Orange Quartz: meaning, properties and benefits

Orange quartz is a beautiful form of the quartz crystals family. It displays unique orange hues and shades that can’t be missed! Just by looking at this crystal a warm sensation of joy, vitality, and creativity moves your emotions and sensations.

It is for sure one of the most stunning crystals to look at. Orange quartz or tangerine quartz illustrates and radiates the following emotions: passion, creativity, vitality, sensuality, and playfulness.

Orange Quartz meaning

Still curious about this crystal?

Let’s all discover the amazing benefits and healing properties of orange quartz.

Orange Quartz meaning

Orange quartz is another kind of quartz family and it is also known as tangerine quartz.

The beautiful and distinctive orange shades of this crystal are due to Hematite, or micro-fine Iron deposits included within the mineral fluids, staining the surface with a film or coating.

This crystal has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Plus, Orange or Tangerine quartz crystals are found in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This crystal is closely connected to the sacral chakra which explains its potent emotional healing powers and the great ability to balance this chakra to promote amazing and higher sensations of vitality, passion, and optimum creativity.

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Why should you use orange quartz?

Orange quartz has a great healing influence on balancing the sacral chakra and other numerous powers that can make your life better and improve the quality of your days.

Let’s discover the reasons why you should use orange quartz.

Orange Quartz

Growth, serenity, inner-peace

Orange quartz can be your go-to crystal to generate on the daily basis a beautiful energetic aura of serenity, inner-peace, and last but definitely not least self-acceptance.


Self-acceptance is key. This amazing quality is simply life-changing.

It helps you be more in-tune and in deep harmony with your inner self.

The healing energy of tangerine quartz allows navigating life with more confidence and gives you the strength to let go of past issues and bothering reminiscences that no longer serve your purpose.

It will simply boost you to go after your aspirations with inner-peace, inner-love, and unlimited self-acceptance.

Unveil your creative powers

Highly connected with the sacral chakra, orange quartz is here to help you reveal your creative abilities and discover the things that you are truly passionate about.

This charming orange crystal serves to enabling and switching on your creative ideas, joyful inner-child energy, and passionate mind.

It will align you towards attracting and manifesting brand new creative ideas and clever procedures to improve your projects and the goals you are working on.

Clarity and assistance during tough times

Orange quartz is one of the most beneficial crystals to support you and assist you during tough and confusing times.


During tough times, you may feel more susceptible to attract and generate a certain kind of thinking pattern that absolutely won’t help you.

-aka negative, self-questioning, and excessive overflowing thoughts-

Orange quartz is here to help you feel way distant from any self-sabotaging or negative and low energy thoughts.

This crystal radiates an aiding and emotional balancing energy to supply you with enough mental clarity and calmness.

Tangerine quartz assists you in assessing and facing inner disputes with no judgment or inner conflict.

It gives you the inner strength to face life storms and exit challenging times with thicker skin and a stronger, more healthier state of mind.

Orange crystal provides for you a gentle and warm shield to feel a deep sense of quietude and serenity after challenging and energy-draining life events.

How will orange quartz help you?

Orange Quartz – healing, health and wellness

This crystal can assist you in your weight loss journey.


It is also said that tangerine quartz can soothe abdominal pain and assist in the treatment of infertility.

Let’s not forget that orange quartz can also help in balancing emotions and promoting good mental health.

It works on balancing the sacral chakra which plays a major role in boosting healthy emotions and positive thinking patterns.

It helps you avoid any stressful situations or being suspecting to be influenced by negative thoughts which can eliminate tension and worry from your days and any physical distress that can be caused by stress.

Orange Quartz – love and relationships

This crystal resonates with both sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Both of these chakras are the perfect energy point for manifestation, self-empowerment, glowing self-confidence, and powerful self-esteem.

The vibrational synergy and interaction of the orange crystal with both of these chakras is the ultimate way to manifest the kind of reality and relationships that you desire.

Get ready to manifest and attract a life full of vibrate interactions, youthful passion, vitality, and exciting warmth.

Orange Quartz – wealth and prosperity

The energy of orange quartz makes you feel extra inspired, motivated, and fully ready to start every single day with hope, excitement, and unlimited creativity.

wealth and prosperity

These elements are crucial for success.

They are essential stepping stones to attract progress and big achievement.

Tangerine quartz illuminate your spirit with courage and perseverance that makes you feel courageous and perfectly ready to completely let go any doubts, guilt, or discouraging limitations.

This crystal channels within you the power and the strong will to remove any obstacle from your path and gives you guidance and a clear vision through the inner wisdom that you already have within you.

How to use orange quartz for best results?

There are many ways and tools to use orange quartz.

In this section, I am going to show you all the different and practical techniques so that you are making sure that you are utilizing it to its fullest potential!

Let’s discover it together.


You can use the orange quartz crystal while doing your daily meditation session.


The following steps are a simple crystal meditation ritual to tune in to the energy of the orange quartz crystal and benefit from its amazing healing powers.

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.
  • Make sure you are feeling fully comfortable, avoid wearing tight clothes or heavy jewelry.
  • Observe your sitting position, make sure your spine is long.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Hold your orange quartz crystal in your hand, feel its vibration.
  • Focus on your breathing, breath slowly, and calmly -no rush here-, and focus on the now.
  • Every time you feel that you are losing your focus, don’t feel bad or discouraged -it is totally normal-, bring yourself to the now moment quietly and peacefully.
  • Focus on your sacral chakra and feel the soothing energy of orange quartz is now healing your emotional field. Feel that you are consciously releasing any doubts, worries. Imagine that these thoughts are like little clouds that are literally vanishing into the thin air.
  • Touch the tangerine quartz crystal, feel its warmth in your hand. Welcome the energy of this crystal. Connect with the emotions of joy, serenity, self-acceptance, and passion.
  • Don’t forget to always return back to your breathing.
  • Always breathe slowly and calmly, and bring back your attention and your intention to the NOW.
  • Focus on your breathing only, let yourself be totally comfortable, release any tension in your muscles.
  • When you feel ready to close your meditation session, peacefully open your eyes, thank yourself, smile, and carry on with love and passion.


Affirmations are another powerful tool to strengthen and amplify the energy of the orange quartz crystal.

Paired with the energy of this beautiful warm crystal, you can for sure create a great flow of emotional balance, passion, and creativity.

You can hold the orange quartz in your hand and repeat the following affirmations that go hand in hand with the energy transmitted by this dazzling orange crystal.

Orange quartz affirmations:

  • I live my life with passion, love, and enthusiasm.
  • I embrace my abilities and my creative side.
  • I am connecting with my creative and innovative powers.
  • I embody the energy of inner-peace, serenity, and self-acceptance.
  • My mind is clear, free, and tranquil.


Journaling is such a healing tool to bring out all of your emotions, your hidden thoughts, and concerns to the surface.

You are consciously purifying your mind from any thoughts that can make you feel worried or anxious.

You can use orange quartz while journaling to manifest emotional balance, creativity, motivation, and boost your self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Work with this beautiful orange crystal intuitively, and let it be your motivator factor into expressing in a writing form all the thoughts and the feelings that could make you feel uncomfortable or emotionally unbalanced/worried.

Don’t hold yourself back, use this tool to express yourself freely.

Be courageous, let the energy of this crystal inspires you to embody a passionate, youthful, creative, and joyful spirit to express all your dreams and visions.

So that you are divinely aligned to the best actions, people, and situations to attain your personal/professional goals and to make your dreams a living reality.

After you finish writing, close your journal, take a few deep breaths and visualize that you are letting go of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

Remind yourself continually to focus on nurturing your creative side and live life with more passion, love, and excitement.


You can also use tangerine quartz as a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, in a bracelet, or as a beautiful ring.

Orange Quartz jewelry

Not only this crystal provides fantastic healing properties, but it will definitely add more charm and beauty to your everyday look.

Plus, you are going to be in continuous contact with its powerful benefits.

How to cleanse orange quartz?

Gentle reminder:

When the stone is saturated with your energy, it no longer emits its own. Hence the need to regularly clean your stones, especially if you use them often.

Please don’t forget or deny the importance of recharging all of your stones and crystals.

Recharging and cleansing your crystals from time to time is going to make you feel sure that you are in tune with their great benefits and healing vibrations.

It is just like you are pressing a re-load button on your crystal so you can benefit from its new, fresh energy and vibrations.

You can use clean water to purify and cleanse orange quartz.

Orange Quartz water

Large quartz clusters and amethyst geodes are also a great way to cleanse and recharge orange quartz.

Orange Quartz – key facts, and healing properties to remember

Key facts

  • Color: orange shades that vary from red-ish orange, through bright, to fairly light and pale orange.
  • Chakra: sacral chakra.
  • Origine: Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Orange Quartz healing properties

  • Provides vitality, creativity, passion, and emotional balance.
  • Cultivates more growth, understanding, self-acceptance, and inner peace.
  • Reveals creative abilities and pushes you to discover and explore the things that you are truly passionate about.
  • Gives mental clarity in tough and challenging times.
  • Encourages self-acceptance, strengthens your belief system to overcome limitations, negative self-talk, and sad past events.
  • Revives within your soul the flame of hope, faith, and optimism.
  • Encourages you to see life with a brand new perspective. A perspective of vitality, excitement, and promising possibilities.

Final thoughts about Orange Quartz

Greatly connected to the sacral chakra, orange quartz can be one of the most beneficial crystals to heal any emotional unbalances.

The warm and comforting healing properties of orange quartz is highly effective in activating your creative abilities.

It makes more space for your passion to manifest a great work, love, and personal living environment.

Tangerine quartz generates fresh feelings and sensations so you can start every day with a clear and peaceful state of mind.

It can also make you feel hopeful and totally in peace with your inner being.

This beautiful orange crystal radiates emotional healing vibrations that cure your sensations and gives you the mental clarity that you require.

The bright joyful color of tangerine quartz attracts all things positive, bright, and shinning to your life.

It boosts your physical, emotional, and mental health which brings peace and balance, and helps you improve your life in all areas.

Be ready to shine and glow in and out by embracing the amazing energy of the orange quartz crystal.

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