How to cleanse Amazonite? Answered

Amazonite is a unique blue-green crystal that is naturally ornamented with white/brown lines and has and nontransparent finish.

This stone belongs to the group of feldspars, is distinguished by a rich potassium composition, and it has the chemical composition of KAISi3O8.

cleanse Amazonite

Apart from its mineral characteristics, Amazonite is considered as the stone of balance, serenity, loving communication, and appeasement.

So cleansing and purifying the energy field of your Amazonite crystal is a high necessity to ensure that your stone is totally free from any absorbed negative vibrations.

Plus, keeping up a regular cleansing routine for your Amazonite crystal aids you to be certain that the healing powers of your crystals are fully reloaded so you can receive them in the most rewarding ways possible.

How to cleanse Amazonite

You can cleanse Amazonite by lighting up a sage stick and letting the generated smoke wraps up your stone for several minutes. Immersing Amazonite in a water bowl for a few hours or putting it on top of a Quartz cluster or a selenite wand are also beneficial ways to purify this bluish-green gem.  

Keep on reading, to explore easy steps and simple guidelines to help you cleanse Amazonite efficiently.

3 simple and useful ways to cleanse Amazonite

  1. Sage

Sage is an ideal versatile way to cleanse all types of stones as well as your living space from negative, unharmonious, and toxic energies.

Amazonite and sage

If you don’t have sage at your disposition, you can use any type of smudge sticks to cleanse your Amazonite crystal, for instance, you can utilize, palo santo or rosemary sticks to release the negative vibrations stored by your stone.

The first thing to keep in mind is that before starting the sage cleansing ritual, is to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Began your cleansing ritual by lightening the smudging stick while envisioning that the smoke emitted by sage is charging your crystals with the energy of purity, tranquility, and serenity.

Visualize that the negative energies deposited in your Amazonite are evaporating with the smoke as it arises and dissolves into the air.

Let the smoke surrounds Amazonite for about 30 seconds.

Side note:

This cleansing method is not only great for purifying your crystal from the stored discordant energies, but it is also a high vibrational tool that raises good feelings and enhances happy sensations all around you.

While cleansing your crystal you can also charge your stone by repeating positive affirmations and your preferred intentions to replenish your Amazonite with heartfelt delightful vibrations.

You can envision that the smoke transmitted by the smudging stick is charging your crystal with your chosen aims and the feelings that you want to get in touch with such as good communication, release, hope, and inner clarity.

You can repeat the following affirmations/intentions while cleansing Amazonite.

  • I communicate my thoughts and express myself with ease, confidence, and peace.
  • I am wrapped by serenity, calmness, poise, and comfort.
  • I live my life with an everlasting sensation of hope and joy.
  1. Water

Amazonite scores between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it is safe to say that this stone is compatible with water which eventually means that you can use water to cleanse the stone.

Amazonite and water

You can clean your amazonite stones by just washing them under running water for a few minutes or you can grab a bowl fill it with water (spring water preferably) and immerse your stone until it is fully covered for a period of few hours.

If you feel that your stone needs a deeper cleaning, you can add to the water bowl a small quantity of natural soap while gently rubbing the surface of your crystal.

Side note:

Don’t forget to path dry your Amazonite stone very well and make sure that there is no water residue left on its surface before placing it back with your crystal collection.

Leaving the stone wet and putting it besides other crystals can negatively impact them, especially the ones that are not compatible with water, such as Selenite, Angelite, Celestine, or Pyrite.

(These stones can be easily altered by water. Getting in contact with water will weaken the structure of these crystals by making them brittle, easily breakable, and also damaging their natural colors.) 

  1. Quartz or Selenite

Larger crystals such as Quartz geode or Selenite radiate powerful healing and clarifying energies that can liberate smaller crystals from the accumulated negative and discordant vibrations and make them regain their rejuvenating attributes once again.

Quartz or Selenite

These crystals not only radiate their proper healing energies but also present the characteristic of purifying other crystals.

If you have small Amazonite tumbled stones, or an Amazonite ring/bracelet then this cleansing technique is just ideal.

You can place your Amazonite on top of a Quartz geode or a Selenite wand and let it welcome their purifying energies for a 24 hours period.

So, these specific crystals can be such a wonderful alternative cleansing tool, because they have the unique ability to radiate potent healing and purifying energies that free smaller crystals from all the attached inharmonious vibrations.


Amazonite is the stone of appeasement, clear communication, harmony, and inner calmness, so cleansing this stone regularly assists you to harness the healing energies of this gem and clear any blockages that may stop you from welcoming these uplifting sensations wholly.

So, you can choose one of these 3 techniques or alternate between them to cleanse your Amazonite crystal:

  1. Sage (let the smoke generated by sage or smudge stick surrounds the stone for a few minutes)
  2. Water (wash it under running water for a few minutes or immerse it in a water bowl for a few hours)
  3. Quartz or Selenite (put it on a Quartz cluster/Selenite wand for the whole day)
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