Snakeskin Agate: Meaning, Properties and Powers

The excess of everyday tasks, long to-do lists, feeling busy/occupied all the time, may end up making us feel slightly distant from ourselves, energetically consumed, tired, and mentally exhausted.

Feeling busy all the time can also make you feel less happy and have this foggy vision that hinders you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

The good news is that you can feel happy and joyful during these unique life circumstances.

Crystals are a magnificent energy tool that can shift your thinking patterns and raise your vibrations to be happier and more pleased.

And one of the ideal crystals that can serve this purpose is Snakeskin Agate.

Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin Agate is the ultimate crystal that energetically delivers to you the warm feeling of support and strength during the busy times of your life.

The energy transmitted by this stone has also other great attributes worth exploring.

Still curious about this beautiful crystal?

Let’s discover all the amazing benefits and healing properties of Snakeskin Agate; how this powerful and unique looking stone will help you?; and how to use Snakeskin Agate for best results?

Snakeskin Agate meaning

Snakeskin Agate is a beautiful unique sporadic crystal that belongs to the species of agate. This crystal generates powerful healing properties that include the feeling of support and mind clarity during busy times, peace of mind, the joy of life, and the ultimate appreciation of your own life.

Snakeskin Agate meaning

Snakeskin Agate -as its name indicates- presents a unique physical appearance of snakeskin-like texture.

You can easily recognize this crystal by observing its aspect. It is often defined by unique patterns markings on its surface, which look a lot like the skin of a snake.

Snakeskin agate crystal displays multiple beautiful colors such as white, clear brown, peach, and orange.

Snakeskin Agate Chakra

Energy and chakras wise, Snakeskin Agate is linked to the root, solar plexus, and crown chakra. It brings balance and healing to these chakras to feel aligned, centered, and in harmony with yourself and your life.

Where is Snakeskin Agate found?

It is said that Snakeskin agate is found in Rome, Oregon United States, India, Brazil, and Africa. 

How is Snakeskin Agate is formed?

Snakeskin agate is a variety of Chalcedony which is by definition a microcrystalline kind of Quartz.

This stone is formed in form of botryoidal nodule which is a mineral that have an reniform structure that is composed of many rounded shapes.

Due to the effect of the weather, these nodules will have a smoother surface which transform them to snake like patterns that resemble to the scales of a snake skin.

Snakeskin Agate different colors and meanings

Red Snakeskin Agate

Red Snakeskin Agate displays a red orangey hue with some brown spots. This stone is heals and balanced the root chakra which makes you feel more stable, focused, strong, calm, and highly protected.

Red Snakeskin Agate

White Snakeskin Agate

White Snakeskin Agate presents a chalky white color. It displays a white lines in formed of snakeskin patterns in a brown surface. The white variety of stone brings a peaceful sense of tranquility and joyful harmony. It calms your emotions and opens up your heart to happiness.

White Snakeskin Agate

Fire Snakeskin Agate

Fire Snakeskin Agate exhibits a very potent fiery red color. This stone emits an earthly grounding energy which helps you reach deep sensations of stability, security, courage, and inner balance.

Fire Snakeskin Agate

Green Snakeskin Agate

Green Snakeskin Agate represents olive and bluish green colors. The healing powers of this stone are more connected to healing the heart chakra and emotions. This stone assists you to soothe emotional discomfortcultivate more self-love, and live with a peaceful harmony.

Green Snakeskin Agate

Why should you use Snakeskin Agate? – Snakeskin Agate Metaphysical Properties

Snakeskin Agate provides you more strength and extra support during the times when you’re busy and extra preoccupied with life events.

The energy of this crystal helps you to be emotionally stableconfident and guides you to create a life filled with joy, happiness, and appreciation.

1. Provides strength and support during busy times

Snakeskin agate is a great support provider during times in your life when you are busy and when you feel overwhelmed by all the overflowing actions and multiple tasks that are piling up.

Provides strength

The energy generated by this crystal will make you feel more at ease during hectic times and encourages you to carry on with confidence, inner peace, and mental clarity.

Snakeskin agate energy will always remind that you can create a joyful life no matter how busy you are, it aligns to find simple things that can make your day, which plays a huge role in making you less stressed and more relaxed.

2. Increase the feelings of joy, happiness, and life appreciation

As I mentioned previously, Snakeskin agate is going to guide you to see life from a brighter and joyous angle.

life appreciation

This unique looking crystal will be going to shed a light on the joyful, more pleasant side of your character.

This crystal is simply an energetic dose of joy.

This crystal is also beneficial in easing stress and worries and encourages you to look at your life with a fresh, clear, and positive vision.

3. Cultivate more self-love, boosts self-esteem

Not only Snakeskin agate is great at delivering support and positivity, but it also brings more self-love and boosts your self-esteem.

more self-love

This unique crystal assists you and inspires you to take action into achieving your goals and desires with confidence and glowing self-esteem.

It will give courage and willpower to get out of your comfort zone and be aligned with the best situations that will help you in achieving your aspirations in life.

Snakeskin Agate Benefits

Snakeskin agate displays great healing benefits. Physically, the energy of this crystal is great for softening and soothing your skin. Emotionally, Snakeskin agate brings peace in confusing times. It also increases your rational thinking to help you find the most adequate answers and solutions. 

1. Snakeskin Agate – healing, health, and wellness

This crystal may be beneficial in boosting the youthfulness of the skin, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Snakeskin Agate healing

It is also ideal for working on skin problems (dryness, eczema, urticaria, itching …). The energy of this crystal works on softening and soothing your skin.

Snakeskin agate is also good for people who are tired or suffering from digestive disorders.

2. Snakeskin Agate – love and relationships

Emotionally speaking, Snakeskin agate brings peace in times of great tumult.

love and relationships

It works on supporting you and strengthen you in confusing and hectic life phases.

The energy of this stone promotes self-confidence and self-belief by making you expressing your truth confidently and freely.

Being the crystal of love and joy, this stone brings joyous energy to your relationship and amplifies everything beautiful, positive, and harmonious in your love life by promoting eloquence and healthy communication.

3. Snakeskin Agate – wealth and prosperity

Snakeskin Agate brings inner peace and mental clarity, which are two crucial factors to establish the perfect road map that will lead you in achieving your goals in life.

wealth and prosperity

It improves your analytical mind and rational thinking to help you find the most adequate answers and solutions.

This stone works also on boosting your confidence which inspires you to create a successful flourishing life.

How to use Snakeskin Agate for best results?

The beautiful thing about crystals is that there are many tools and techniques to benefit from their wonderful healing properties.

You can use Snakeskin Agate while doing your meditation session to cleanse, balance, and heal your chakras. You can also paired it with affirmations and journaling to amplify its healing energies. Wearing it as jewelry is also a beautiful way to connect with all the benefits of this unique crystal.

1. Meditation

You can use Snakeskin Agate stone while doing your daily meditation session.

Snakeskin Agate Meditation

The following steps are a simple crystal meditation routine to tune in to the energy of this crystal and benefit from its amazing healing powers. 

Sit in a comfortable and quiet place.

Make sure you are feeling fully comfortable, avoid wearing tight clothes or heavy jewelry.

Observe your sitting position, make sure your spine is long.

Take a few deep breaths.

Hold your Snakeskin Agate stone in your hand, feel its vibration.

Focus on your breathing, breath slowly, and calmly -no rush here-, and focus on the now.

Every time you feel that you are losing your focus, don’t feel bad or discouraged -it is totally normal-, bring yourself to the now moment quietly and peacefully.

Focus on your root, solar plexus, and crown chakra and feel the potent healing energy of Snakeskin Agate. Feel that you are consciously letting go of any stress, and worries. Imagine that a bright light ray is now filling your whole body with joy, happiness, and positivity.

Feel the crystal. Welcome its lively energy. Connect with the feelings of emotional healing, self-confidence, inner peace, and harmony. 

Don’t forget to always return back to your breathing.

Always breathe slowly and calmly, and bring back your attention and your intention to the NOW.

Focus on your breathing only, let yourself be totally comfortable, release any tension in your muscles

When you feel ready to close your meditation session, peacefully open your eyes, thank yourself, smile, and carry on with love and joy :).

2. Affirmations to strengthen your belief system

Affirmations are another powerful tool to strengthen and amplify the joyful energy of this stone.

Paired with the energy of this unique and unique looking crystal, you can for sure create a great energy stream of joy, positivity, and support.

You can hold this stone in your hand and repeat the following affirmations that go hand in hand with the energy transmitted by this stone.

Snakeskin Agate affirmations

  • I am happy, joyful, and positive.
  • My life is filled with happiness.
  • I am grateful and thankful for my life.
  • I am emotionally, mentally, and physically strong.
  • I am safe, courageous, and confident.
  • I am focused on working on my goals and I realize my aspirations successfully and steadily.

Snakeskin Agate affirmations

3. Journaling to express your thoughts and manifest your goals

journaling can be an effective healing technique that can cure any emotional turmoil.


You are consciously expressing in writing form your deepest thoughts and at the same time purifying your mind from any thoughts that can make you feel worried, stress, or anxious.

You can use this crystal to channel ideas that can guide you to manifest -through the power of words- emotional strength, life appreciation, more joy, and contentment.

Work intuitively with this magnificent crystal energy, and let it be your motivator factor into expressing the things that you are grateful for.

You can also in writing form all the things (material and immaterial) that you absolutely want to achieve.

Don’t hold yourself back, use this tool to express yourself freely.

Be courageous, let the energy of this crystal inspires you to embody the feeling of strength, willpower, and unwavering courage to express everything that you want to accomplish.

This is YOUR OWN space, this is your own happy corner.

After you finish writing, close your journal, take a few deep breaths and visualize that you are letting go of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

And always remind yourself to continually be more aligned to the positive side of life, because any disturbance that you could encounter will not there forever.

Close your eyes and focus on the things that nurture and amplify the energy of joy, and always remember that you can positively change the outcome of any given situation by investing in positive energy.

4. Jewelry

You can also use Skinesnake agate as a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, in a bracelet, or as a beautiful ring.

Being in continuous body contact, This crystal is going to generate all its magnificent healing powers, plus its magical and unique looking aspect will definitely add more charm to your everyday look.

How to cleanse, charge, and purify Snakeskin Agate?

You can simply use water to cleanse and purify the Snakeskin Agate stone. To charge it and renew its energy, sunrays or putting it in a clear quartz geode is an excellent way to do so. 

How to cleanse

Gentle reminder:

When the stone is saturated with your energy, it no longer emits its own. Hence the need to regularly clean your stones, especially if you use them often.

Please don’t forget or deny the importance of recharging all of your stones and crystals.

Frequently asked questions about Snakeskin Agate

Can Snakeskin Agate go in water?
Yes, Snake Agate can go in water. This stone is water friendly and can be cleansed and in contact with water, without worrying about the probability of getting it damaged.

Just be mindful to limit the water exposure 30 minutes to 1 hours is enough to cleanse this stone and always remember to path dry your stone after water contact.

As a general rule, even though the stones that are compatible with water, they should not be left in water for too long whitout proper care.

This is because, water molecules can sip through the tiny fissures in the stone’s surface which slowly widen these cracks on the long term. Plus too much water contact has the potential of making your stone dull and out of shine.
Snakeskin Agate Oregon
Snakeskin Agate Oregon refers to the location where this stone is extracted which is in Oregon State in the United States of America.

The Oregon Snakeskin Agate is distinguished by white lines in form of snake skin patterns on a brown grayish surface.
What are the healing properties of Agate?
Agate assists you to heal your relationship with yourself. It guides you to boosts your self-esteem, it opens up your heart to receive and accept joy and peacefulness, while feeling stable and at ease.
What is the spiritual meaning of Agate?
Agate is the stone of grounding, protection, and inner healing. The energy of this stone surrounds with such a comforting sensation that encourages you to heal and move forward with calmness, hope, and stability.

Snakeskin Agate– key facts, benefits, and healing properties to remember

Key facts

  • Chakra:Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra.
  • Origine:Rome Oregon United States, India, Brazil, and Africa.
  • Color:white, clear brown, peach, and orange.

Snakeskin Agate healing properties

  • Support in busy times.
  • Increase your joy and happiness.
  • Inner peace, emotional stability mental clarity when you are preoccupied with life.
  • Encourages you to have a more ambitious, joyful, and positive outlook towards life.
  • Boosts your courage to go after your dreams and to stick to your goals.
  • Enhances your self-love and self-confidence.

Final thoughts about Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin Agate is an energetic dose of joy, inner peace, and self-confidence.

The energy transmitted by this stone aids you and supports you to calm your mind, and find inner peace during busy times.

This crystal targets and balances three important chakras: root, solar plexus, and crown chakras.

This stone plays a beautiful role in helping you see life with a bright, loving, and optimistic outlook.

Its potent energy will constantly remind you that life is worth living to the fullest and that you are totally capable of achieving your dreams and realizing your biggest aspirations.

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