Indian Agate benefits (Inner peace and tranquility)

Agate stones are one the most colorful, texturized, and picturesque crystals that you can ever encounter.

Today’s Agate crystal that we are going to discover together is a pretty unique and slightly unknown stone that belongs to the Agate family, which the Indian Agate crystal.

You may ask yourself what is unique about this crystal and what are the healing benefits that set it apart from other Agate stones?

In this article, you are going to find your answer!

Indian agate is used to rebalance your energy, it allows you to reharmonize your entire being which assists you to dispel mental agitations such as anger and negative energies. Indian Agate empowers you to regain your confidence, to trust your abilities, and brings you a comforting sense of peace of mind.

Indian Agate

What is Indian Agate?

Indian agate is a variety of chalcedony, a family of minerals that includes Jasper and Onyx. It is made of silicon dioxide, which has a hardness of 6.5 – 7, on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

It is considered as a mineral that brings luck to its owner, Indian agate has been appreciated and praised for thousands of years for its charm, uniqueness, beauty, and its powerful virtues in crystal therapy.

Ancient peoples acknowledged its powerful capacity to rebalance, harmonize and calm living beings.

Plus, they regularly used an Indian agate as a healing and decorative object to attract prosperity, abundance, and overflowing harmony to their homes and to promote success in their projects.

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Indian Agate benefits

So, what is Indian Agate good for?

Indian Agate supplements you with profound emotional protection that assists you to surmount and let go of negative waves around you. It radiants an abundant energy stream of genuine harmony, calmness, and protection, so you are able to reach a vital state of internal peace. Indian Agate also promotes good luck and enhances your creative and intellect flow.  

Indian Agate Stone

Provides emotional protection

Indian Agate is a potent energy tool that radiates a comforting feeling of emotional support and protection.

It transmits heartfelt harmonizing energy that empowers you to let go of emotional turbulences while permitting you to regain a firm sense of composure.

It strengthens your whole being and supports you to retrieve your self-confidence to overcome emotional burdens and ultimately gain a strong-rooted sense of calm, security, and stability.

Promotes inner peace and relaxation

Indian Agate is recognized for its soothing and relaxing benefits which aid you to channel profound sensations of harmony, rest, and a higher state of mental peacefulness.

Indian Agate crystal

It supplements your aura with a healing energy stream that guides you to raise your vibration and to attain a higher state of deep-felt contentment and tranquility.

Fosters creativity, intellection, and good fortune

Indian agate stone improves creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a helpful stone for students and artists.

It is also known as a stone of good luck. Its powerful harmonizing vibrations raise your vibrations to align you with the frequency of the things you want to manifest which leads you eventually to attract your wished desires and aspirations.

As a stone of harmony, one of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy which helps you to reach your ultimate balance and delightful equanimity.

Important Related Questions asked about Indian Agate

What chakra is Indian Agate?

Indian Agate is linked to the Sacral and Heart chakras.


Indian Agate heals your sacral chakra to harmonize your energy glow and to soothe and calm your emotions.

It balances your sacral energy point to regain your innate vitality and motivation to live your life freely and authentically.

Indian Agate is also connected with the heart chakra, this powerful connection permits you to find your calmness and deep harmony within your soul so you are fully capable to live your days with kindness, compassion, and harmony.

What color is Indian Agate?

You may be wondering what exactly sets Indian Agate apart from other crystals?

An Indian agate stone typically displays mixed shades of green, beige, blue, gray, with subtle undertones of red or pink. 

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Some of these particular Agate stones may also appear to have a milky aspect with black, or yellow and brown intertwine shades.

What makes Indian Agate truly particular is that thanks to this patchwork of very diverse hues, hence each Indian agate constitutes a unique stone.

Charming stone with aesthetic and artistic nuances and reflections, it is oftentimes used by collectors as an ornament or as a decoration.

Plus, in jewelry, an Indian agate is ideal for making a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, or a bracelet.

Where does Indian Agate come from?

As its name indicate, Indian Agate is located in significant deposits in India. It is also found in other locations such as Madagascar, Botswana, Uruguay, and Quebec.

Green Indian Agate

Green Indian Agate is another type of Indian Agate stone. As Its name indicates this stone is characterized by its deep green color that is quite abundant and intense if we compare it with the other colors in the stone.

Green Indian Agate

We can in other Indian Agate stone another hue besides green such as deep red or brown shades, however, Green Indian Agate we notice that the green color is more prominent.

Nevertheless, Green Indian Agate and Indian Agate stone share the same healing benefits.


Indian Agate stone is the ultimate stone of calmness, peacefulness, and emotional security.

This rich pigmented crystal provides you with inner peace and delightful harmony to let go of emotional burdens and blockage and to create a happy and flourishing life.

It also assists you to awaken your creative powers and enhances your intellectual levels to focus on your tasks and deliver remarkable and admirable performances.

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