How to charge Selenite? 3 efficient and safe ways

Selenite is a stunning white crystal that transmits powerful cleansing and purifying energies. This crystal emits soothing vibrations of serenity, clarity of thoughts, positivity, and inner peace.

So, to profit from this high vibrational stream of energy, be aligned with these uplifting sensations, and always welcome the healing properties of Selenite with high efficiency, then charging your Selenite crystal is a must.

While Selenite is considered a self-cleansing crystal that doesn’t retain significantly a considerable charge of negativity like other crystals.

How to charge Selenite

I believe that charging selenite is considered a great way to revive the powers of this crystal and benefits from its purifying and peaceful vibrations in the most effective way possible.

To charge Selenite efficiently and safely, you can expose your crystal to the gentle charging energy of the moonlight for the entire night. Connecting to your intentions is also an excellent way to program your crystal to emit positive vibrations. The smoke generated by sage is also an effective and damage-free tool to charge selenite. 

Find in this article, 3 helpful ways to charge Selenite so you can amplify its healing powers and benefits from its calming vibrations sustainably and wholly.

Discover the 2 charging methods that you should absolutely avoid to keep your Selenite crystal free from any potential damage.

3 effective ways to charge Selenite

1. Moonlight

The moonlight charging method is estimated as a risk-free option to replenish harmlessly the healing powers of Selenite.


Lunar light is a reflection of the sun’s rays, hence it is a lighter and less harsh charging energy source.

To do this, put your Selenite stone or tower directly under the moonlight, make sure that you don’t put it behind glass or window because you want the gentle recharging moonlight to reach directly your stone without any barrier.

The most perfect time to charge the stone overnight is during the Full Moon period.

It is during this exact phase that the moon reflects the sunlight the most.

If you attempt to recharge during other phases of the moon, the light will not be refreshing enough and not as strong as the light released by the full moon, as a result, you may have to renew this charging technique several times.

However, charging Selenite via the moonlight remains quite effective, even if it is not the full moon period.

Important note: Selenite scores 2 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, it is considered as a very soft material that can be simply scratched by a fingernail.

So, as a safety precaution, when leaving your Selenite crystal to soak the charging energy of the Moon, make sure to put it in a secure place where it can not fall or be susceptible to breakage, as a simple slip can cause serious damage to your stone.

2. Intentions

Charging Selenite with your intentions is a powerful charging tool that you can be coupled with other reloading techniques.

Here are simple steps to charge Selenite using your intentions by relying on the mighty power of your mind and your visualization

Hold the stone in your hand.

Take few slow and deep breaths.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath and your intentions/visualization by drawing a mental picture or movie of the things that you absolutely desire to manifest (on a tangible or emotional level).

Visualize that your Selenite is welcoming your positive intentions and picture that your stone is glowing with purifying, peaceful, and calming vibrations.

Selenite is the ultimate crystal of peace, purity of mind, inner calmness, and soulful harmony, so you can also charge your Selenite crystal by repeating your own affirmations to amplify the peaceful and purifying healing energies of Selenite.

Here are some affirmations that you can repeat:

  • I am calm.
  • I am surrounded by peace, kindness, love, and purity.
  • My life is filled with joyful harmony, ease, and healing calmness.
  • I am determined to move forward with courage and to create a flourishing, peaceful, and happy life.
  • My body, mind, and soul are relaxed.
Important note: For efficient charging, it is most beneficial to not just rely on intentions to make your Selenite crystal retrieve its healing energies once again.

Combining this method with other tools (like moonlight and sage) is the most reliable and most useful way to be assured that you efficiently renewed the energies of your stone.

3. Sage

Using sage is an excellent versatile and secure way to cleanse and charge all types of stones and also purify your living space from all the attached negative and unwelcomed energies.


The first thing to keep in mind is that before starting the sage cleansing ritual, open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Began your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke generated by the sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, serenity, and tranquillity.

Visualize that your Selenite crystal is fully charged and that is regaining all its bright energy and purifying attributes.

Let the smoke surround Selenite for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2 Things to avoid as methods to charge Selenite

1. Water

Water is considered a highly effective tool to charge crystals, it cleanses stones from the absorbed negative energies which ultimately make them regain all their powerful benefits, however, we should always keep in mind that it is not compatible with all crystals out there.

Soaking Selenite in water can, unfortunately, cause damage to this crystal by dissolving it.

Selenite in the water

We should be aware of why it is not a good idea to use water as a charging tool for Selenite.

First of all, Selenite is a crystal form of Gypsum, this mineral is water-soluble, hence, we can clearly conclude that the mineral composition of Selenite is not compatible with water.

Plus, as stated previously, Selenite scores 2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, as a general rule of thumb, all crystals that score below 5 can not be immersed in water as they can be damaged somewhat easily.

2. Sunlight

Long exposure to the sun can lessen the natural white shine of Selenite.


Even though you can charge Selenite with the energizing rays of the sun, putting selenite in the Sun for long hours can in fact be damaging.

So, as a precaution procedure, monitor the sun exposure (30 min to 1 hour is enough) and try to not place Selenite directly towards the sun, you can for example put it behind a window where there is a protective barrier.


Charging Selenite is a key and necessary step to keep benefiting from the uplifting healing properties of this crystal in a more sustainable and practical way.

To charge Selenite you can place it at night under the gentle energizing light of the moon. Sage is also an easy and helpful way to renew the purifying vibrations of Selenite. Combining one of these charging tools with the power of intentions/affirmation is also a powerful way to replenish the healing qualities of Selenite.

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