How to cleanse Mookaite? 3 simple ways

To cleanse Mookaite and revive its nurturing healing powers, you can wash it underwater for a few minutes. Plus, placing it under soil for the whole day, or letting the fume of sage wraps the stone are also two other efficient ways to purify the energy field of this unique stone. 

How to cleanse Mookaite

Mookaite is a unique-looking stone that is characterized by its warm earthy colors that range between yellow, brown, black, and red shades. All of these pinpointed shades are blended together in a harmonious and sublime way which gives each piece of the Mookaite stone a special appearance.

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The most fascinating factor about the Mookaite stone is that is it found only in Australia, specifically on the Western side.

Mookaite embodies the grounding and stabilizing energy of Mother Earth. Connecting with its vibrations helps you let go of old patterns that slow your growth.

It nurtures and enhances willpower, inner peace, and vital energy so you can make the right decisions and pursue the goals that serve your highest good.

So, cleansing Mookaite is a must step to take care of the physical aspect of the stone, as well as its energical properties.

A little back story and quick important facts about Mookaite

According to the aborigines of Australia, Mookaite stone has a great spiritual value, because it is believed that it would be charged with many mystical virtues such as the capability of radiating a deep sensation of relief.


Mookaite is considered as a fossilized sedimentary rock located under the river bed where silica has mixed with white and petrified clay.

It has a coffee-like color ranging from yellow, through red, up to dark brown, and sometimes we can find some Mookaite stone that exhibits purple hues.

Chemically speaking, Mookaite is composed of the silica element with inclusions of metals and minerals that determine the possible colorings that we notice in the stone.

The luster of this natural mineral can range from shiny to matte.

Plus, this stone is made of silicon oxide, like agate, which may lead to confusion between the two.

However, they are easily distinguished by the fact that Mookaite’s structure is granular and opaque white the Agate one is somewhat crystalline.

3 helpful ways to cleanse Mookaite

  1. Water

It is important to know that Mookaite has a hardness that ranges between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

This piece of information allows us to acknowledge the fact that Mookaite can be cleaned via the water element because it has a hardness score that is above 5.

So, you can wash your stone under a water stream for a few minutes, or you can soak it in a water bowl, but just for a limited period.

Mookaite in the water

A recurring water contact, by letting the stone in continual contact with water and placing it in a wet environment for long periods can in fact damage the stone by altering its natural earthly colors which is, unfortunately, an irreversible kind of damage.

The best practice is to give it a quick wash underwater for a few minutes and after that dry the stone completely with a soft cloth to remove integrally any water residue.

You can also alternate between other cleansing techniques that we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

  1. Earth

Associated with the Root chakra, Mookaite exhibits a harmonious bond with the grounding and nurturing nature of Mother Earth.

So, using the Earth energy to cleanse Mookaite stones is such a vital and practical way to release all the negative and foggy vibrations stored by Mookaite and at the same type charge the stone with brand new nurturing and protecting vibrations.

To cleanse Mookaite using Earth energy, you can put your earthy crystals beneath the soil of your garden or your plants’ pot and leave them there the entire night or for 10 to 12 hours minimum, after that, remove gently any excess of dirt or debris with a dry cloth.

plants’ pot

  1. Sage

The smoke generated by sage works energetically to remove gently and efficiently all the inharmonious and discordant vibrations attached by the Mookaite stone which eventually revitalize its healing powers and reload all of its powerful properties once again in such a renewed way.


Because let’s not forget that stones work as a natural energy vessel, they not only radiate heartfelt healing vibrations but also absorb the negative energies in our energy field.

You can combine your intentions and this cleansing method for highly effective purification results.

To do so, envision that the smoke generated by sage is pulling away all the low vibrational energies that were absorbed by Mookaite.

Let the smoke surround the stone for about 30 seconds to one minute.

Side note:

Don’t forget to open your windows before starting the sage cleansing to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.


Mookaite is a captivating stone that displays memorable colors that make it truly unique.


This Australian stone radiates powerful energies of grounding, protection, and soul-nurturing vibrations.

It supplies you with a relieving sense that soothes your mind and calms your soul so you can be aligned with your highest potential.

So, cleansing Mookaite is a key element to refresh its nurturing and balancing energy field, to do so you can choose one of the following methods and alternate between them:

  1. Water: wash it underwater for a few minutes (it is best to apply this method from time to time and not frequently)
  2. Earth: place it under soil for the whole day.
  3. Sage: let the fume of sage wraps the stone for a few minutes.
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