How To Charge Lapis Lazuli? A Simple Guide

Lapis Lazuli is a dazzling royal blue color gem embellished with specks of golden Pyrite.

Charge Lapis Lazuli

The energy emitted by this crystal brings a comforting sense of inner peace as well as personal power.

Connecting with the vibration of Lapis Lazuli permits you to enhance self-confidence and self-awareness to block negative energy all around and navigate life with a sense of clarity, inner truth, and wisdom.

So to benefit from al these powers of that we just mentioned, charging your Lapis Lazuli crystal is a necessary step to renew and to be perfectly aligned with its healing properties.

To charge Lapis Lazuli and revive its healing powers once again, you can let it soak the energy of the moonlight or the sunlight for a limited time. Putting Lapis Lazuli on an Amethyst geode for 24 hours is also a beneficial crystal charging method. Lastly, being aligned with your intentions is a powerful way to charge and program your crystal to manifest your visions.

Keep on reading to discover how can you charge your Lapis Lazuli crystal easily and efficiently so you are apt to avail of its harmonious and peaceful energies.

How To Charge Lapis Lazuli

4 simple and efficient ways to charge Lapis Lazuli

1. Moonlight

The moonlight charging technique is estimated as a tender yet powerful way to refresh the healing powers of Lapis Lazuli.


Connecting with the energy of the Moon allows you to gain a sense of calm, inner peace, and oneness with the enchanting nurturing power of Mother Earth.

The good news is that the uplifting sensations generated by the Moon energy do not only affect us as humans but it also has a renewing power on crystals which are also a part of nature.

So to charge your Lapis Lazuli stone via the moonlight, put the crystal directly under the moonlight, make sure that you don’t put it behind glass or a window because you want the gentle recharging moonlight to reach directly your stone without any barrier.

The most perfect time to charge the stone overnight is during the Full Moon period.

It is during this exact phase that the moon reflects the sunlight the most.

If you attempt to recharge during other phases of the moon, the light will not be refreshing enough and not as strong as the light released by the full moon, as a result, you may have to renew this charging technique several times.

However, charging Lapis Lazuli via the moonlight remains considerably sufficient, even if it is not the full moon phase.

2. Amethyst geode

This method is among the most useful charging tools but necessitates the possession of an amethyst (or a quartz geode).

Amethyst geode

We can safely and confidently say that all stones are likely to be recharged via this option, as it is totally a damage-free charging technique.

Amethyst is distinguished by its excellent purifying powers, it works on cleansing energy fields from negative and unharmonious frequencies which set other crystals back to their authentic, fresh, and raw healing powers.

This technique is very simple to perform.

Simply place your Lapis Lazuli stone on the geode that will work on absorbing and eliminating the negative and inharmonious energies held by this blue crystal.

3. Sunlight

This charging technique is one of the most practiced for the simplicity of use.


So, to recharge the Lapis Lazuli stone, just put it in the sun to replenish its revitalizing energy.

However, it is vital to mention that you should absolutely keep an eye on the period of Sun exposure.

30 minutes or 1 hour is enough to charge your crystal with sunlight and that is because lengthy exposure to the UV rays can weaken and fade the natural royal blue color of lapis lazuli.

Side note: For secure recharging, expose your Lapis Lazuli crystal to the gentle morning sun, because during this period of the day the sun rays are not as harsh and invasive as they will be during the middle of the day.

4. Intentions

Charging Lapis Lazuli with your intentions is a powerful technique that can be associated with other crystal reloading techniques.

(you can choose one of the charging methods that we stated above and then pair it with your intentions)


Here are simple steps to charge Lapis Lazuli using your intentions by relying on the mighty power of your mind and your visualization.

Hold the stone in your hand.

Take few slow and deep breaths.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath and your intentions/visualization by drawing a mental picture or movie of the things that you absolutely desire to manifest (on a tangible or emotional level).

Visualize that your Lapis Lazuli is welcoming your positive intentions and picture that your stone is glowing with purifying, serene, and positive vibrations.

Lapis Lazuli nurtures the soul and clears the mind.

A stone of communication, it promotes exchanges and openness to feelings.

It unlocks repressed emotions and mental blockages and encourages you to express yourself freely and confidently.

Plus, it promotes taking control of your life by allowing you to embody clear and assertive self-confidence.

Associated with the element of water, this stone emits calming vibrations which helps in emotional healing.

Here are some affirmations and intentions that you can repeat to charge Lapis Lazuli with your intentions and manifest all things (material or immaterial) that you aspire for.

Lapis Lazuli intentions

  • I communicate confidently.
  • I express my thoughts and ideas with assurance and ease.
  • Tranquility and inner peace flow easily to me.
  • I am safe.
  • I am aligned with my inner truth.
  • I live my days with mental clarity and blooming hope and positivity.
  • I think clearly.
  • I am make the right decisions that serve me to attain my goals.
  • I communicate with confidence.
  • I am powerful.
  • I am wise.
An important reminder: For an adequate charging process, it is most advantageous to not just rely on intentions to make your Lapis Lazuli crystal retrieve its healing energies once again. Combining this method with other charging tools (like moonlight, sunlight or an Amethyst geode) is the most profitable way to be assured that you efficiently renewed the energies of your stone.

Frequently asked questions about this topic

Can you charge Lapis Lazuli in the sun?
You can charge Lapis Lazuli with the sun, it is a sun-friendly crystal. It is a very effective way to reload the healing powers of this stone. However, it is best to keep an eye on the sun exposure period. 30 min to 1 hour is enough to efficiently charge lapis lazuli via the sun.
Can you charge Lapis Lazuli in water?
It is best to not opt for water as a way to charge Lapis Lazuli. Yes, Lapis Lazuli can get wet but not to be immersed in water for long periods (for the purpose of charging) as it can damage the stone and decrease its natural shine.

Plus water is generally not the best choice to opt for to charge crystal, it is specifically used for cleansing purposes, it is ideal to purify crystals from the attached negative energies.
Do you have to charge Lapis Lazuli?
Charging all of your crystals is necessary to make sure that you are receiving all of their healing powers in the most rewarding way possible.

With Lapis Lazuli, there is no exception.

Charging Lapis Lazuli is important to revive the purifying and empowering energies of this crystal. It is a form of care that you are giving to your stone so it can reflect back its healing powers in the most loving and sufficient way.

It all depends on the frequency of usage.

If you use your lapis lazuli frequently then charging it once a week or two weeks is ideal.

If you don’t use it as often then charging it once a month remains sufficient.
How to charge Lapis Lazuli bracelet?
There are many useful ways to charge Lapis Lazuli bracelet. You can put it on you window sill to soak the energizing rays of the sun or you can lighten a sage stick and let the smoke generated to wrap every lapis lazuli crystal in your bracelet.

Final thoughts

Using Lapis Lazuli frequently and not charging it for lengthy periods may, unfortunately, hinder you from receiving fully and successfully the high vibrational energies of this crystal.

These are the 4 simple and useful ways that you can pick from to revive the healing powers of Lapis Lazuli:

First, let the stone soak the replenishing energy of the moonlight. Second, put it inside a big Amethyst geode for the whole day. Third, allow your crystal to absorb the energizing Sun rays for a limited time. And lastly, combine one of the designated charging ways with your chosen intentions.

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