Labradorite and Moonstone together (change your life for the better!)

Labradorite and Moonstone together is an excellent crystal combination that guides you to reinvent yourself by becoming more self-aware of your attitudes, thought patterns, and the way you perceive life. They both work on strengthening your belief system, enhancing your intuition, and guiding you to create a new life beginning.

Labradorite and Moonstone

Changing for the best and be the best version of ourselves can be the ultimate stepping stone to create great breakthroughs in our lives that lead us to achieve true happiness, pride, and inner contentment.

Nevertheless, this transformational road is not easy and as direct, as we can imagine, we may encounter some bumps in our road that would try to make us revert to old negative patterns, doubts, and toxic habits.

At this point, I can say based on my experience that your true desire to change and self-discipline play a big role in keeping you focused on your purpose.

Plus, one of the multiple things that truly helped me to remain determined and strengthen my willpower to create a better life for myself is the powerful energy of crystals and especially the combination of Labradorite and Moonstone.

Labradorite Moonstone

In this post, you are going to explore the fantastic meaning of the Labradorite and Moonstone crystal combination and how they can transform your life for the better!

Labradorite: the stone of change, transformation, and strength

Labradorite is known for its healing powers of inner strengths and transformative change. This glowy stone helps you to reconnect with your true precious essence.

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It guides you to tap into the eye-opening experience of self-discovery with is such a valuable opportunity to pinpoint your powers and use your strong points and unique attributes so you can fully be empowered to uplevel your life and manifest a fulfilling happy life.

Labradorite provides you with clarity and stronger insight into everything that surrounds which enables you to navigate the transformative phases of your life with ease, wisdom, and higher awareness.

And let’s not forget that Labradorite emits a powerful protective power that assists you to banish destructive thoughts, irrational fears, and all the toxic influences that could stop you from changing your life for the better.

Moonstone: the stone of new beginnings, intuition, and inner balance

Moonstone is recognized as the crystal of fresh starts and new beginnings. This stone is deeply attached to everything related to emotions, intuition, love, and nurturing.

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Moonstone provides you with the emotional strength and stability that you will absolutely need during your transformational path.

It assists you to stabilize your emotions and helps you feel calmer during challenging times.

Plus, it radiates hope, nurture, and optimism, these 3 invaluable qualities can help you tremendously to navigate the testing phases of your life with unwavering faith and to fortify your belief system that you CAN absolutely build the life that you have always envisioned.

Labradorite and Moonstone together

Feel the support

Labradorite and Moonstone combination generates a touching warm feeling of support and emotional security to help you release any negative emotions that hinder you from pursuing your happiness and visualized intents.


When paired together, these two radiant gems fill your aura with harmonious, loving, and nurturing energies which greatly encourage you to take the next steps towards achieving your goals.

Tune in into the energies transmitted by Labradorite and Moonstone adds a potent yet gentle layer of comfort and support to your energy field so you can feel empowered and assisted during periods of change and transformation.

More clarity and insight

When you combine Labradorite and Moonstone together you will then generate a powerful energy stream of mental clarity which is a key aspect that greatly helps you to make plans and form ideas to assist you shape your strategy towards designing a better life for yourself.


On one hand, Labradorite calms an overthinking mind, stimulates your imagination, and inspires you to conceive new ideas, and on the other hand, Moonstone helps you remain emotionally peaceful and stable.

The energies of Labradorite and Moonstone complement each other to deliver to the right healthy atmosphere to work on yourself and to build the right resources that guide you to become a better version of who you are.

Protection and assistance

One of the most significant healing powers of Labradorite and Moonstone is their powerful protective and supporting healing energies.

Protection and assistance

We all need to sense the comforting sensations of protection and support, especially when we pursue a whole new life destination.

Getting out of our comfort zone and out of a rut is one of the most powerful steps that we could take to create significant change in our lives, however, it can be quite overwhelming.

Connecting with the protecting vibrations of Labradorite and Moonstone will provide for you the energy and the emotional support that you need to be fully able to step out of repetitive habits and quit the comfort zone that does not allow you to go far in your life and be a better you.

Enhance your intuitive powers

One additional common characteristic that distinguishes both Labradorite and Moonstone is their power to heighten your intuition.


Intuition is such a powerful attribute that plays a big role in helping you making your decisions and aids you to identify your true purpose in life.

These two bright crystal emit high vibrational energies that help you tune in with your intuition which can play a transformational role in guiding you towards choosing the right direction.

In other words, the intuitive powers radiated by Labradorite and Moonstone crystals aid you to identify the goals that are aligned with your higher purpose and that can fulfill all of your life aspirations (material and immaterial ones).

Heal and balance your third eye chakra

Both Labradorite and Moonstone crystals are associated with the third eye chakra.


These two crystals target this high spiritual energy point in our bodies to help us gain more enlightenment which unblocks our intuitive powers and guide us to obtain the soothing sense of mental clarity and clearer life vision.

Labradorite and Moonstone establishes a strong connection with the third eye chakra to help you become more self-aware, intuitive, and wise which helps you greatly in navigating life with more insight, tranquility, and comforting sensations of wholeness and inner knowing.

Final thoughts

Labradorite and Moonstone together create such a powerful, healing, and comforting combination that is extremely suitable during the periods when you need radical shifts in your life.

The energy emitted by Labradorite and Moonstone helps you feel protected, supported and guides you to gain more mental clarity, inner wisdom, as well as intuition so you can make the right changes and combat the negative influence to eventually become the best version of who you are. 

Life is a precious opportunity to create the life that you always wanted.

Getting out of your comfort zone, learning, be willing to be uncomfortable, and never settle for challenges are great keys to achieve your ultimate purpose.

So, these Earthy treasures such as crystals help us feel supported during our journey to become better and to create a life that we truly admire.

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