Lapis lazuli and Moonstone together (revive your power)

Combining the radiated energies of Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone together can be the ideal crystal union to feel emotionally healed and balanced, promote optimistic thinking, and manifest desired outcomes. 

Lapis lazuli and Moonstone

Inner power, hope, higher intuition, self-confidence, and fresh starts are all valuable and cherished elements that create bright energy that fills our spirit with hope for better days and guide us to manifest the things we utmostly desire.

Apart from doing the inner work and striving continually to establish healthier life practices that assist us to become better and realize greater outcomes, connecting to the healing vibrations of crystals can be also quite worthwhile.

So, keep on reading to explore the empowering and rejuvenating healing powers of Lapis Lazuli as well as Moonstone, and how can this specific crystal combination assist you to attain higher heartfelt levels of inner peace, happy harmony, and clearer thinking.

Lapis Lazuli: self-awareness, enlightenment, better decision making

Lapis Lazuli is a mesmerizing blue azure stone with distinctive glowy golden inclusions.

Lapis Lazuli stone

It is the stone of wisdom, inner truth, higher intuition, and self-awareness.

Connecting with the energy of this blue gem work on enlightening your mind to fully recognize and observe your thoughts and surroundings so you can make the right decisions that serve your highest life potential.

This stone works on awakening your mind and spirit to fully recognize how powerful you are and how capable you are to shift your life into a better more fulfilling trajectory.

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Moonstone: peacefulness, emotional healing, inner growth

Moonstone not only looks absolutely magical with its internal luminance, but it also emits powerful emotional healing frequencies.

Moonstone crystal

The peaceful vibrations transmitted by this gem fill your mind and soul with bright, calm, and clear sensations that bring back your entire being to a quiet and peaceful state of mind.

This stone promotes inner growth and emotional healing which are two major important elements that guide you to release the old toxic emotional baggage, let go of the hopeless thinking pattern and surmount hardships with a stronger mental and emotional state.

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Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone together

Personal growth

Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone work harmoniously together in guiding you to attain advanced levels of self-awareness and inner understanding.

Personal growth

Both of these gems guide you to get in touch with your feelings and deeper thoughts which is an illuminating prospect to fully understand your current state.

When united together, these two stones bring back your attention to yourself and calm your mind in a way to let go of outer noises that hinder you from sitting with yourself and fully recognize what is truly going on.

So, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone are the perfect energy tools that will serve you the ideal energy that guides you to genuinely acknowledge yourself as a powerful being and develop the skills that will align you to reach your full potential.

Inner strength

The energies transmitted by Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone together assist you to develop and strengthen your willpower both on a mental and emotional level.

On one hand, the energy emitted by Moonstone works on enhancing the emotional inner strength.

Inner strength

Meaning that connecting with its energy helps you heal deeper emotional wounds and all these unwanted discordant sensations that unconsciously stop you from regaining your inner peace which is the ultimate strength that guides you to feel happier, content, and in total harmony with yourself as well as your environment.

On the other hand, Lapis Lazuli assists you to regain your mental power and control the kind of thoughts that you entertain.

This stone raises your vibrations to be more self-aware of your thinkings and especially your overall thought patterns which are paramount to your wellness.

This stone guides you to be wiser especially in choosing the kind of thoughts, situations, and people that you invest your time in.

The powerful energy of Lapis Lazuli assists you to make the best choices that serve your mental state and actually making the right decisions that serve your highest good.

Self-discovery and new life chapters

One additional common energy that makes the combination of Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone so unique is their fresh, hopeful, and optimistic vibrations.

Both of these two gems work harmoniously together to enlighten your mind and soul to connect back to your true powerful and unmatchable essence to attain potent self-discoveries and make the realization that you are perfectly capable to start new ventures that make your heart happy.

life chapters

On one hand, Lapis Lazuli opens up your mind and clarifies your thoughts so you can receive higher knowledge and deep insights that facilitate your path towards your ultimate desires.

On the other hand, Moonstone liberates you from self-limiting beliefs and guides you to establish emotional stability by providing you an unwavering sensation of calmness, inner love flow, and opening your spirit and mind to promising new beginnings.

Final thoughts

Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone together is a powerful crystal union that illumines your soul and enlightens your mind to reach high levels of personal growth, attain confident inner strength, and nourish every area of your life with liberation, clarity, inner peace, and satisfaction.

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