10 Selenite affirmations to calm your mind and soul


Selenite is a beautiful milky white crystal that emits the energy of calmness, clarity, and purity.

Getting in contact with the vibrations radiated by this gentle yet powerful crystal helps you reach a high level of mental clarity and a soothing feeling of serenity which aids you to manage your life with ease and peacefulness.

Combining the powers of words with the fantastic healing frequencies of Selenite is going to be just wonderful and healing for the mind, body, and soul.

Selenite affirmations

10 Selenite affirmations are going to help you amplify the healing powers of Selenite which assist you to feel way calmer and serene. The combination of words and Selenite energy will significantly aid you to think clearly and surround you with a clean, protecting, and supporting aura. 

In this blog post, you are going to find 10 Selenite affirmations that will guide you to get in touch and intensify the healing powers of Selenite and at the same, these positive assertions will definitely make you feel lighter and more cheerful.

What are the benefits of Selenite affirmations?

Calm your mind

Selenite emits powerful yet soothing vibrations of clarity and calmness.

The unique frequency of Selenite assists you to reach an advanced level of calmness which aid you greatly to handle stressful life situations with ease and a clear mind, which eventually participate in overcoming these types of challenging life events with success.

Repeating affirmations that go along with the frequency of Selenite is going to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to enhance your levels of understanding and become wiser into taking decisions and not be controlled by negative emotions that can visit us from time to time.

Plus, Selenite affirmations are going to train your mind to reach a high level of calmness which permits you to grasp every enchanting moment of your life and not be bothered by negative thoughts that could ruin your enjoyment.

Get rid of blockages

The high clarifying powers of Selenite enable you to get rid of and deconstruct the mental blockages and the negative thinking patterns that stop you from enjoying and living your life to the fullest.

Get rid of blockages

Repeating Selenite affirmations will give you innate willpower to surmount successfully all the limiting thoughts and the negativity in all its forms that hinder you from reaching your fullest potentials.

Combining the power of words with the frequency of Selenite is going to create a potent energy stream that makes you ready to overcome emotional and mental blockages such as doubts and worries that could delay your progress and improvement.

Cleanse your aura

Another valuable feature of Selenite is its powerful ability to cleanse and purify your aura and also the environment that surrounds you from negative and toxic elements.

Therefore repeating Selenite affirmations will also work as potent energy cleansing potion that will assist you to clean your energy field and purify it from negative thoughts and toxic influences that disturb your peace and stop you from focusing on your desired purpose.

So, whenever you feel unfocused, unable to focus on your tasks, or you feel that you became less motivated and prone to thinking negatively, stating Selenite affirmations with a faithful heart will definitely help you conquer this uncomfortable state of mind.

Reach a peaceful feeling of serenity

Apart from its powerful clarifying properties, Selenite emits heartfelt sensations of serenity and quietness.

feeling of serenity

The vibrations of Selenite are considered heartfelt and soul-touching.

This radiant pearly white crystal envelops you with a protecting sensation that makes you feel secure and cherished.

So, Selenite affirmations aid you to amplify the comforting powers of this stone so you can sense a protecting light that is surrounding you which assists you to reach an alleviated feeling of relief, comfort, and lightness.

10 Selenite affirmations

Here are 10 Selenite affirmations to benefit from the powerful calming and protecting vibrations of this crystal.

Keep in mind to remain faithful, calm, comfortable, and in a tranquil state of mind when statting these affirmations.

Hold your Selenite stone or wand in your hand (or you can wear a Selenite bracelet/necklace if you have one) and take a few deep slow breaths to calm yourself and be ready to nourish your mind, body, and soul with tranquility, purity, and protection.

1.  The energy of my Selenite crystal is helping me be calm and protected.

2. I feel a bright wave of light surrounding me and filling me with serenity, inner peace, and comfort.

3. My mind, my body, and my soul are calm and in a delightful state of peacefulness.

4. I am becoming more at peace with myself.

5. I am working on my goals with a clear and focused mindset.

6. My life is filled with moments of serenity and quietude.

7. I feel genuinely happy, content, and peaceful.

8. My aura is pure and filled with positivity.

9. I radiate harmony, calmness, and equanimity.

10. I am receiving with an open heart the protecting, calming, reassuring, and comforting energies of my Selenite crystal.

How to use Selenite affirmations?

You can harness the potent healing powers of Selenite affirmations according to your intuitions and your feelings.

Meaning that you can use Selenite affirmations at every moment that you desire.

For instance, you can repeat the affirmations once you wake up to start your day with inner peace and a focused mind.

Or, state them when you are ready to sleep to program your subconscious mind with your desired intentions.

In other words, combining these affirmations with the exact intentions that you want to manifest, write them in details on a piece of paper.

Then, repeat them out loud on a daily basis before you go to sleep to anchor these intentions in your mind so you can be closer than ever to your goals, feel motivated, attract all the things that are going to help you achieve them which eventually lead you to manifest your desires in real life.

Final thoughts

Selenite is the symbol of purity, purification, and energy protection.

Selenite affirmations are here to deliver to you heartwarming sensations of serene emotions that help you establish a peaceful life and aid you to reach an advanced level of mental clarity to cherish the happy moments of your life and to be able to protect yourself from all things that have the potential to disturb your inner peace. 

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