How to charge Pyrite? A helpful guide

Pyrite is a unique-looking golden crystal that displays a unique silvery gold color naturally decorated with an individual cubic shapes.

Looking at this crystal for the first time may give you the illusion that it is a piece of gold, however, it is not the case, this stone is named “fool’s gold” which refers to its close resemblance to gold.

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This shiny golden gem radiates the energies of protection, willpower, wealth, and prosperity.

It is such a revitalizing and grounding gem that keeps you balanced, focused, and guarded against bad influences, so you are capable to manifest your intents and attract your deepest desires (especially financial ones).

To be closely in tune with the empowering benefits of Pyrite, charging it became a necessity to reload and keep its healing energies flowing and potent.

To charge Pyrite you can choose from the flowing methods: exposing to the sun for several hours, burying it in the soil for 12 hours, or letting the smoke of sage encircles the stone for few minutes. Plus, pairing one of these techniques with intentions is a powerful way to amplify the energy of Pyrite. 

So, if you are looking for the right ways to charge your Pyrite crystal, this blog post is specially made for you!

Pyrite crystal

4 beneficial ways to charge Pyrite crystal

1. Sunlight

Pyrite is associated with the fire element.


This stone is associated with courage, determination, and high energy. 

It is vital to mention that Pyrite is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, which means that the energy radiated by this stone works on healing, balancing, and activating everything related to personal power, strength, confidence, and strong will.

So, charging this stone via solar energy is a suitable and effective way to replenish the empowering and encouraging transmitted energies of Pyrite, and that is because the energetic sun rays are perfectly and harmoniously aligned with the kind of vibrations emitted by the Pyrite stone.

Therefore, to replenish and revive the vibration of your Pyrite put the crystal in a place where there is lots of sunshine, and let it soak the energizing beaming rays for about 2 to 3 hours.

2. Earth energy

The earth’s energy is a nourishing energy source that will supply Pyrite with raw and potent vibrations so it can gain all its protecting and grounding powers once again.

Earth energy

Pyrite is distinguished by its high grounding vibrations that allow its wearer to gain a high level of willpower, concentration, and intellectual capacities.

So, choosing the Earth energy charging option is an adequate step to reload the grounding frequencies of Pyrite so you can get it in touch with the energies of stability, safety, and vitality that are transmitted by the Pyrite gem.

Therefore, to charge your golden gem via the Earth energy place your stone in a location where there are lots of vegetation, trees, and flowers.

If you have a plant pot or a garden you can even bury the Pyrite stone in the soil for 12 hours or for the whole day.

Just remember to mark the exact location where you put your stone to not miss the spot.

3. Sage smoke

If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, this charging option is ideal.

Sage smoke

Begin first by airing your space by opening your windows.

Then, ignite the tip of your sage stick and do a circular motion using the fume generated by the sage for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Envision that the smoke created by the sage stick is supplying your stone with the pure positive energy of cleanliness, prosperity, power, and optimism.

4. Intentions

Your intentions are key to readjust the energies transmitted by your crystals.


Getting in touch with your intentions and knowing the exact things that you want to manifest or the sensations that you desire to reach are primordial steps to attract everything that you need.

The more you have a clear image of your vision, the faster you realize it.

So, declaring your intentions is a fantastic way to charge your Pyrite crystal with your aims and let the stone transmit back to you the precise vibrations that will aid you to achieve your aspirations.

You can charge Pyrite with your intentions by visualizing your goals.

Hold the stone in your hand, close your eye, and visualize that you have already achieved your intents.

Realize a clear and sharp mental scenery where you genuinely feel what it is like to obtain your goals.

Align yourself with hope and optimism.

Feel that you are happy now, feel that you are loved now, feel that you are prosperous nows.

Side note: For an effective charging result, you can pair one of the techniques that I mentioned above (sunlight, earth, or sage) with your intentions.  First, charge your crystal, and then amplify its energy with your own preferred intentions.


Charging your crystals is a necessity and a form of essential care practice that you should sustain to maintain their healing powers.

Tune in to your intuition and remark the energy of your Pyrite crystal, if you sense that it does not transmit the same powerful energies that it used to generate, then it is time to recharge it.

To recharge Pyrite choose one of the following techniques:

  1. Expose it to the sunlight for few hours (Pyrite vibes so well with solar energy) to reload its energizing benefits.
  2. Bury it in soil for 12 hours or for the whole day to revive its protecting and grounding powers.
  3. Let the smoke of sage wraps it for few minutes.
  4. Pair one of the succeeding ways with your intentions to reach your desires.

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