How to cleanse Green Aventurine? 5 useful ways

Green Aventurine is a sublime eye-catching green gem that could not be unrecognized! This heart soothing stone symbolizes the energy of calmness, comfort, and peace of mind.

Taking care of Green Aventurine by cleansing it properly and regularly is a vital procedure to keep welcoming all of its enchanting healing properties.

green aventurine stone

To cleanse Green Aventurine, first, you can use the purifying smoke of Sage or Palo Santo to neutralize and reset the energies of this crystal. Second, you can also immerse it in a bowl of water for several hours. Plus, putting it beside a Quartz cluster or letting it absorb the Moonlight are considered useful cleansing techniques. 

5 useful ways to cleanse Green Aventurine

1. Sage

Sage is considered a versatile cleansing medium that can be used pretty much for all crystals out there.

smoke of sage

It doesn’t only let go of the bad vibrations in your space, but it also works as an efficient device to pull away any negative and unharmonious vibrations that are absorbed by your Green Aventurine crystal.

So, to cleanse Green Aventurine using sage, first open up your windows to let go of the smoke generated by this tool and to also liberate the toxic energy that is transported by the smoke out of your living space.

Second, let the smoke formed by sage envelop the crystal and visualize that the vapor is drawing away any negative and conflicting vibrations that were accumulated by Green Aventurine in the past.

Let the smoke of sage surrounds the stone for 1 to 2 min or until you feel that your crystal is completely cleansed.

2. Palo Santo stick

Palo Santo is widely known for its highly purifying and clarifying faculties.

paolo santo

The smoke created when lightening a Palo Santo stick works effectively in eliminating the negative energy stored by Green Aventurine, while also helping you sense a peaceful sensation of relaxation and purify.

It is interesting to mention and to remember that Palo Santo wood has been used for centuries and it is recognized for its healing nature and its highly effective influence to dissipate negativity and any felt emotional tension or discomfort.

So to cleanse your Green Aventurine using Palo Santo, first light the stick using a lighter or a candle.

Then, let the Palo Santo stick burn for about 30 minutes, next prudently blow it out.

After that, move the stick around your stone, and visualize that the vapor emitted is dissipating any toxic or bad energy from the crystal.

Envision that your crystal and your space are filled with peacefulness, purity, calmness, and sound heartfelt sensations.

Important side notes: Open your windows to keep your space airy.  When you finish, place the stick in a fireproof bowl, and always keep in mind to be extra careful when working with heat and fire.

3. Water

According to Mohs Hardness Scale, crystals that score 5 or higher on the scale are safe to be in contact with water.


In our precise case, Green Aventurine has 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it is a crystal clear sign that it is totally ok to cleanse this green stone using water.

So, to purify your crystal from the absorbed negativity and to reset its genuine and powerful healing properties, immerse it in a water bowl for several hours to let it transmit all the unwanted vibrations back to the water and to neutralize its radiated energies.

After that wipe delicately the stone with a soft cloth from any water excess.

4. Quartz geode

This cleansing method fits greatly smaller Green Aventurine crystals, such as tumbled stone or bracelets.

quartz geode cluster

Larger Quartz crystals radiate potent healing and clarifying energies that can liberate smaller Green Aventurine crystals from the stored negative and discordant vibrations.

You can place small Green Aventurine crystals inside the Quartz geode cluster to soak its purifying energies for a 24 hours period.

Side note:

If you don’t have a Quartz geode at your disposition you can use other types of larger crystals clusters that of course emit the same purifying qualities, such as Selenite, Calcite, or Amethyst geodes.

So, we can say that these large crystal forms are also a simple yet effective alternative cleansing tool that doesn’t require any extra steps.

5. Moon energy

Being a gentle gem, Green Aventurine works harmoniously with the Moonlight energy.

in the moonlight

The Moonlight overflows with delicate illuminating rays that work greatly in clarifying and refining Green Aventurine and letting it regain once again all its calming attributes.

Put your Green Aventurine crystal on your window sill before going to sleep and let it soak the purifying yet energizing Moon rays, then take it out the next day when you wake up.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your crystals is a great gesture and a rewarding move to give thanks to these earthy gifts.

Cleansing Green Aventurine is a primordial procedure to sustain its significant healing and supporting energies of calmness, prosperity, and inner growth.

To purify and cleanse Green Aventurine from negativity and reset its healing powers, here 5 useful ways to choose from:

First, let the smoke of sage or palo santo envelop the stone for about 1 or 2 minutes. Second, immerse the stone in the water for several hours. Lastly, allow Aventurine to absorb the bright clarifying rays of Moonlight for the entire night.

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