How to cleanse Tigers Eye? 4 simple ways

Tigers Eye is a powerful stone that emits the energies of self-confidence, inner willpower, and mind, body, spirit strength.

Connecting with the healing vibrations of this crystal helps you embody mighty energy and high courage to fulfill your goals and to stay focused on your purpose.

So, cleansing this stone is a fundamental step that permits you to welcome the previously stated energies continually and sustainably.

To cleanse Tigers Eye stone, you can immerse it in a water bowl for several hours. Allowing it to soak the smoke of incense or sage is also a great way to cleanse it from the accumulated negative vibrations. Lastly, with the help of a clean cloth, you’ll allow your stone to retrieve its natural shine. 

tigers eye gemstone

Find below, 4 practical ways with clear and precise details to help you cleanse your Tigers Eye stone properly so you are fully able to profit from the powerful healing energies of this crystal in the most amazing way!

How to cleanse Tigers Eye? 4 efficient ways

1. Water

Tigers Eye scores 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it is a clear indicator that it is totally safe to get it in contact with water with no fear of potential damage.


You can use fresh spring water, the purity of this water source works as a cleansing medium to liberate your stone from any absorbed negative energies.

To do so, dip your stone in a container filled with spring water and leave it there for several hours (ideally overnight).

As an additional step, you can cover the container with an opaque cloth to keep the water clean and intact.

When you take your Tiger Eye out of the water, make sure to pat it dry with a soft cloth to eliminate thoroughly any excess water.

Side note: For deeper cleansing, you can supplement the water with a small amount of salt, just make sure to dry the stone completely to remove completely any salt residue.

2. Sage

The smoke generated by sage works energetically to remove gently all the inharmonious and discordant vibrations absorbed by the Tigers Eye stone.


You can combine your intentions and this cleansing method for highly effective purification results.

To do so, envision that the smoke generated by sage is pulling away all the low vibrational energies that were absorbed by Tigers Eye.

Let the smoke surround the stone for about 30 seconds to one minute.

Side note: Don’t forget that before starting the sage cleansing ritual to open your windows to let go of the smoke generated by the sage.

3. Soft dry or wet cloth

This cleansing tool is best used when you notice that your Tigers Eye crystal is increasingly lacking shine.

dry cloth

If your Tiger Eye stone gets dusty and loses its shine, you can simply clean it by rubbing it lightly with a soft cloth.

If required, you can wet your cloth with lukewarm all-natural soapy water (avoid using chemical products!) to remove all the dirt that sticks to the stone.

For rinsing, run your stone under running water. It is an additional useful method to circulate and revive the stone’s energies.

After this cleaning technique, your Tiger Eye will reacquire its signature brightness.

4. Incense

Incense is a high-energy purifying medium that not only cleanses the crystal from the absorbed negative vibrations but also charges your Tigers Eye crystal with the intentions that you want to manifest.

incense stick smoke

For instance, you can use Pine incense to cleanse the stone from all the accumulated negative vibrations that the stone once absorbed in the past, and at the same time charge it with the frequency of strength and rejuvenation.

What intentions should I set for Tiger’s eye?

When cleansing the stone using your incense stick, you can repeat affirmations and intentions that illustrate your aims and the things you aspire for.

Don’t forget to always repeat your affirmations with high hope and unwavering faith.

Example of affirmations/intentions that go along with the energy of Tigers Eye.

  • I am confident.
  • I am safe.
  • I am courageous.
  • I achieve all my goals.
  • I am an achiever.
  • I manifest all my desires.
  • I am strong.
  • I have enough energy to accomplish my goals.
  • I am protected.
  • Everyday I strive to be better because I am worthy of success.
Side note: Don’t forget to open up your windows to let go of the smoke emitted by Incense and to keep your space airy.

Frequently asked questions about this topic

How to cleanse tiger eye bracelet?
I think tiger eye bracelets are one of the most used forms of this stone, if you wear this bracelet frequently then it is necessary to cleanse it regularly so you can keep receiving its powerful healing powers.

You can simply cleanse a tiger eye bracelet by soaking it in a soapy water bowl for a few hours (make sure that you are using a natural soap) or you can wet a soft cloth with this soapy water and clean thoroughly every crystal of you bracelet.

After you finish cleansing your tiger eye bracelet, make sure to dry it completely with a soft cloth, you will definitely notice that your bracelet is way more shiny and revived.
How to cleanse red tigers eye?
Red tigers eye is more connected to the earth’s energy, it is powerfully grounding and balancing.

So cleansing Red tigers eye by immersing in earth, you can do so by burying it in your garden soil or plant pot for 12 hours, is just perfect to purify it and reinvigorate its protecting and vital attributes.
How to cleanse blue tigers eye?
Blue tigers eye is a stone of clarity and inner strength. The powerful vibrations of this stone enable you to navigate your life with a clear vision, inner calm, and stability.

So, we can say that the nature of the energy emitted by blue tiger eye is in harmony with the energy of the moon, this light source is purifying, inspiring, and clarifies the mind and the soul.

Therefore, you can cleanse blue tigers eye via the moonlight, by putting you stone in a place where is receiving the direct luminous light of the moon for the whole night.

Your blue tiger eye will be purified and also charged with the soothing energy of the moon which helps you receive the vibrations of this stone in the most optimal way possible.
Where should I keep my tiger eye crystal?
You can keep your tiger eye crystal at the entrance of you home to generate powerful protecting powers all over your living space and to ward off negative energies.

You can also keep it on you desk to feel motivated and to enhance courage and willpower so you can be enthusiastic about your projects and feel energized to tackle your goals with determination.
Can Gold tigers eye be cleansed in water?
Yes, Gold tigers eye can be cleansed in water and that is because it scores 7 on Mohs scale of hardness and the nature of its composition is water friendly. So you can this stone with water just make sure to keep track of the cleansing time (2 to 3 hours is enough).

Final thoughts

Cleansing Tigers Eye regularly is a vital way to keep benefiting from its empowering properties in an effective way.

So, to cleanse properly your Tigers Eye stone, immerse it in a water bowl for several hours, you can also use the smoke generated by incense and sage to liberate it from the absorbed negativity. And to preserve its shine, you can use a soft cloth to clean its surface.

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