Indigo Gabbro Properties: What Are Its Mystique, Magic and Healing?

In this article, you will learn the meaning and healing of Indigo Gabbro properties, its benefits, mineralogy and sourcing, how to use it, and Mystic Merlinite meaning.

indigo gabbro stone

It is crucial to highlight that Indigo Gabbro is the stone’s official name, while Mystic Merlinite is only a marketing tactic. Indigo Gabbro is frequently referred to by its tradename Mystic Merlinite, however, it is vital to note that Indigo Gabbro is the actual name of the stone.

The energy of this gemstone is said to be both mystic and magical. It can awaken a person’s spiritual sense while also assisting in the birth of skills and abilities that the individual was previously oblivious to.

Your intuition will be strengthened by its energy, and it will also help you become more conscious of the direction your life is taking. Read on to learn more.

What’s the Indigo Gabbro Meaning?

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Indigo Gabbro

Rock Type


Major Minerals

Augite (black) and Feldspar (purple/blue)

Minor Minerals

Apatite, Bioltite, Clear Quartz, Hornblend, Olivine, Titanium


Black, grey, blue-purple





Special Features


The kind of volcanic rock known as Indigo Gabbro, which is sometimes referred to as Mystic Merlinite, often seems to be either black or a dark blue tint. It is produced when molten lava solidifies after it has cooled and become more solid.

Copper, which is found inside the stone, is the element responsible for the stone’s characteristic iridescent flashes of indigo-blue hue. These flashes, when juxtaposed against the mysterious darkness of the backdrop, provide a stunning and one-of-a-kind beauty that could only be produced by nature.

It is a stunning gemstone that may be discovered in just a select few locations across the globe, with Madagascar being the most common. It is a gemstone of greater consciousness and insight at the highest levels.

Meaning and Healing Properties

Can Indigo Gabbro Help Us Find Spiritual Healing?

Indigo Gabbro helps with spiritual growth by encouraging authenticity and turning beliefs into actions. Our daily actions show our true spiritual nature and if not in line with our beliefs, the crystal reminds us of our ability to change. The energy vibrations that come from other crystals or from an external energy source like reiki may be amplified by this stone.

Indigo Gabbro gemstone

What Makes Indigo Gabbro Unique for Emotional Healing?

Indigo Gabbro is a grounding and inspiring stone for construction, promoting rational thinking and self-assurance. It encourages dreaming big and taking control of one’s life, particularly for those who feel powerless.

This mystic stone reveals the hidden reality, which is that we do own power and control and that we have the ability to make significant changes in our lives.

Indigo Gabbro not only teaches us to be patient with ourselves as we go through transitions, but it also teaches us to maintain our resolve and our path of action.

It teaches patience and balance during life transitions and reminds us to be grateful.

What is the Connection Between Indigo Gabbro and Mental Healing?

Indigo Gabbro encourages us to give some very serious consideration to our routines, including both the things that we routinely do and the things that we routinely abstain from doing on a regular basis.

This gemstone challenges us to thoughtfully consider whether or not such routines are serving our Highest Good or if they are, in fact, methods of sabotaging our own progress. It serves as a timely reminder that, in many respects, we are the masters of our own lives and destinies; more specifically, the routines we follow on a day-to-day basis are what most frequently determines the course of our journeys. Changing our routines will result in significant improvements in our lives.

The use of Indigo Gabbro encourages us to have a higher level of faith in our own capacity to ascertain what actions are necessary and then carry them out.

Can Stone Heal Physically?

When we need to make changes to the way we normally move during the day, Indigo Gabbro is the supplement that is suggested. The media is fond of assuring us that we will see “immediate results” if we only take a drug, try out an activity, go on a crash diet, or adhere to the advice of a guru.

The media is also fond of telling us that it is our own responsibility if we are unable to get the outcomes that were promised and that this is because we did not want it strongly enough. That, in the opinion of Indigo Gabbro, is complete rubbish. It serves as a reminder that in order to get outcomes that are genuine and long-lasting, one must act with dedication and common sense. It encourages us to continue through with the first step, and then the second, and the third, and so on, until the logical conclusion matches up with the desired objective. Changing our routines will result in significant changes in our lives.

This crystal is a beautiful talisman that may be worn on the foot, head, hand, or body. When recuperating from brain damage brought on by a severe injury, it is also an effective talisman to utilize.

indigo gabbro jewelry

Indigo Gabbro Metaphysical Properties

This stone, known as Indigo Gabbro, is said to possess tremendous mystical qualities. It is claimed to have a connection to each and every one of the elements.

Because it is said to assist in reaching higher realms of consciousness, this stone is regarded to be good for meditation and introspection. Additionally, it is thought to have a positive effect on overall well-being.

It is stated that Mystic Merlinite is a mystical stone that may open your eyes to the spiritual world and assist you in gaining an awareness of the spiritual abilities you have been given.

You could be attracted to Indigo Gabbro if you’re looking for direction on your spiritual path. You may recognize areas of yourself that you would ordinarily shun with the aid of this stone and connect with your intuition.

On the other hand, it may assist you in conquering these obstacles, which, in the end, can help you achieve a deeper degree of comprehension and spirituality.

As a consequence of this, Mystic Merlinite is a fantastic option for everyone who is looking for direction on their spiritual journey.

indigo gabbro magic

Are There Different Types of Indigo Gabbro?

The majority of the Indigo Gabbro is dark in color, similar to the appearance of many other igneous rocks. There are chatoyant inclusions present, and depending on how closely you look they may be:

  • indigo blue
  • deep purple-blue
  • light lavender blue-gray

The connotations associated with the combination of blue and purple include, respectively, spirituality and intuitive abilities, as well as clarity and communication.

Where Does Indigo Gabbro Come From?

Madagascar was the location where the Indigo Gabbro was found for the very first time. In more recent times, deposits have been discovered in the state of Alaska.

The formation of this rock took place deep beneath the planet, and it now makes up a large portion of the ocean crust.

Because of this, it has a powerful affinity to the elements of fire, earth (which predominates), and water.

These are the only locations where authentic Indigo Gabbro may be found. Any vendor who disagrees with this is very certainly trying to offer a fake.

If you make your purchases from merchants that have established themselves as trustworthy and dependable, you will experience this problem less often.

They have a higher propensity to get their stones in a way that is both ethical and environmentally responsible.

Chakras, Zodiacs and Planets


Chakras are often referred to as the “energy centres” of the body. Each chakra is responsible for a unique set of characteristics and advantages.

The third eye chakra and the root chakra are the ones that benefit the most from this crystal’s ability to clear blockages, strengthen, and restore balance.

As a result of the pulsing energy that it has, Indigo Gabbro is capable of simultaneously stimulating all of the chakras.

Your chakra line, which runs from your crown to your root, is brought into better balance as a result of this. The optimal placement is either close to the heart or the forehead.

Zodiac And Planets

This particular stone is associated with the astrological signs of:

  • Scorpio
  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Pisces

It brings out the secretive and passionate part of the Scorpio in you.

The natural inquisitiveness of those born under the sign of Gemini will start to come to the forefront. Indigo Gabbro is a fantastic tool for Libras since it allows them to channel their calm and collected energy.

The Pisces are able to access their innate emotional intelligence thanks to the Indigo Gabbro crystal.

Neptune and Pluto, as well as the Sun and the Moon, are its planets. These celestial bodies stand for the light and the dark that are contained inside everyone of us.

Indigo Gabbro Benefits and Uses

An excellent gemstone for the practice of meditation.

  • Brings spiritual guides and insightful messages into your waking life, as well as your dreams and meditations

indigo gabbro meditation

It assists in establishing a connection between you and the spiritual world.

  • Facilitates the development of innate intuitive talents
  • It is said that this aids with regression to previous lives
  • Heals the darkness that lies inside, enabling you to go on with a more meaningful purpose
  • You will meet the people, have the experiences, and learn the lessons that you need because the universe will give them all to you

Assists in maintaining attention while also reducing the impact of external distractions.

Indigo Gabbro: Unleashing its Full Potential through Proper Use

Use Indigo Gabbro as a meditation aid to improve your ability to connect with former incarnations and develop your intuitive abilities.

While you are meditating, using Indigo Gabbro may help clear your thoughts, making it easier for you to comprehend the information that your intuition is sending you at that moment. When it comes to meditation, we suggest using a raw or tumbled Indigo Gabbro.

The greatest approach to immediately link your energy with the energy of the crystal throughout the day is to wear jewelry made from Indigo Gabbro, which not only produces a stunning yet understated flash of color but is also the best way to do so.

You may make your house or living area more sensitive and open to higher communication by bringing the energy of the stone known as Mystic Merlinite into it.

How to Cleanse and Charge Indigo Gabbro: Everything You Need to Know

Indigo Gabbro crystals need cleansing and charging just like any other kind of crystal.

Indigo Gabbro Properties

This is one really potent piece of crystal. You will feel the tremendous energy that centers you as it has an influence on both your mind and your body when you are surrounded by its aura.

Cleansing: Few Simple Steps

There is a school of thought that holds that the mineral known as Mystic Merlinite is capable of transforming negative energy into good energy.

To phrase it another way, it maintains its own cleanliness. While there are others who maintain that purification is still required.

Incense smoke is used by some individuals as a method for cleansing Indigo Gabbro crystals. Place an amethyst or selenite crystal on top of it, and then leave it there for a full day so that it may cleanse.

Since ancient times, people have used salt as a method to rid themselves of negative emotions and bad energies.

You have the option of either burying the crystal in a bowl of salt or placing it on top of a bed of pink Himalayan (rock or normal) salt for the night.

Since Indigo Gabbro has a hardness greater than 6 on the Mohs scale, it may be cleaned by submerging it in water without suffering damage.

You may even try putting a little bit of salt from the ocean in the water if you like. The next step is to let it sit in the solution for a couple of hours, following which you should give it a thorough rinsing with regular water.

Sunlight and Moonlight for Cleansing

This kind of crystal can be effectively cleaned by sunlight, moonlight, and other forms of natural light. Particularly well-suited to Indigo Gabbro is moonlight’s resonant frequency.

Utilize it in any circumstance when it is appropriate. Put the crystals in a location where they will be exposed to the light of a full moon for the night.

Indigo Gabbro stones

If you are going to use sunlight, you should leave the crystals outdoors from sunrise until sunset or for a few hours after midday, whichever comes first.

There is also the option of using the soundwave cleaning technique. You may make the Indigo Gabbro to sound as near to the sound it was made to by using your voice, a singing bowl, gongs, or bells.

Both the crystal and the chakras in your body will be purified as a result of this action.

Charging Processes: How to Do This Correctly?

Before any crystal can be charged, it must first go through the process of being cleaned. You may restore the energy you just cleaned up by using any one of the following approaches.

When deciding on a charging method, we advise going with your gut instinct and selecting the one that seems most natural to you.

Crystals made of Indigo Gabbro benefit greatly from exposure to sunlight as well as lunar light while through the purification and charging processes.

Mystic Merlinite

When you are charging them with sunshine, be sure to give them ample distance between each other. Because of this, we won’t be casting shadows on top of one another.

If you want to utilize the moon’s light, you should wait till the new moon comes out. This is the ideal moment to release any outmoded or stale energy that has been lingering in your body.

You should seriously consider purchasing a crystal charging station if you want to store a significant number of crystals in your collection.

During this period, you should bury it underground or in a bowl of rice for the night. Because of this, the crystal is able to re-establish its connection with the energy of the Earth, which in turn causes it to grow in strength.

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Quick FUQ

Is Gabbro a Crystal?
Yes. The intrusive igneous rock known as gabbro is characterized by crystals that are of a coarse grain size.
What Is Merlinite Good For?
Merlinite is a stone that may help you concentrate, bring you luck, and develop your psychic abilities. In addition to this, it may be utilized to discover latent skills and abilities and to foster spiritual development.
Is Indigo Gabbro the Same as Mystic Merlinite?
Yes. Crystals that are sold commercially under the name mysterious merlinite are known by their scientific name, Indigo Gabbro.
Where Is Indigo Gabbro Found?
Madagascar and some regions of Alaska both have Indigo Gabbro in their geological makeup.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Indigo Gabbro offers a wide variety of benefits for both physical and spiritual crystal healing. It is an excellent mineral for grounding and balancing, as well as aiding in the absorption of negative energy. For those looking to improve their spiritual growth, Indigo Gabbro is a keystone mineral that can help connect you with your Higher Self. So if you are looking for a powerful and versatile stone to use for your health and well-being, Indigo Gabbro is definitely worth considering.

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