make your stone regain its powers quickly but effectively.

It is quite interesting to mention that the charging rays of the Sun are especially practical for the Labradorite stone that displays golden, yellow, or dark hues.

So, to charge Labradorite via the energy of the Sun, place your labradorite in a shiny place, optimally during the morning because during this period the sun rays are more gentle, then let the stone soak the sunshine rays for few hours.

Side note: Be aware that too much sun exposure over long periods of time can damage the overall aspect of Labradorite by making it look dull and lacking its unique iridescent.

2. Lunar light

The Moon is a gentle and soothing source of charging energy that fills Labradorite with bright power which allows it to regain its soul-nourishing and protecting effects.

Lunar light

It is important to mention that the Labradorite stones that display blue or green reflections are particularly apt to be charged via the Lunar light.

Plus, this method is perfectly suited when you have much more time in your hands and you desire to supply your Labradorite stone with a more intentional charging moment.

So, place your Labradorite stone in a place where the stone is facing directly the lunar light, and let it soak the soft light rays of the Moon for the entire night.

3. Sage

Sage is 2 in 1 tool that works simultaneously to cleanse and charge Labradorite.


The fume generated by sage surrounds Labradorite with a cleansing cloud that liberates it from the stored negative and unharmonious energies and at the same time, it supplies with pure uplifting energies that reload all its healing powers once again.

The first thing to keep in mind is that before starting the sage charging ritual is to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Begin by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, protection, and serenity.

Visualize that your Labradorite crystal is fully charged and is regaining all its radiant energy and empowering attributes.

Let the smoke surround Labradorite for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. An Amethyst cluster

Amethyst geode is a healing mineral known for its purifying and restorative properties.

Amethyst cluster

It is of great utility for recharging all stones related to the crown chakra.

Labradorite is aligned with the crown energy point, so combining it with Amethyst generates a perfect source of energy to recharge your labradorite gem.

So, for an optimal charge, you can just lay your Labradorite stone on top on the Amethyst geode for a whole day.

Side note: For more efficiency, it is recommended to combine this recharging technique with the lunar light (second method) that we just mentioned above.

Frequently asked questions about this topic

Can Labradorite be in the sun?
Labradorite can be in the Sun, being exposed to the radiant energy of the sunlight won’t have any damaging effects on the stone radiant aspect.

However, you should keep one factor in check which is the period of the Sun exposure. 

Too much sun exposure with any supervision may affect the natural glow of your stone by making it look dull. So, it is necessary to keep in mind to always have an eye of the time.

For more information about this precise topic, you can check out this article where you will find clear and simple tips so you can take a good care of your Labradorite gem.
Can Labradorite be in the moonlight?
The energy of the moonlight is very suitable with Labradorite. This stone can be charged via the moon so it can regain all of its transformative and empowering attributes.
Can you charge Labradorite in the sun?
You can charge Labradorite in the sun. The sunlight energy is so powerful in reloading and reviving the healing attributes of Labradorite. Yet, one important thing to keep in consideration is to limit the direct exposure to the sun.

Half an hour to a full hour is enough to charge your Labradorite fully and effective, plus it also recommended to not used this method frequently once a month is sufficient so you can be sure that your stone’s glow is intact.
Is Labradorite grounding?
The healing powers of Labradorite enables you to feel stronger within yourself and bring more awareness to your thinking which such a powerful grounding trait to embody so you can have an unwavering self-trust and boost your confidence and willpower to reach your goals.

Labradorite crystal benefits

Labradorite is the stone of transformation, vital and high energy, achievement, and powerful protection. This stone encourages you to work on your goals with high perseverance while overcoming limiting and negative benefits and achieving steady inner strength.

Final thoughts

Recharging our crystals is a fundamental way to reload and revive their healing powers because after excessive usage crystals will end up energetically exhausted which hinders us from receiving and sensing their energies.

Here is! As you now comprehend, there are four ways you can recharge your Labradorite: lunar or solar light, sage, and Amethyst Geode. Nevertheless, before choosing any of these options for recharging the stone, always be sure to purify it first.

You can purify and cleanse your Labradorite by immersing in water for several hours, then pat it dry with a soft cloth to remove the water residue.

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