How to Set Intentions With Your Crystals: Easy and Helpful guide

Crystals can be indeed a helpful tool that guides you to be more connected to your desires and assist you to be led towards the right path where you can manifest your dreams and fulfill your goals.

The powerful energies transmitted by crystals are a magnificent medium that can be charged and programmed by your intentions.

Not only do they emit healing energies that bring our mind, body, and soul to a peaceful and harmonious state of being, but they have the power to capture our intention and life goals and bring them to fruition.

To set intentions with crystals, you have to pinpoint your goal and be intimately connected with your desire, then choose the crystal that you feel most drawn to and that matches the kind of energy that you want to manifest, cleanse your crystal, hold it and start repeating your intention calmly and confidently. 

how to set intentions with crystals

This blog post contains simple and clear guidance that will help you set your intentions with your crystals efficiently and easily.

How to set intentions with your crystals

We have to remind ourselves that the mission of crystals is not only limited to their transmitted versatile healing energies, nevertheless, crystals can also be visual and tangible energy tools that can receive with open arms our most aspired intention.

Once the crystal is fully and effectively charged with your intention, you will tap into a whole new energy field of guidance, support, and encouragement that aligns you with your goal.

When you set intentions with your crystals, you will start noticing that your environment is surrounded and filled with the right tools, situations, inspirations that connect your back to your intention and facilitate the way into manifesting your aspirations.

Here are 5 simple and helpful tips that will help you set and program your crystals with your fancied purpose.

1. Get in touch with your desired intention

The first and one of the most important things to do is to get in touch with your desired intention.

desired intention

Sometimes we may just hold a blurry wish that we feel so eager to make true, however, if we look closely we find ourselves attached to a wish that is not clear and not precise enough which can make the path towards manifesting it difficult and confusing.

Plus, one of the fundamental rules to manifestation is to truly know exactly what do you want to manifest? and what is your specific intention?

The more precise you are, the more you are closer to accomplishing your goal.

Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass. – Napoleon Hill

So, begin by asking yourself what do I want to manifest? what is my most desired intention?

Manifesting your dream job, adopting a healthier lifestyle, letting go of a negative mindset…be open and precise in selecting your intention, and especially don’t discourage yourself and don’t listen to this little noisy voice that tells you that you are not worthy of accomplishing your dreams.

Let me tell you this, you are totally capable of doing it!

The method that I personally do when I want to pinpoint and be closely in tune with my intention is to bring it to real life.

Meaning that I began by writing my intention on a simple white paper, I write in detail what I want to manifest.

The moment you convert your intention into a written form, you are in the process of transforming your wishes into a physical form by physically writing and bringing life to your aim.

2. Choose your crystal

After acknowledging your intention, the next step is to choose an adequate crystal.

Choose your crystal

Knowing the healing vibrations of your crystal will not only supply with empowering and calming feelings, but it also helps you amplify good energies around you which facilitate the path towards fulfilling your deepest aspirations.

For example, citrine can be used in manifesting abundance, wealth, and prosperity, you can set intentions with a citrine crystal if you want to attract financial abundance and success in all areas of your life.

Another helping factor in choosing the right crystal is to just follow your intuition, you can absolutely pick your preferred crystal that you feel most drawn to.

Whether you feel allured by its shape, color hues, shine, or you just sense an inexplicable attraction towards it, simply choose the crystal you are naturally pulled to.

3. Cleanse your crystal

Before charging your crystal with your intention, it is necessary to first cleanse your crystal from the negative energies attached to it.

Cleanse your crystal

We have to keep in mind that crystals are lively energy tools that cleanse and absorb negative and unwanted energies, which eventually make them overtime store low and toxic vibrations.

So, to benefit from their full and powerful energies, you have to cleanse them adequately.

You can use fresh spring water, saltwater, sage, moonlight, or starlight to properly cleanse your crystals from the previously received energies.

4. Make yourself feel comfortable and at ease

After cleansing your crystals and before setting your intention, you have to be calm, comfortable, and free from any negative and bothering thoughts.

feel comfortable

When you feel calm, peaceful, and in a positive state of mind, you transport yourself into a blissful state of being where you can manifest your desires in such an effortless way.

When you feel positive and when you invoke genuine happy emotions you are most likely matching the frequency of the thing that you want to attract which gives it no chance but to manifest in real life.

So to access this blissful state of being, you have to calm your whole being, first, you begin by taking deep breaths slowly and calmly.

Taking deep breaths can significantly lower your stress levels and increase your happiness.

First, choose a calm and quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes and start breathing slowly and calmly.

Get in touch with your breathing pattern, try to just focus on the air that you are inhaling and exhaling.

Besides deep breathing, you can also try to meditate for 5 or 10 minutes.

Meditation is just so powerful in calming your mind, body, and soul.

It is a magnificent therapeutic tool that reequilibrates your whole being and prepares you to set intentions with crystals in the most efficient and helpful way.

5. Program your crystals with your intention

The preceding 4 steps are here to prepare you for this exact key step which is setting intentions with your crystal.

Program your crystals

First, hold your crystal, touch it and feel its vibration.

Close your eyes and take deep, calm, and peaceful deep breaths.

Start by repeating out loud your intentions (that you just write in step1), repeat them with confidence and unwavering faith.

When setting intentions with your crystals, visualize your desires, meaning that create mental movies where you see yourself achieving the things that you want to manifest.

Envision that the crystal you are holding is absorbing all your wishes and visualizations and at the same time emitting the key empowering energies that are going to help you materialize your goal. 

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. – Bob Proctor

After programming your crystal with your intention, you can keep it close to you by putting it on your desk, in your pocket, or on your bed stand table to be a continuous visual reminder of the intentions that you have just set. 

And especially don’t forget to cheer up yourself, stay focused, work hard towards achieving your dreams, be consistent, believe in yourself, and be aware of the kind of energy and thoughts you are bringing in.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality. – Wayne Dyer

How to set intentions with crystals during the full moon

The full moon illustrates the high awareness of release, liberation, letting go, and relief. It is the key moment to remove from your life all the things that no longer work for you.

full moon

With the guidance of crystals, the full moon can be the suitable period to set your intentions to let go and banish the unwanted and toxic influences in your life. 

Full moon crystals:

  • Malachite: absorbs negativity, protection, transformation.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: awareness, growth, inner confidence.
  • Goldstone: Enterprise, ambition, courage.

Full moon crystal intention: hold your favored crystal and repeat the following affirmations.

Today I free myself from every single thing that no longer serves me. I let go of pain, sadness, worries, and doubts. I am on the path of deep healing that empowers me to value myself and be divinely aligned to manifest my deepest desires.

You can use the radiant and powerful energy of the full moon to cleanse and recharge your crystals with high waves of positivity, healing, and a rooted sensation of deep deliverance.

How to set intentions with crystals during the new moon

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, hopes, optimism, and promising opportunities.

new moon

Setting intentions with crystals during the new moon is a powerful possibility to renew your ambitions, restore your motivations so you can regain this fiery enthusiasm to go after your goals with courage, passion, and unlimited eagerness. 

New moon crystals:

  • Moonstone: new beginnings, intuition, balance.
  • Amethyst: calm, peace, stress relief.
  • Botswana Agate: courage, hope, new possibilities.

New moon crystal intention: hold your preferred crystal and repeat the following affirmations.

Today is the day I restore my power and welcome new beginnings. A new cycle of abundance, pure love, and unconditional support enter my life. I am making room for new blessings to enter my life.

How to set intentions with crystals with incense

Setting intentions with crystals with the help of incense is first a powerful way to cleanse and purify your crystals, plus it can also act as a vehicle for your intentions.


You can envision that the smoke generated by the incense is charging your crystals with your preferred intentions such as happiness, peacefulness, healing, kindness, health, and prosperity. 

There is plenty of natural incense to choose from.

Examples of incense that you can use while setting intentions with your crystals:

  • Vervain: relaxation, love, healing, purification.
  • Lavender: happiness, harmony, peace of mind.
  • Cedar: calmness, protection, comfort.
  • Pine: strength, rejuvenation, cleansing.
  • Rosemary: love, healing, purification.

What to say when setting intentions with crystals

When setting intentions with crystals focus on repeating positive affirmations that describe your intent and define the things that you want to manifest. You can also use journaling as a method to script in detail all your aspirations.

What to say

One important thing to always keep in mind is that when setting your intentions, try to write and speak in the present tense.

For example, instead of saying ” I will be successful”, repeat ” I AM successful” because when it comes to intentions, your desire needs to be declared like it is already completed, by doing this you are matching the frequency of your intentions and programming your subconscious mind to align you with your desire in the most effective and rewarding way possible.

Plus, avoid using negative expressions, like instead of saying “I overcome my fears, and my obstacles”, you can rather say ” I am powerful and capable of achieving great successes”.

Important common quetions

How to set intentions for rose quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and deep inner healing.

Setting intentions for rose quartz assists you to heal intimacy issues, opens up your heart to the healing frequency of love, directs you to acknowledge your powerful and unique attributes, and creates a calm energy space that assists you to heal your relationships and attract love to your life.

To set intentions for rose quartz you need to first connect to your heart and your emotions, next you can start writing a list of affirmations to celebrate your authentic self, and describe every single life aspect that makes you feel loved, nurtured, and healed emotionally. Then, you repeat your intentions out loud with happiness and strong belief. 

Rose Quartz intentions examples

  • I love and cherish myself.
  • I accept myself.
  • I am worthy of love and compassion.
  • I open up my heart to provide and obtain love.

Amethyst intentions examples

Amethyst is the crystal that connects you back to your spiritual side, it radiates a powerful healing wave of peace, tranquility, and stability.

While setting intentions with an Amethyst crystal focus on the areas of your life that require peace, calmness, and balance, with the help of the healing frequencies of Amethyst concentrate on sending peaceful intentions so you can feel balanced, stable, and serene.  

  • I am balanced.
  • I feel calm and peaceful.
  • I am thankful for my life.
  • My mind, body, and soul are cleansed and relaxed.

Clear Quartz intentions examples

Clear Quartz crystal emits such high vibrations frequencies that amplify the positive energy around you.

When setting intentions with Clear Quartz, keep in mind that you working with a “Master Healer” energy, meaning that the energy transmitted by this crystal works on cleansing and regulating your whole energy field. 

This white gem draws off all types of negative energies and supplements your vibratory field with a subtle feeling of harmony and ease.

  • My mind, body, and soul are healed and energized.
  • I am at ease.
  • I feel supported.
  • I am surrounded by clarity, harmony, and positivity.

Do I need to set intentions for Selenite?

Selenite is the ultimate crystal for peace, tranquility, and aura cleansing.

So, yes setting intentions for Selenite and connecting to its soothing energy is indeed a magnificent way to tap into a peaceful space of mental clarity, release blockages, and guides you to manifest your intentions of deep inner healings, purity of mind, and heartfelt peacefulness. 

Final thoughts

Crystals are a precious Earth treasure that not only assists us energetically to heal past wounds and feel empowered, but they can also be a potent energy channel to set our intentions and manifest our most fancied desires.

Grasping your desire, determining the crystal that you feel most drawn to, cleansing your crystal, and feeling comfortable are the initial steps that you should always keep in mind before charging your crystal with your intention.

When it comes to setting your intentions with your crystal feel free to choose the method that you feel most comfortable with, you can repeat out loud positive affirmations that match your intention, journaling, visualizing, and scripting in details your desired goals are also powerful way to be aligned with your aspirations.

Once you have programmed your crystal with your desired intention, you can carry it around (in your pocket or as jewelry) or put it on your desk, so you can profit from its energy and attract the kind of outcome that you aspire.

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