How to cleanse Chrysocolla? Answered

In order to take care of your Chrysocolla and revive its healing powers, cleansing it regularly is a big necessity.

How to cleanse Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a unique-looking blue crystal that displays plenty of harmonious blue shades that vary between deep and bright blue hues and sometimes it also exhibits a unique bluish-green color. The appearance of Chrysocolla symbolizes planet Earth seen from space! its colors describe a marbling ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green, passing through a sometimes tinted brown reflected by a shade of rust.

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Chrysocolla is a greenish-blue mineral that is composed of high amounts of copper and can also be made of different other minerals such as Azurite, Malachite, Quartz, Limonite, and Cuprite.

This stone is located in abundance in copper mines, and in lesser quantity, in gold mines.

The particular characteristic of Chrysocolla is its wild diversity in terms of colors and patterns, each individual stone is truly unique on its own!

Plus, this stone is associated with the energy of calmness, tolerance, inner strength and works on cleansing and revitalizing the mind, body, and soul.

To cleanse Chrysocolla you can ignite a sage stick and let the fume generated wraps the stone for a few minutes. The second choice is to put it on your windowsill to receive the purifying energies of the moon. Third, immerse it in a bowl of brown rice or put it on a crystal geode to liberate it from the absorbed negative vibrations and reload its calming power. 

Keep on reading to explore the 4 ways to cleanse Chrysocolla easily, safely, and effectively, plus later in the post discover the one and only cleansing technique that you should absolutely avoid to keep your stone safe from any potential damages.

How to cleanse Chrysocolla? 4 safe ways

  1. Sage

Sage is such an efficient and refreshing way to purify your crystal as well as your aura from the negative energy that causes you disturbance and uneasiness.


The fume generated by sage wraps the chrysocolla crystal with a highly purifying cloud that works on absorbing all the unharmonious vibrations that were stored by the stone, which simultaneously revives its empowering transmitted vibrations and activates its calming powers.

Before igniting the sage stick make sure to open up your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

Then, illuminate the sage and let its smoke surrounds the stone for a few minutes.

  1. Moonlight

The moonlight is such a rejuvenating and delicate cleansing stream of energy that will clarify the Chrysocolla stone from all the absorbed negative, discordant, and undesired vibrations.


Moonlight will delicately and properly diffuse all the negative energy that was stored by this stone and at the same time, it will reequilibrate and reload its overall healing energies.

So, to cleanse Chrysocolla using the Moon energy, place your crystal before nightfall on your windowsill and let it soak the natural light of the moon for the entire night.

Just make sure to place it in a secure place where it can not fall off because we should keep in mind that Chrysocolla is considered a breakable crystal that can be damaged quite easily.

  1. Brown rice

This is a very straightforward yet effective cleansing method.

Brown rice

You are going to need a small amount of rice (depending on the size of the stone) and a container.

First, fill a bowl with brown rice and try to bury your Chrysocolla crystal beneath the rice grains.

Make sure that the crystal is entirely submerged in the rice.

Next, put the bowl aside for 12 hours or for the whole day.

The rice grains will work on pulling altogether any past discordant and negative energies that were attached to the Chrysocolla.

Quick reminder:

After finishing the cleaning session, it is best to let go of the used rice because we don’t want to recycle the energy received by this medium and used it for other purposes.

  1. Crystals geode

Larger crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, Calcite geodes as well as Selenite wands radiate potent healing and purifying energies that can clarify smaller crystals from all the accumulated unfavorable and discordant vibrations.

Crystals geode

If you have small Chrysocolla stones, then this purification method is just excellent.

You can place these small bluish-green stones inside a crystal geode (or on top of a Selenite wand) cluster to welcome its purifying energies for a 24 hours period.

You can use multiple types of crystals geodes such as Selenite, Calcite, or Quartz geodes, just choose the one that is available for you.

The top cleansing method to avoid


One of the most important pieces of information that you should absolutely be aware of is that the Chrysocolla stone scores between 2 and 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

This piece of information is crucial!

As a general rule, all crystals that have a hardness score below 5 should not be immersed or get in contact with water, which is our case right now.


Make sure to not use water as a cleansing method for your Chrysocolla stone or even get it wet as it can really damage the stone.

A frequent water contact could weaken the overall strength of this stone by making it brittle as well as fading and causing irreversible damage to its unique blue and green shades.

Final thoughts

These earthy gems fill our energy fields with high vibrational energies, but not only that they also work as a receptor to receive all of our low vibrations such as stress, negative thoughts, tensions, and sadness.

Therefore, it is so essential to establish a regular cleaning schedule to liberate our beloved gems from all these stored noisy frequencies to reset their healing energies to a high ideal level once again.

So, to cleanse Chrysocolla, here are 4 various, helpful, and safe methods to choose from and alternate between them:

  1. Sage;
  2. Moonlight;
  3. Brown rice;
  4. Crystals geodes;

Make to avoid using water or getting it in contact with water as it can be quite damaging for this particular stone.

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